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  • Smartest and funniest sitcom i've ever seen!!

    This show with no doubt, is the brightest idea i have seen on tv. The original idea seem to be so simple, a girl moves on close to some geeky guys, but the development of it, the imagination of the writers and the awesome characterization of the actors makes it a very enjoyable tv show.
  • Was better before they added cast members

    This show is written by Chuck Loree, so like Two and a Half Men, it deals with nerds being the butt of jokes and the non-nerds being rewarded and looked up to basically. But the writting on this show is better than Two and a Half Men. It is more witty and clever, which is nice. The only thing I am noticing though is when they started adding cast members, it is not the dynamic of the show changed. Still a good show though!
  • Probably best Comedy on TV!

    At the moment, it would have to be the best comedy on TV! It has a clever plot and great characters,
  • Best Show

    This show is the best show in the world!!!!!
  • I SO Love TBBT!

    Love the new Eps as well as Reruns. Just watched S5 "The Launch Acceleration" and was reminded how it has one of, if not "the", best comic lines I've ever heard. It's when Howard meets with Bernie's dad and expresses his concerns about dying on the mission, and the Dad responds "It'll be OK son....... A pretty girl like Bernadette, she'll find a new guy" Hah! PURE GOLD! Makes me chuckle anytime I think it.
  • penny doesn't deserve leonard

    all through the six seasons of the show i have really tried to like penny (the character) is so obnoxious and so irritating. she is an awful person. she doesn't pay for food nor for WiFi. she just uses people with her good looks and of-course with sex! no good girl does that. its funny up till a point but now its much more irritating! she doent deserve leonard at all. leonard is way beyond her league.

    also about should stop praising penny so isn't that beautiful after all!

    i would like the crew to work on these characters a lil bit more!
  • I love Sheldon Jokes

    TBBT is the only show that combines humor with science. The jokes are the best if you get em. Here's an amazing compilation of some of the best moments in tbbt (tvjokes .com )
  • Big Bang

    This show does show how ridiculous it is to believe in the "Big Bang Theory". Hurray for that!

    Your show would be even funnier if you got rid of the sexual innuendo. Enough already!
  • Best show on TV!

    Easily the best show on TV, way better than HIMYM- I watch it over and over, it still makes me laugh every time!
  • East Texas

    Has one of the writers lived in east Texas? I was surprised and thought it was hilarious when it was referred to on the show.
  • Sheldon!!

    It is so so fun!!! However I think it has lost it's edge.. It is not as good as it used to be two seasons ago. Nevertheless, still very funnny. And no offense to the other characters, that are all extremelly funny and well-played by their respective actors, Sheldon is the one that stands out!!! He is awesome, one of the best characters in a comedy!! ("Sheldon can I ask you something? I would not prefer it, but I would not go as far as to forbid it"!!!!) (My score represents the previous seasons)
  • My Favorite Show

    I personally love this show. i think that it is hilarious, every week i look forward to watching a new episode. It is my most favorite show
  • Fun, Comical, and Well Written, though It Seems To Have Overstayed Its Welcome For Some....

    The Big Bang Theory is an amusing comedy about a bunch of nerds. Being a nerd myself, I can relate to the characters at times and enjoy some of the nerdy humor the show presents, which admittedly may go over some people's heads occasionally. It has quite a few nerd culture references too, which entertains people like me even more. Some of the jokes are repeated, and it may get a little old to some, plus the focus on relationships in the show may be a turn-off for some, but the well-written humor with a great premise still manages to make me laugh.
  • you had your time

    bored to death with thisnow
  • Sorry, not my cup of tea

    Have seen this advertised and it looks about as funny as a burning orphanage.
  • same old

    every week they do the same thing Sheldon insults everyone Amy acts like a lesbian and penny is still a idiot and Raj is all alone

    "Hahahaha I didnt know this show was funny, oh wait, now its not" *channel changed
  • Another Theory

    Is it an over site or did you leave out Levar Burton in guest appearances or cameo? Also are there any plans to have an african american play a reoccurring role on this sitcom? I would really like to see this happen. Perhaps a love interest for Kooth!
  • just a friend

    I like you guys. You are diferent, funny
  • BBT the KING!!

