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How many of you still love the show no matter what?

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    [1]Jan 8, 2011
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    I'm sick of all these naysayers who are never satisfied with any episode anymore. Yeah I admit this past episode wasn't a favorite of mine but I still liked it especially Sheldon playing the Theremin. This was the first episode in awhile that I wasn't wild about, the last being "Plimpton" or "Pants Alternative."

    There have been several group/ensemble episodes this season so far and most of them are "sciency" and "geeky"

    It seems like that's all anyone wants out of this show latelyand when we get an episode like that there is still no satisfaction, even if it is a very funny episode. I would still appreciate the fact that it was a group episode where they acted like nerds.

    And it's not like Sheldon is the only guy in every episode. He IS one of the stars and the show has basically always been the focus of Sheldon especially in season 2. This past episode he was acting pretty unreasonable though. And what about in "Panty Pinata" in season 2? He was pretty unreasonable in that one too, but I guess that one was funnier.

    And if I hear one more person say "this show sucks because of the 'laugh track,'" I'm going to explode. Does anyone remember Chuck Lorre's vanity card? Big deal so it's not "The Office" or "Community." People act so snobby towards the standard sitcom now just because it's not a single camera show.

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    Well, that's why we are humans: we have different views, tastes and oppinions.

    I still like the premisse of the show.

    Further, I dissagree that Sheldon is the axis of the show. Leonard is the axis, sheldon is just funnier: he has this determination to be an ass and to be right, as an actor he has impecable timing and is fysically articulate on top of that his lines are, very very good. But the glue that binds them is Leonard. He is the link to normal people, the rest need him to be human that can communicate with non-nerds; without him Sheldon would be a recluse working via a computer and having his needs delivered at home. He is also the link between the rest of the guys and Sheldon. Not the one that shouts the loudest is a leader.

    I agree that the writers are good, but now the series has reached a kind of 'formula' stage aswell. Take a look at 2 & 1/2 men for instance; there it's all the same: Charly f-ks arround, Alan is the eternal looser and the stupid dimwit Jake never evolves! BTB, to me, the funiest episode in the whole series is one of Jacke's: the "Squash, squash, squash, squash..." episode. But for the rest... This is happening in this [TBBT] show aswell. They need to come up with new stuff and get Leonard and the guy from Joey in and mix the science up. We like them because they are science guys. Let them do more science! Maybe this shoe app from Penny should work-out well or something like that.

    And last but not least: F-ck Lorre's vanity cards!
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    [3]Jan 9, 2011
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    I still really like this show.

    However, like Amsterdam, I really disagree about Sheldon being the axis or the nucleus of the show. It has always been Leonard. He's the more "common" or "normal" one of the 4 main ones (Penny has been brought in, but we still follow the guys more than her). We relate through Leonard.

    Now, I don't like Amy Farrah Fowler, and I think the show is better without her. It's not the thought of her that I don't like. It's the idea that she's a female Sheldon. We already have one, and one is more than enough. She's also not as endearing as Sheldon is. However, I really wish they would back off the Sheldon focus. Jim Parsons is brilliant, hysterical, has impeccable comic timing. But, the show did not start with him as the main focus. He was the second lead, but he wasn't the actual focus of this show. An Emmy nomination and a win later, he's run away with the show. And, I still think that the focus should be on the four friends, or on Leonard (because we still relate to everyone through Leonard.)

    It's equivalent to what How I Met Your Mother did with Barney. Neil Patrick Harris pretty much stole the show, and suddenly all episodes became very Barney-centric. I love Barney. I love Sheldon. But, both characters are like Tabasco Sauce for me. They add spice. But, I wouldn't want to drink Tabasco Sauce, and I don't want either HIMYM to be all Barney, all the time, and I don't want TBBT to be all Sheldon, all the time.

    Now, the episodes can't all be winners. I'll keep watching, even if it has become formulaic. That's not a horrible thing that it's become formulaic. It's comfortable.

    And, I agree with your opinion of the vanity cards. They don't really matter to me.


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    [4]Jan 9, 2011
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    It's my favorite live-action show right now. It still makes me laugh every week and that's enough for me. I don't really care if Jim steals the show or anything as long as it's funny. And why do everyone says we relate thorugh Leonard. Yeah, yeah, he's normal and everything, but I find myself very different to Leonard. I don't relate to him at all.

    But I'll watch it till the end. On 2034.
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    [5]Jan 11, 2011
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    Amy's my only big problem. She typically kills every episode she is in, and it's lead me to care less about the series. I still like it, but I normally forgot about it until after an episode airs. At least it's becoming like that, as I've missed two episodes recently due to it.

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    [6]Jan 13, 2011
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    Chuck Lorre is the reason I started watching this show in the first place and I don't mind Amy but she can be a litlle boring at times. Having typed all that I will keep watching the Big Bang Theory until the end as a loyal fan.

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    [7]Jan 13, 2011
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    Considering I started watching mid first season due to my mother, and have been loyal ever since. I will continue to be loyal and watch Big Bang Theory. I must admit some epsiodes have not been as funny as some but im not worried because those are few and far between. I love this show it still amkes me laugh. Im still invested in the characters and their development!

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    [8]Jan 13, 2011
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    I still love it as a nerd/geek.
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    [9]Jan 20, 2011
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    Of course I think the show is great or I wouldn't be here. If anyone has had experience with nerds like the four muskateers in their professional life you could relate to almost anything in almost any episode. As for which character is the axis, I'm kinda on the fence there. In a sense they're all the axis because I believe that if any one of them were removed from the show it wouldn't last much longer. It's kinda like "Cheers". That show was said to have ended because Ted Danson wanted out. IMO Ted Danson's 'Sam' was the weakest and most predictable character on the show (like Danson is in real life). You knew each week exactly what he was going to do and what he was going to say. Just look who had the only spin off.

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