The Big Bang Theory

Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Monday 8:00 PM Sep 24, 2007 on CBS

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  • laugh track explanation

    a great episode that did feature a laugh track; that is acceptable despite it being canned laughter and applause. GloriaDarcy was semi-incorrect but correct as well.
  • Remove laugh track?

    It's not a laugh track. The show is filmed with a studio audience.
  • Remove Laugh Track

    It was occasionally a pain to watch this pilot, between actors who either deserve an oscar for portraying nerds or need to not be actors and dialogue that easily went over my head AND a female lead who's completely shallow and seems to have an odd body shape... Not to mention the hideous laugh track. That's when you know a show is trying way, way too hard. There was very little established in this pilot, nothing at all promised and little connection between scenes. It was rough and jerky and a lot like a pack of nerds. Not feeling it so much out of the gates, but we'll see what happens in season one.
  • Strong debut

    This will be one of the most memorable episodes in the series as is the introductory piece. But for those of us who first watched the series at debut, it explained the plot, characters, and setting of the series very well in a brief amount of time, outlining what was next to come.
  • Brilliant opening to an excellent show

    The pilot set the scene for the whole show, and it really was a fantastic pilot. Perhaps the people who tuned in around Season 5 didn't like it that much, which may be why it only has a 7.9 here, but the . and general scientific quotes in this episode, and all of the episodes from Seasons 1-4, were really good in my opinion, and represent the things that I am personally interested in.
  • sheldon rules

    no one can fuck with sheldon
  • The bang that started this universe

    This was a great episode but you can see many things now that got changed over the years. The clothing is a little more hipster in my opinion in this first season. And seeing Sheldon walk into a fertility clinic is pretty much as close as it gets for sex for him. At least we know off the bat that Sheldon has no issue in jerking the gherkin on occasion. Penny also comes off as a little dumb in this. It's good to see that they kicked off the dumb valley girl image overtime. Kudos to getting that dumb hat off Raj as well. Howard, great out the gate. Leonard has stupid hair as well. Just knit picking.

    If you ever get to see the unaired pilot then don't worry. it's a virtual clone of this episode.
  • Great way to begin a great show.


    This is how it all started. Before the opening credits, Leonard Hofstadter and Sheldon Cooper, both geniuses with respective IQ's of 173 and 187, are donating sperm in hopes that it will create "smart babies". They have second thoughts, and they leave at the right time, because when they return to their apartment, their new neighbor, the amazing beautiful Kaley Cuoco as Penny, has decided not to close her front door yet. So the guys see inside and she sees them peeking. They say their hello's and finally Leonard finds enough words to mumble out if she wants some coffee or something.

    "So what do you guys do for fun around here?", a question by Penny, that led to the first of many funny comments by Sheldon throughout the series, "Well today we tried masturbating for money." And then the awesome theme song is introduced.

    Penny explains the story of her life and how she has just gotten out of a relationship. She explains her destiny to be an actress and then takes a shower, while the show's other two main characters, engineer Howard Wolowitz, and Hindu, afraid-to-talk-to-women, Rajesh "Raj" Koothrapali. While she's taking a shower, we have time to see how big of nerds Howard and Raj are, too.

    Leonard, in love with Penny, accepts her favor request by going to collect a TV from her ex-boyfriend, but it doesn't work out so well, as expected, and she applauds their efforts by going out to eat with them.

    Bravo start to the series.

  • Fresh start to a funny show


    I thought that this was an excellent pilot episode of "The Big Bang Theory". There was nothing much in this episode and it mainly took place in their apartment so there's really nothing much to say about this pilot episode. Still, it was a fresh start to a funny show and I thoroughly enjoyed it. It wasn't a perfect pilot episode but it was pretty close though. I felt like Sheldon was a tiny bit mean to Penny in this pilot episode but HEY, that's just me. The pilot episode is about when a girl named Penny moved next door to the apartment that Leonard, Sheldon, Raj, and Howard live in. Leonard becomes very excited about it and tries to impress Penny. Although, I felt like Sheldon was a tiny bit mean to Penny in this pilot episode but I found it hilarious when Penny is sitting in the spot that Sheldon always sits and he explains why that spot is where he sits. The fact that Raj doesn't speak to girls makes me laugh pretty hard. It kinda disappoints me that Raj rarely says anything in this pilot episode since he is the character that makes me laugh the hardest in this show. Leonard and Sheldon getting their pants taken away by Penny's ex-boyfriend made me laugh pretty hard as well. Overall, the pilot episode wasn't perfect but it was pretty close to being perfect and I thought that it was a fresh start to a funny show. 9.5/10

  • Pilot episode.