    i really love this show

    great comedy

    amazingly sarcastic

    n d best part is sheldon

    " u r sitting in my spot !!!!!" epic xd!!!
  • immature

    i used to watch this show when it first came out and i was 13. i found it funny at the time but as the years went by i came to realize how silly it is. this is mass appeal comedy for stupid people who cant recognize the appropriate time to laugh without a laughtrack. there is so much beter comedy out there than this show, yet its one of the most popular shows on tv. only exception is the guy's who plays sheldon performance. the rest is just terrible television.
  • Bazinga

    This is seriously frustrating. I want to contact the producers to tell them that the Ruffles commercial is using Sheldon's 'gotcha remark' minus the 'A'. The word they are using is BAZING. That's too close to Sheldon's BAZINGA. Can you fix it? I hope. Big Bang is the best.
  • how do people laugh at this

    watched 1 episode, noticed 3 times where sheldon opened his stupid mouth without a laugh track. Watch any other show on fox or cbs and it will be better than this.
  • i'm sorry, but this show is kind of terrible

    I hate to be that guy... Wait, no i don't. This show sucks. Watch something good like louie, archer, south park, family guy, raising hope or legit. basically anything on fox or fx.
  • Glorious, unique humor!

    Can't get enough of it! I have just finished watching every episode to date (and I watch the new episodes every week). My favorite character is Raj!
  • Constantly entertaining, clever, memorable quotes, lovable characters, needs focus...

    It's a fantastic show and currently my favourite. The characters are brilliantly etched, became lovable very quickly. The series offers so many memorable lines and is often quite clever. However, towards the end of Season 6 we notice that most characters have gone through some change (for the better) however, there seems to be a potential risk of deviating from the comic book loving, video game playing, scientific referencing nerd/geek bunch into a show about again. There are many ways to get the show back on track:

    (i) Nobel Prize: It was Sheldon and Leonard's dream to win a Nobel Prize. Raj worked for Sheldon in the past. Raj being nominated for a Nobel Prize can trigger some interesting friction between Sheldon, Leonard and Raj. This can work through an entire season like Howards trip to ISS.

    (ii) Raj is hunting in the wrong areas for a girlfriend, seems appropriate he approaches Sheldon's hot assistant. Some how if he can communicate with her, would probably annoy Sheldon a lot.

    (iii) No major scientific or cult media referencing celebrities on the show in recent times. Yes, come back and see us, Nemoy, Shatner, Wozniak, Hawking, Stan Lee et al.

    (iv) Howard finally applies for a PhD and works with one of his Dr. friends. Lots of scientific referencing potential there...
  • Quite possibly the worst show I've ever seen.

    This show is just awful. None of the jokes are remotely funny. All of the characters are complete stereotypes and nowhere close to likeable or relate-able. The audience's laugh tracks are the some of the worst, so annoying to add to such an annoying show already. None of plot-lines are original and it's not the "smart" show that it claims to be. This show is an insult to intelligence. Open your eyes, people.
  • Fun with flags and not flagging at all!

    There have been some get guide episodes and so so-so episodes and I believed I was in for a so-so episode! How wrong I was. I was chuckling or laughing from the outset. Penny/Sheldon - excellent! Raj's new girl friend doing a runner... I almost split my sides laughing and so it went on... Even Howard getting one of his quips in "that's spoiled lobster for me!" oh! and earlier Bernie saying "we were all thinking it!" Penny pretending to be an actress and doing it so well... For a surprise episode and highest quality from all involved don't miss it!
  • Humor sometimes

    Big Bang Theory is all about the setting and the silly antics of Sheldon Cooper for me. There is humor, especially when the tall and lanky Sheldon character enters the scene. I also find myself chuckling from time to time in scenes involving the character with the the funny belt buckles and his astronomer buddy. However, there are a significant number of moments where the humor misses the mark for me. I also think the show falters most when lighthearted elements and geek culture is sidelined. Overall, its the odd focus on relationships (constant failure/second guessing) that tends to leave me with a negative impression by the time an episode ends.
  • Great show, no laugh track

    Great Show!

    To aceofspades4, I have been to a taping of the show and that is the audience, not a laugh track. Sometimes the actors do speak a little loud, but it is because the audience is laughing so hard, they have to if they are to be heard. Check your facts next time you trash a show and people might take your review a little more seriously.
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