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    [1]Dec 8, 2012
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    writing here(hopefully my comment shows,because on reply that I wanted to reply to, it didn't...yet again),because this bug thing or whatever it is,is getting on my f-ing nerves. Some of my comments show and some not....wtf!?!?!?! It shows below as posted and minute later,that comment is gone. FIX YOUR BUGS PLEASE. Not just TBBT thread but on every review I go,it happens.

    @ kanniballl about Sheldon

    I disagree with you. I think it is pretty consistent with Sheldon's personality and very Sheldon-like to make a joke about something(in this case,Penny being chicken and pecking for corn),while being "ignorant" about rubbing that creme on Ami counting as being sexual thing FOR HIM. I stressed for him,because Ami (and we audience) knew and had thought about dirtier stuff on our mind,when he said he wanted to rub her chest as well as spanking. When he said that he will rub her chest,his intents were for her to get better. For Sheldon spanking was,what spanking used to be....to punish child,when he did something wrong,so he/she doesn't repeat it. Nowdays anything can be sexual joke or turned in that direction of being sexual and dirty. And Sheldon is far from being like the rest of people,so again it is pretty consitent for his actions and reactions. Do you really think,that he is unable to make a sex joke or comparison to that theme? Don't know how old Sheldon is,but I bet in his life-time so far,he can make a joke or two about sex and being "in the dark" about...well most of it.

    Sorry if people don't think,this don't belong here,but since I can't reply to comments in reviews,might as well post here my thoughts.

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    [2]Dec 8, 2012
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    I agree. Leonard and Penny gave Sheldon a book about Sex (that gave Sheldon nightmares) so it's fair to assume he knows what foreplay includes. Yet the kinky stuff is still lost to him.
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    I think that's whatmakes him and Amy funnier than Leonard and Penny on the same situation. Sheldon loves Amy but he doesn't really know what he's doing, good or bad.
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