    My first time watching "The Big Bang Theory" and I must say, it's pretty good. The pilot was promising. Even though nothing really exciting happened here, we got a lot of commendable one liners here and the characters are all very likable. It's basically a show about nerds. From the creators of Two & A Half Men (surprisingly) we get the Big Bang Theory. Even though, I'm not sure what the show's target audience is, it's still quite an entertaining show. As pilots go, I have seen better, but this show seemed so fresh when I was watching the pilot.

    I'm not sure how they will expand the show, basically it had the same style as Friends. The roommates aspect of it, so who knows, this might have the potential to go on for many years, but it might not. Who knows? But overall, an enjoyable pilot for this show.
  • Nerds.

    Two brilliant young physicists, Leonard and Sheldon, are the kind of "beautiful minds" that understand how the universe works. But their PhDs don't help them interact with people, especially women. All this begins to change when a free-spirited, newly single beauty named Penny moves in next door. When Leonard and Sheldon meet Penny, Leonard is immediately interested in her, but Sheldon feels his friend is chasing a dream he'll never catch. Sheldon is quite content to spend his nights playing Klingon Boggle with their socially dysfunctional friends, fellow geeky Caltech geniuses, Wolowitz and Koothrappali. However, Leonard sees in Penny a whole new universe of possibilities... including love. Leonard is so infatuated with Penny that after letting her use their shower he agrees to try to retrieve her TV from her ex-boyfriend, Kurt. Leonard's efforts fail when he and Sheldon, who unwillingly accompanied him, are both depantsed and left empty handed. Feeling bad, Penny offers to buy them and their friends dinner. So I have started to watch The Big Bang Theory, I'm glad I have, I enjoyed the first episode. I love the scene in the spermbank - hilarious. I also love the scene where Lenny an Sheldon meet their new meighbour, they are really funny. I also love how nerdy the boys are. I love teh scene where Penny is inside the boys apartment, it was hilarious. I love the character they are so fun to watch, but I love Sheldon the most so far. The other two nerdy character, Haward and Raj are funny too. I love the scene where Sheldon and Lenny go to get her TV, and they come out with no pants, hilarious. I also love the car scene at the end.
  • See Summary

    The Pilot of The Big Bang Theory was very good. It is an original sitcom based on some geeks who meet model beauty girl living next door. This episode was a good kick start to the season and series. I like the science mixed with humor and humanity. This series is unlike any befor it, and I think that it will endure. I like the geek mixing with the cool and beautiful stereotypes, I think that this series in general will touch upon the human condition in this aspect. I look forward to seeing more of this series, and how the story of the nerds unravels.
  • There were lots of funny moments in this first episode.

    There were lots of funny moments in this first episode. The characters of all four of the nerds were good fun and I liked the neighbour, Penny too as a good contrast. I am sure all these characters will grow as the series progresses. The scenes outside of the building of Penny's ex boyfriend were particularly good, from the way the girl scouts got the door open when Leonard couldn't to the huge man opening the apartment door. The show really seems to have a lot of promise and I look forward to seeing what happens next. A good start.
  • Hi, Hi, Hi, Hi, Hi...Hi?

    Brilliant physicist roommates Leonard and Sheldon meet their new neighbor Penny, who begins showing them that as much as they know about science, they know little about actual living. I thought that this episode was great and the fact that it was a pilot was even better. Not many pilots pull it off on the first go. But I think that all together, is episode of The Big Bang Theory, was very very good. Sheldon and Leonard are loved the second they appear on screen! Penny deffinately brings a bit of culture to the group. Who knows what would have happenned if this pilot wasn't good?!
  • Brilliant pilot - introducing the show really well!

