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  • Worse

    At first I find it funny. But as I am watching it I find it stupid, like jokes that are not funny yet people laugh. And I don't remember which season it is but they are very racist towards Asians(most Americans are anyway). And I don't think Kaley Cuoco is a good actress...... and when Kunal Nayyar said some pretty funny jokes the audience don't clap or anything. Except when the rest said it then people laugh their arse off. I find it that even-though it is a film yet I can sense some racism in it. What is with white Americans or Europeans with racism!!! It's like the only lives that matter are the whites!!!! So arrogant. No one cares for Asians, we are being judged, criticised, condemned etc..... people think that we Asians are not good enough? No one will ever care about Asian... to them our lives doesn't matter. Whites are the best BS

    Things that are not funny Americans find it funny. Well it's American...... doing stupid stuff and posting it on YouTube.
  • Big bang will be missed, but what a lousy way to end the show

    The season is almost over, and there have only been 8 episodes. For the loyal viewer, that just sucks. It's bad enough that the show is ending, but to end this way is a slap in the face to fans.

    Just had to put that out there. If you disagree with me, so be it. If you agree with me I doubt we can change anything, except letting them know we are ticked.
  • You will be missed!

    I know I've seen every episode. I know it can't go on forever, but I wish it could.
  • Funny

    Hate to see this show go. The Big Bang Theory is always good for a laugh.
  • Cant believe its almost done.

    Love this comedy show wish it didnt have to end but the only thing im glad is that I wont have to see that fugly looking girl Amy on anymore she is just awful cant stand her ... Id give the show a 10 but she's on it. Love Sheldon !
  • This is the end!

    I couldn't be happier that this disgrace to nerd culture the world around is coming to a close. Yes I know that's a bold statement, but it's honestly how I feel about this show. I believe that the culture as a whole would have been far better off without the exaggerated representation coming from this show. On top of that you had all these ridiculous romantic subplots that were a absolute disgrace!
  • best comedy ever

    I'm from Iran, and this best ever comedy I watched.
  • may be right or wrong

    I dont know about that
  • Nothing better on TV

    I know this next season may be the last and I've been dreading that. Love it. The Amy/Sheldon wedding was the best show yet. Nothing better ever.
  • An awful show for awful people.

    The Big Bang Theory is the biggest pile of shit to come out since the big bang itself. Not only is the show un-funny but offending on how bad it is. Would NEVER recommend!
  • it's still on?

    When the BBT franchise ends I will miss the laughs. One thing I will not miss, however, is having to endure watching Johnny Galecki picking at his fingernails nonstop. I'll never understand why he was allowed to continue his nervous tic all these years. Isn't it enough that we were expected to believe he was the object of desire for many attractive females in various episodes? Lets face it, the guy is kind of a physical freak show, with a head like an oversized pumpkin and the hips of a woman. Not to mention both knock kneed and pigeon toed. I have to agree with most other reviews, that they killed a wonderful character in Howard after force feeding us the Bernadette relationship. Hope to see Jim Parsons in other projects to come.
  • Show got out of line

    I know the show with nerd and geeky Sheldon. When Amy was added to I thought this is temporary and Sheldon got back to nerd again.

    But I was wrong. I think Amy ruined the show.

    There are many shows with romance and sex out there. Why you are ruining this show with these stuff?!!

    I love the show with those nerd people, arguing nerd, struggling with low level social behaviors , etc.
  • show in general

    I think the show is getting OLD!!!! It has become the jim parsons show with jim being saddled with 95% of the dialogue and it is a lot of monologue for each response he provides.

    It is the same stupid scenarios and the same stupid responses. Bernadette and the voice changing when mad is getting OLD!!!

    Don't like laurie metcalfe as sheldon's mother. Much better on roseanne.

    The show needs to go off the air. They never show howard and bernadette's kid so we forget that it exists. The series finale should be the sheldon and amy wedding.
  • Wish I never watched past season 4

    Season 1-3 and to a lesser degree season 4 I would rate as my favorite sitcom ever.

    I stopped watching after season 7,

    I have no idea why but I keep trying an odd episode every so often.

    I just watched one it was tragic nothing at all is left of the original charm, funny characterises of the main cast, sharp writing and different intelligent story lines it's all gone.

    Penny is a horrible ,horrible person now I don't want to watch Leonard being treated like that its not funny it's cruel.

    Also just another married dull couple to join Howard and Bernadette with nothing to do but squabble, and now even Sheldon living with Amy so mundane.

  • Save the trouble of airing the show anymore, man!

