The Big Bang Theory

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  • 5.5
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  • how do people laugh at this

    watched 1 episode, noticed 3 times where sheldon opened his stupid mouth without a laugh track. Watch any other show on fox or cbs and it will be better than this.
  • i'm sorry, but this show is kind of terrible

    I hate to be that guy... Wait, no i don't. This show sucks. Watch something good like louie, archer, south park, family guy, raising hope or legit. basically anything on fox or fx.
  • Glorious, unique humor!

    Can't get enough of it! I have just finished watching every episode to date (and I watch the new episodes every week). My favorite character is Raj!
  • Constantly entertaining, clever, memorable quotes, lovable characters, needs focus...

    It's a fantastic show and currently my favourite. The characters are brilliantly etched, became lovable very quickly. The series offers so many memorable lines and is often quite clever. However, towards the end of Season 6 we notice that most characters have gone through some change (for the better) however, there seems to be a potential risk of deviating from the comic book loving, video game playing, scientific referencing nerd/geek bunch into a show about again. There are many ways to get the show back on track:

    (i) Nobel Prize: It was Sheldon and Leonard's dream to win a Nobel Prize. Raj worked for Sheldon in the past. Raj being nominated for a Nobel Prize can trigger some interesting friction between Sheldon, Leonard and Raj. This can work through an entire season like Howards trip to ISS.

    (ii) Raj is hunting in the wrong areas for a girlfriend, seems appropriate he approaches Sheldon's hot assistant. Some how if he can communicate with her, would probably annoy Sheldon a lot.

    (iii) No major scientific or cult media referencing celebrities on the show in recent times. Yes, come back and see us, Nemoy, Shatner, Wozniak, Hawking, Stan Lee et al.

    (iv) Howard finally applies for a PhD and works with one of his Dr. friends. Lots of scientific referencing potential there...
  • Quite possibly the worst show I've ever seen.

    This show is just awful. None of the jokes are remotely funny. All of the characters are complete stereotypes and nowhere close to likeable or relate-able. The audience's laugh tracks are the some of the worst, so annoying to add to such an annoying show already. None of plot-lines are original and it's not the "smart" show that it claims to be. This show is an insult to intelligence. Open your eyes, people.
  • Fun with flags and not flagging at all!

    There have been some get guide episodes and so so-so episodes and I believed I was in for a so-so episode! How wrong I was. I was chuckling or laughing from the outset. Penny/Sheldon - excellent! Raj's new girl friend doing a runner... I almost split my sides laughing and so it went on... Even Howard getting one of his quips in "that's spoiled lobster for me!" oh! and earlier Bernie saying "we were all thinking it!" Penny pretending to be an actress and doing it so well... For a surprise episode and highest quality from all involved don't miss it!
  • Humor sometimes

    Big Bang Theory is all about the setting and the silly antics of Sheldon Cooper for me. There is humor, especially when the tall and lanky Sheldon character enters the scene. I also find myself chuckling from time to time in scenes involving the character with the the funny belt buckles and his astronomer buddy. However, there are a significant number of moments where the humor misses the mark for me. I also think the show falters most when lighthearted elements and geek culture is sidelined. Overall, its the odd focus on relationships (constant failure/second guessing) that tends to leave me with a negative impression by the time an episode ends.
  • Great show, no laugh track

    Great Show!

    To aceofspades4, I have been to a taping of the show and that is the audience, not a laugh track. Sometimes the actors do speak a little loud, but it is because the audience is laughing so hard, they have to if they are to be heard. Check your facts next time you trash a show and people might take your review a little more seriously.
  • Shekldon is being JUST self-centered

    I find the depth of Sheldon's character really has disappeared this season. He became JUST self-centered and egotistical. There is no more geek and uncomfortable in society. I hope the writers will go back to earlier Sheldon and find again what made him also lovable.
  • Great Comedy to Lift up My Spirits

