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People hating that the show is evolving like it should

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    [1]May 15, 2011
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    I don't get what's people's problem with the show nowadays, especially after this last episode. They're all ripping on the additions of Amy, Bernadette and Priya and that it sucks now that they're growing up and getting girlfriends.

    The show is called "The big BANG Theory" for a reason. Isn't the whole point of the show supposed to be 4 nerds adapting to everyday life thanks to Penny moving in? That's exactly what's happening. Why aren't nerds allowed to have girlfriends?

    And relationships have been part of this show since DAY ONE.

    And they still act like nerds. Take a look at the past few episodes.

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    [2]May 16, 2011
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    Myself, I do like the addition of the two girls (especially as I like the actresses) but there are other issues with the way the show is handled. The three blokes have been Flanderised to the point of being cartoonish in a way (especially Sheldon and Howard). Hints towards Howard having a disturbing Oedipus complex crossed the line from funny to disturbing. Raj trying medication to overcome shiness ... didn't they do that already?

    Sure, this is telly, blah, and we shouldn't consider it real life, blah, and those who complain should try writing a show to see if it's so easy, blah, blah, blah... I'm not saying it sucks, I'm not saying we should feed the writers to a piranha tank, I'm just saying some of the great things about the programme are being lost or faded in favour of simple and not-too-good alternatives. And it's got nothing to do with adding Amy and Bernie, IMO.

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