    The show has gotten sheldon-centric. It has always been, It has become very irritating. The way Raj is being ... "After 10 long seasons... really?" even Donald Trump would feel bad about this racist remarks. Penny and Leonard couple... wait, are they even one ? Howard( my favourite till season 4-5 has become very boring... please just take away bernadette and amy.. please just do it.. do it now.. don't even get started on Stuart. You guys really are making us depressed more than And the side plot about Leonard's dad and sheldon's mom..... that was the cheapest stunt anyone has pulled as a cliff-hanger end to a season. for the love of god, don't even compare it to just cruel.

  • Big bang

    I would like to see a future show 20 yrs in the future of the relationships of these actors. Especially Sheldon and Amy with children.
  • remove

    pls remove Amy Farrah character we dont like her
  • Why do I keep watching

    I can't stand Penny. Her character doesn't fit. Sheldon makes the show.
  • Watched All Episodes (TWICE) and would watch them again-please make 10 MORE seasons

    I've watched all the episodes, then watched them again on disc as they came out. This is a show I felt was worth owning and having to watch the full series over and over again every other year or so. Absolutely LOVE these characters (all of em; the boys, the girls, their coworkers and friends, and their relatives) and how they interact with each other. Their problems are real and the ways they find to deal with them (solved or not) are wonderful. ------ I wait all week on pins and needles just to see what's happening next. ----- If this show continues for another ten years, I'll still be right there watching it all and waiting impatiently for next weeks' episode. The only bad thing I can say about this show is that there is only one new episode every other week -- I'd love to see three or four each week (though I know that would put an unreasonable load of work on the staff of the show, actors and writers alike ... people do have lives to live outside of the workplace, after all, even actors and writers).

    I'd love to see this show go on for another 10 seasons; at least. I want to see all of the characters grow up, have families, raise kids, etc. They are so real and I don't think I'll ever get tired of checking in on them.
  • Being a celebrity is bad!

    These people are celebrities! God can't allow any celebrity into heaven unless they repent of being a celebrity before it's too late. I wouldn't wish being a celebrity on my worst enemy. They are the angels of Lucifer because they honor and exalt themselves on high just like Lucifer does. The cast of "The Big Bang Theory" are setting a very bad example for children and even adults who can't see the utter depravity of TV shows like this. Please, before it's too late, shut this TV show down, along with all the other TV shows like it that are brainwashing and destroying the youth of America.
  • Disappointed

    Since season 10 started I have been watching every episode with a hope that this one will be better than the last one, only to be disappointed every time. The show used to be very good, until season 9 started (maybe a little before that, don't remember it so well). Now every episode lasts about 15 minutes, and there is really no plot. Everyone is for themselves and it is just weird.. I understand that the characters have grown and has to be for themselves and stuff, that is why I think they should have just ended it after season 9. Raj should really get someone, it is not funny, it is sad that he doesn't have someone. I also think they should pair Stuart up with someone, because he is depressing (and for the record I feel like his depression is being made fun of by both the show and the other characters, which just isn't cool).

    The thing now is that one episode might have a plot, but then they just don't finish it.. For instance, the last episode that aired focused on Raj forming a study-ish-group of his former girlfriends to find out what is wrong with him, but then the episode ended without a conclusion. Yeah, his girlfriends told him what was wrong with him, and it didn't help him in any way, they only played further on the thing about Howard and Raj being in a couple. The way I see it, the scenario wasn't even necessary to have in the whole episode. Actually, they should just pair Raj and Howard together, and then forget about Bernadette and the baby.

    And why did they make Howard and Bernadette have a baby in the first place? It didn't really lead to anything, except a pillow crying with the voice of a man (it sounds more like Howard's mother, though, which I guess is the joke). If they were going to have the characters have a baby, at least use a real baby or something and have more important plots involving the actual baby, than Bernadette doubting herself as a mother (not a bad plot, but it was played out in a bad way) or a squeaky floor (look at How I Met Your Mother, when Lily and Marshall got a baby, they made it work, but TBBT did not).

    Every episode has now come to having no meaning what-so-ever, with stories that doesn't really lead anywhere, it seems as if the creators of the show are just scrambling together random storylines to make up for an episode. If they are committed to continuing with an 11th season (I hope not), then they should do these things:

    1. Make Sheldon a little less human again and REMEMBER his spot (he just moved over to Penny's place without even caring about his spot on the couch, and didn't even create a new spot in his 'new' apartment).

    2. Cast a real baby for Howard and Bernadette, and make them NOT hate it (it seems as if they don't even care about their own flesh and blood).

    3. Make Penny pursue her acting career again, I know she is successful and stuff now and make a lot of money, but was that really what she was pursuing in life? Give her some kind of big break, please.