    The Penny/Sheldon/Leonard scenes where just hilariously awkward! I was kind of cringing the whole time they had that hi - hi - hi bit at the door but it was just so funny!

    Really great pilot because it shows how funny this show could be, opens up quite a lot of story lines and introduces the main characters brilliantly!

    The first scene in the intelligent sperm bank had me laughing until I nearly cried - it was absolutely hilarious and it was the perfect way to start an episode and a show!!

    Sheldons line 'Today we tried masturbating to money' WAS ABSOLUTELY HILARIOUS. It's so funny how socially inept they are!

    And I have to say this show has one brilliant theme! tune!!

    They are just so geeky - IT IS ADORABLE!! Them trying to figure out how to act around Penny - plus their little petty attempts at trying to out do each other where hilarious and Penny was just adorable! Kaley was a perfect choice!

    Talking of which, it's so nice to see her in a show after 8 simple rules and Charmed - I'm glad she got a new show to be in cause I really like her - she is great!
  • Not the greatest premiere, but pretty funny nonetheless

    I heard a lot about The Big Bang Theory and How I Met Your Mother as being some of the better new sitcoms on television lately. Personally, I think after Friends and Everybody Loves Raymond ended, sitcoms just became a series of one or two season failures that had potential but kept relying on cliches. Fortunately, both of these shows have original enough characters to make things a little interesting. While I personally think HIMYM is funnier, so far, I've been impressed with The Big Bang Theory.

    There were plenty of funny moments as we meet Leonard and Sheldon, as well as their two other friends, Howard and Raj. Howard's Stephan Hawking impression, as well as his "Bon Douche" line was hilarious. Sheldon had plenty of great lines.. in fact, he laid on the sarcasm so thick that every line he said had some humor to it. Raj didn't say much in this episode, and Leonard seemed like a likeable enough guy. Howard, for me, stole the show and really jumped out as the funny guy (especially with the whole coitus discussion).

    Penny was alright as a female lead, and right now, I'm not sure how I feel about the show (I've just finished the pilot, so my feelings are completely based on this one episode), but I can see the show really coming into itself and becoming an original new sitcom.
  • IQ is important, but it's not all!

    I've never liked very much this kind of comedy series, but I have to say that The Big Bang Theory is a great show, at least this is what I think now that I've watched the first episode. There is a really good humour based on all scientific experiments and theories. And what you might think related just to science and super smart people is instead express down on earth, so that you don't have to be a scientist to get the funny jokes and have a laugh. It is a nice way to spend some time. The characters are extraordinary and full of potential, so that the story could lead to a lot of funny episodes. Moreover, the fact that the plot is so simple (a group of extremely intelligent guys with a beautiful but not so full of school education neighbour) emphasizes the weird and hilarious "adventure" of this bunch of young men, full of IQ but basically not able to handle everyday life.
  • Great Show.

    when i saw the commercials for this show i didn't think it would be that good becauseit didn't look that funny. but once i started watchng it, i loved it. i think its hilarious how sheldon and leonard talk so smart all the time. i like when they went to panny's ex-boyfriend's house to get penny's tv. it was funny when they went in the door after the girl scouts selling cookies, and then got pants. i think sheldon is the funniest character because whatever he says makes me crack up. this was't my favorite episode out of all the rest but petty good, and i enjoyed watching it.
  • Extremely fun show.

    Quite a few of my buddies have been rambling on about how good this show is for some time now. And being that The Office is not on the air as of right now I needed to find another show to pass my time. I can't say that I was disappointed after I picked this one. The pilot episode was better than some that I have seen because it kept it simple enough that you could actually get the feel for some of the characters. I am looking forward to seeing if the episodes after this keep on pace with the pilot. It usually only gets better from here!
  • of what a sitcom should be!

    I love this show, probably the best ever ... Prison Break or other cr4p don't have nothing on it!
    Please keeeep it on the air as much as possible! It's very original and captivating.
    And it's kind of true also, in more ways than one.. The characters look real, the actors are very good. Penny is sweeeeeeeeet. It's just what I've been lookin' for in a sitcom .. Me and my friends laughed during the whole show .. even though we couldn't understand some of the words they said :p .. scientific stuff!
    What can I say.. this one goes for the gold! Love it!
  • Surprisingly funny with likeable characters.

