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compatibility test
Apr 23, 2015
What's the Best Comedy Block on TV Right Now? (POLL)
There are lots of comedy couplings on the air, but some of them should think about breaking up.
Feb 19, 2015
The Big Bang Theory: Mrs. Wolowitz's 11 Most Memorable (and Loudest) Moments
This week's episode of the CBS sitcom will pay tribute to the late Carol Ann Susi, so we're taking a look back at her booming, screechy legacy.
Jan 09, 2015
The Big Bang Theory 8.12 Review: The Space Probe Disintegration

The longer a series continues the more pressure there is on writers to come up with story ideas that feel natural and relevant to the series and to the characters they’ve created. ‘The Space Probe Disintegration’ did this perfectly, with Penny bemoaning the fact that she and Amy always get stuck playing the extended edition of Lord of the Rings Risk instead of them getting to enjoy activities they like to do. The only problem with a series being on as long as The Big Bang Theory and having a storyline like this is that it feels like it should have happened about five years ago, back when Penny and Leonard first started dating. The series has demonstrated time and time again that Penny is much more self-absorbed in terms of her commitment to her and Leonard’s relationship (as well as in general), so it seems quite bizarre ...Read more
right and wrong
Dec 11, 2014
The 2015 Golden Globes Nominations: The Biggest Snubs and Most Pleasant Surprises
Will awards shows EVER get it right? Rhetorical question.
Nov 12, 2014
Carol Ann Susi, the Voice of The Big Bang Theory's Mrs. Wolowitz, Dies at 62
The actress was never seen on the CBS sitcom, but her voice was a fixture on it.
Uggggh my feelings
Nov 07, 2014
The Big Bang Theory "The Prom Equivalency" Review: A Night to Remember Indeed!

The Big Bang Theory S08E08: "The Prom Equivalency"

In this hit-or-miss eighth season of The Big Bang Theory, the thought of an episode that would recreate prom sent shivers of terror down this reviewer's spine, the way Dandy over on American Horror Story only wishes he could. After all, like Penny said, "Prom is never as good as you want it to be." Prom doesn't even have to be particularly bad to be a disappointment. I went to mine both junior and senior years, and they were both okay. No Carrie moments or anything. But in retrospect, I kinda wish I'd just gone bowling with the other losers. It's just not that big of a deal after high school, even for popular kids like Penny—maybe especially for popular kids like Penny. 

For the dorks who never made it, who never had their bubble burst with ...

Read more
bazinga all the way
Oct 25, 2014
Hey Buddy! NBC Is Animating Elf for the Holidays, With Jim Parsons in the Lead Role
The man behind Sheldon Cooper will speak for Buddy the elf.
F U, cable
Oct 16, 2014
CBS Is Launching a Cord-Cutting Subscription Streaming Service, Too
CBS All Access will give users access to most of the network's current programming as well as classics from its vault.
scheduling alert!
Sep 25, 2014
CBS Delays Mom's Premiere, Moves The Millers, and Doubles Up on The Big Bang Theory
Mom and The Millers are both switching nights to make room for... reruns?
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Created by writer/producers Chuck Lorre (of Two and a Half Men) and Bill Prady (of Gilmore Girls) comes The Big Bang Theory, a sitcom that shows what happens when hyperintelligent roommates/physicists Sheldon and Leonard meet Penny, a beautiful woman moving in next door--and realize they know next to nothing about life outside of the lab. Rounding out the crew are the smarmy Wolowitz, who thinks he's as sexy as he is brainy, and Koothrappali, who suffers from an inability to speak in the presence of a woman. The show distinguishes itself by being unafraid to toss scientific references and technobabble into an otherwise standard sitcom, even employing a physicist to keep things accurate. In doing so, it allows Sheldon and Leonard to do for science what Frasier's Crane brothers did for fine dining, art, and opera. Theme Song: "The History of Everything" by Barenaked Ladies