    4. Make Leonard cute again, he has become annoying and unlikeable.

    5. Pair up Raj with someone already! Obviously he doesn't go along with girls, so make him gay, there is few comedy shows with a gay character, let alone a non-white gay character. In my opinion that would actually be cool, as if he has just been lying to himself all along, but really he likes dudes.

    (The numbers do not mean requests in order).

    My conclusion is that the show used to be funny with likeabale characters and good plots. It is still funny in the way that I might smile or chuckle a little bit, but not near as funny it was in the first seasons. And the characters have become more and more unlikeable, and are victims to sloppy plots.

    The suggestions above will most certainly not become a reality, so just end it after this season and accept the defeat. (I am finally ending my ridiculously long rant, thank you for those who bothered reading it till the end).

    *Pardon my English as I am not a native speaker.
  • Disappointed

    Always loved this show until it became a huge hit. Too many commercials that there is no storyline. There is really no point in watching anymore for 15 minutes of no story
  • Sheldon

    I would think as Sheldon interacts more with people , his character would become more sensitive. He's slowly reaching asshole status as he continues to be so self absorbed. I am beginning to really dislike his character.
  • I still like it, but not without reservations.

    For the overall series, I would say it's about an 8. But in its current state, it's a 5.5 (maybe a little lower). Each episode now has the exact same setup. The group is split up into 3 sections, thus providing the subplots. While some of the dialogue is funny, most of it barely generates a smile on my face. Just a chuckle if I get the humor, but don't really find it funny. Penny has started to become sort of unlikable to me, Sheldon is almost too much unlike himself (although Jim Parsons still plays him very well), Raj's search for love needs to end (pair him with someone already) and even Amy doesn't seem very fun anymore. The characters have to grow as their lives change, but can the writers have some sort of fun with them? Together, perhaps?
  • Question

    Is Sheldon going to leave the couch? So much was made of his "spot", not important anymore?? Glad it's only going to be on for one more season. What made it so special, just isn't anymore. Still funny, but not a biggie if I miss it.

    I have been a huge fan of this show, but I have to agree with several other reviews that something has gone terribly wrong. This show is now a big yawn. Solve the salary issues with ending this series. It is sad, but 10 years is long enough. There should not be a season 11. Greed usually kills everything, that is the case here.
  • A plot point I would like to see

    I would like it if one of the guys had a profound spiritual experience, like a near death experience, that caused him to question a strictly materialistic view of existence. It would spark debate and controversy throughout the whole group, including the ladies. I think this would allow for some interesting character reveals. (Like, maybe Penny's belief in astrology and psychics comes from a personal experience of her own that she has never shared with anyone and especially not the guys because of their scientific Amy's viewpoint as a neurologist would be particularly interesting. All of the debate and controversy would resolve in some open way at the end and I think it would be a truly interesting episode or two and it would provide relief from reliance upon relationship drama.
  • I have Simple Solution to make it better

    In season 10 include one episode where everyone goes on vacation except of Sheldon Cooper, Leonard Hofstader, Rajesh and Howard and they all die in a horrible road accident. This accident put them in serious shock over few months and after that they decide to live there life that if nothing happen and spent there days like they use to spent and i think now only Stuart is the one worth watching. Live long and prosper.
  • Try this:

    Watch this thing without the laughing track. If you still find this thing funny after that, I'm sorry to say, but you're a person with very, very, very low standards. Go watch a Carlos Mencia stand up, you'll probably find his stuff hilarious.

    You know what's funny about this show? it's a 21st century sitcom that portraits nerds just like movies from over 30 years ago. At least movies from 30 years ago have the excuse of being made OVER 30 YEARS AGO.

    No idea what those reviews saying this show "used to be good" are talking about. This is one of the worst shows in TV history. That Sheldon dude needs to be put down like right now. Is there any character in TV history more annoying than that idiot?
  • Boring, boring, oh sooo boring

    Used to love the show! The last 2 or 3 yrs the show has really gone down the drain. What happened? Did they change writers? It used to make me laugh ever so loudly, now hardly a smile... They have changed the character of Sheldon so much. I hate it that they have humanized him so much. The funny thing with Sheldon was that he was like a robot, we never see that Sheldon anymore. I wish that penny had continued pursuing her acting... The monkey movie was funny. I also wish she would give up putting her hair up in a bun. Loved that Raj couldn't speak when women were present. Wolowitz used to be so funny!

    Can't stand the character of Bernadette! Anyway, I miss the first years of the show, those are never coming back again... Bye Big Bang, I miss you.
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