    I wasn't sure what to think going into the show, but I was liking the two main characters within the first few minutes. The script was pretty clever with the science jokes, and the actors gave them a good delivery. There were lots of laughs throughout, which is crucial for a sitcom. The banter between the two main characters were hilarious, from their staircase talks to the awkward lunch to watching those girl guides breaking into the apartment building. I didn't like the latter two members of their gang, but hopefully, they will grow on me. The only other problem is that no other storyline was set up other than the one with the female neighbor, so I'm not sure what else they have in mind in the season.

    Overall, a promising start to a new sitcom, and I hope the good ratings continue.
  • A Great Way to Start A Series.

    Sheldon: I don't know your chances against the world, but here in this car, you're a mac daddy.

    That's funny and so is this show! I haven't seen such a good sitcom in a long time, even if it doesn't have a family in it. This show has a great chance at being one of the best new shows this fall and with the way they made it in this episode, it is so obvious even if it doesn't make a second season, it'll for sure last all of this year.

    I can't wait to see more of this show in the future.
  • Interesting idea, bad execution.

    The concept for this series is pretty straightforward, but I thought it held some promise. Unfortunately, the pilot episode didn't live up to expectations. The jokes were forced and mostly unfunny. Kelly's character, Penny, is too dumb and not pretty enough to overcome it. It's just not believable. She's very sweet, but she's too clueless. If she felt sorry for the guys, if they'd done something to endear themselves to her, if something happened to make a friendship believable, the show might work. Instead, the nerds are bitter, mean, and ridiculous. It needs work.

    I like the concept. Their brains combined with her social know how for a fictionalized Beauty and the Geek could be brilliant. Instead, the show lacks heart. The characters are cardboard caricatures. And, it's just wasn't that funny.

    Overall: The concept is good enough that I'll probably give it a few more episodes. But, this one wasn't a good advertisement for the series and I won't be catching it on re-runs. The other episodes need to kick up the funny to make this show work.
  • Just plain TV gold!!!

    I really enjoyed it, the characters excellent,the plot funny, all of this goes for the making of a future hit. The pilots are never the best, do not let that fool you. Keep watching and I guarantee wants the season picks up steam it will be the new friends. Leonard and sheldon have excellent chemistry together and are reminescent of a young Fraiser and Nyles with a geekier twist. The show has a lot of promise, please watch and keep it alive. Next Monday promises to introduce new characters with even bigger twists. I've seen the pilot twice and it gets funnier every single time I see it.
  • Very funny, some geekiness forced at times, but this show has great potential!

    I went into this not expecting much. Like others, I tuned in to see how Cuoco was doing in a new series. I was quite surprised by how the show turned out though. Being a graduate student in engineering, I appreciated hearing all of the math and science references. I loved lines like "What if the child doesn't know whether to use a differential or integral to determine the area under a curve?" "I'm sure his mother would still love him." "I wouldn't." Or "It took you 4 years to get through high school?" Written they are not particularly funny, but when delivered by the actors they come alive.

    After being disappointed by Back to You, it is nice to be surprised by a comedy (in a good way). All they need to do is tone down the geekiness some (it seems forced at times) and maybe drop the laugh track.
  • Not exactly compelling or original stuff here. This isn't family comedy like Cuoco's previous show 8 Simple Rules, or even probably even teen comedy. I'm not quite sure who it's actually aimed at.

    Umm.. I mistakenly thought this was a new NBC comedy as it was a free download on Unbox with the other NBC shows. But I was very confused why this would be on NBC as everything about it screams WB from the promo image to actors and concept. The CW must have decided to phase out these comedy shows that used to air on The WB although much of their programing leaves you wondering what their network execs are smoking.

    The Big Bang Theory is actually a new show premiering on CBS. It stars Johnny Galecki (David Healy from Roseanne), Jim Parsons (umm, some dude), and Kaley Cuoco (8 Simple Rules, Charmed), Simon Helberg (some guy that's made guest appearances on a lot of shows), and Kunal Nayyar (a new comer). The premise of the show is hot dumb girl Penny (Cuoco) moves in next door to super nerds Leonard (Galecki) and Sheldon (Parsons) and shows them how little they know about life. Not exactly compelling or original stuff here. This isn't family comedy like Cuoco's previous show 8 Simple Rules, or even probably even teen comedy. I'm not quite sure who it's actually aimed at; once scene has coitus jokes, another has quantum mechanics ramblings, and then later you have two of the guys getting pantsed by a jock.

    The show opens with Leonard and Sheldon arriving at the "nerd sperm bank"??? awkwardly looking to make a donation but freaking out and leaving. They then arrive back at their apartment building, dumbstruck to see their new neighbor. They awkwardly introduce themselves in all their geek glory fashion and invite her over for lunch. The show then goes on to depict just how lame and nerdy these two are and how clueless but sweet Penny is. Leonard is the most normal of his group and tries to hopelessly connect with Penny while Sheldon is the "girls are from another planet" kind of nerd. In comes equally nerdy buddies Wolowitz (Helberd) and Koothrappali (Nayyar). Wolowitz tries to be the suave full-of-himself nerd at the sight of Penny and even tries to use WoW to seduce her ('cause everyone who plays WoW is a complete socially inept nerd, thanks CBS). And Koothrappali becomes speechless around girls.

    There were a few moments that actually made me laugh but there's really nothing of value here. Although considering half of the comedy shows that are have been on TV the last couple years, I wouldn't be surprised if CBS keeps this around for a bit. I just certainly won't be watching it.
  • Two physicists discover that a gorgeous woman has moved in across the hall; one has romantic hopes, while the other is sarcastically pessimistic.

    In watching the promo commercials for this show, I found the premise amusing (being a bit of a nerd myself). The humour seemed to be right up my alley: dry, sarcastic, and slightly off-center.

    Having watched the pilot episode last night, I can only hope that they can keep up the level of amusement, and having enjoyed other Chuck Lorre shows (2 and a Half Men, Dharma and Greg), I have high hopes for this series. The opening sequence in the high-IQ sperm bank was classic, and the fact that the theme song is done by the Barenaked Ladies is a major bonus.

    Most of the major nerd/geek stereotypes are hit in this one: the highly intelligent one that knows a little (okay, VERY little) about mainstream pop culture, the mildly anal-retentive Asperger's-type (that's a form of autism, for those unfamiliar with the term), the polyglot who thinks he's suave and cool, and the introvert that couldn't talk to a girl if his life depended on it.

    I am going to keep watching this show, and fully expect it to become a fixture in CBS' Monday night sitcom lineup.
  • It is clearly not an original idea for a series, but they couldn't make something worse than "The Class", which almost never made me laugh nor smile. And there's a hot girl!

    When i read the preview of this new series i said to myself: couldn't they come out with a better idea? But then i started to think this series is the replacement for "The Class", which btw i couldn't watch, and i gave it a try.
    Well, probably since i wasn't expecting much i really enjoyed watching this pilot.
    The show has a beautiful girl (that Penny girl who takes a shower in the nerds' apartment), and a character i find funny (Sheldon, the tall geek). Since i study physics i enjoyed some jokes that maybe a lot of people couldn't understand (i'm talking about the string theory part), and even if the four geeks with the beauty is a too-much-used cliché i don't mind watching the show.
    It goes without saying that this is probably a show that nerds will mostly enjoy, but i guess the authors of "The Big Bang Theory" wanted to exploit the fact that there's a little bit of nerdiness in each and everyone of us.

    As a finishing sentence i'll say: "The Big Bang Theory" is not much original, but, even though i don't see a great future for the show, it is, at least imho, way better and funnier than "The Class".
  • Very Annoying

    Well let me tell you all what I think of the show that kicked out "The Class". Well it wasn't what I expected to say the least. I mean it had it's moments but these nerds, geeks or whatever you wanna classify them as are really annoying. They were real repetitive in the first episode. They had me screaming shut up at the screen. Most of the stuff they were saying I couldn't understand and the episode was filled with cliches. It was like revenge of the nerds. This is a sad case of CBS letting go of a better quality show in "The Class" and replacing it with something thats not even it's league. I'll keep watching as long as CBS doesn't cancel it but DVR is the way to go on this one.