    The Big Bang Theory was always the one show to get me laughing on the floor. Maybe there were laugh tracks, but so what? At least it provided me the happiness to get through hard times. The characters also seemed to always have a story to tell and something new to reveal to the plot. Plus, I really liked that the episodes actually tied in with each other rather than each episode having it's own plot and paying no attention to previous ones. This show was and still is pretty fun to watch and the characters always make some funny comments even if I don't get some of them. I strongly encourage the people who are reading this review to watch this show if you haven't already, because who knows? Maybe you'll end up watching it again and again after all!
  • funny

    great show still funny after all these seasons
  • One-Liners? Annoying laugh tracks? Loud speaking and poor acting? Oh wait, it's a Chuck Lorre show.

    I don't get how people like this show. I can only imagine it's because of the subject matter. They want to find the nerd culture appealing, and everyone wants to jump on that trend train. I can't stand shows like this, that have "actors" talking almost as loud as they can without actually yelling, delivering one-liners one after another, with an annoying laugh track playing at the end of EVERY SINGLE ONE. It's a typical Chuck Lorre show. I haven't always hated Chuck Lorre's shows, but he's ruined the sit-com at this point and I'll simply have no more of it.
  • The Best and Funniest

    Definitely the best, the funniest and the most entertaining sitcom ever! I love it!
  • Some things I would love to see on the up coming of a 10 rating I give a100 rating...

    Love the show Seldon rocks and I would love to see Leonard get engaged and Amy and Seldon have one seen were they kiss or they have and all the show is fantastic..
  • funniest show in years

    the title says it all
  • Holy Hell this thing is amazing!

    Sheldon, you are fucking hilarious!! If it was just you and a bunch of shitty other characters, this show would still get at least an 8 for me. But the thing is, all of the characters are pretty much likable on this show! As a gamer and comic book fan myself, this show really portrays us nerds very well. And once again, it's fucking hilarious! The only gripe I have about this show is that Level Up probably stole the idea from this show, and basically did everything wrong.
  • Reruns are just as funny the 5th time around

    I watch this show every day twice a day and each time I laugh just as hard. I'm guessing I like this show just a bit. I love over the top intelligent men who has a sense of humor. I'm married to one : )
  • Who Said There's Nothing Good on TV Anymore?

    This is one of the funniest sitcoms ever made. It centers on Sheldon and Leonard, two scientists/roomates working at a university that get a new neighbor named Penny, whom Leonard falls in love with at first sight. Two other friends include Wolowitz, a shrimpy engineer who thinks he's a lady-killer, and Raj, another scientis who is unable to talk to women. Later in the series, Amy Farrah Fowler appears, who is almost like Sheldon in every way. All these characters are very well done and actually scientists are used to help make the characters in the show 100% accurate with science. There was a lot of effort put into this show and that is why it is one of the best sitcoms of all time.
  • The Simpsons Writers Should Get Some Inspiration From This Series

    More and more, I have come to appreciate the humor of The Big Bang Theory. The stories have gotten clever over the years; and the characters have worn well on me--especially Sheldon. As a retail clerk at Big Lots during the cold weather months in Indiana, I adopted Sheldon's style of wearing a sweater underneath my uniform shirt. If The Simpsons is to last 30 or more years, the writers of that classic animation series would do well to watch some episodes of Big Bang. After all, the humor of The Simpsons is what undoubtedly launched The Big Bang Theory in the first place--Wolfowitz's mother is very reminiscent of Mrs. Skinner from The Simpsons.
  • Missing FOUR Shows that would be FANTASTIC !!!



  • Great show

    I love TBBT :)
  • One of the best sitcoms on TV

    When it first premiered some years ago I was skeptical, I thought it was a lame show without giving it a try. But now I'm hooked, it's one of the best sitcoms on TV, if not THE BEST, and I'm picky when it comes on to sitcoms. I hope it stays on for another 6 seasons.
  • I love this show

    This is the best show. The only thing is that they can tuen down Sheldon a little it is way to over the top. Other than that is one of the best shows on right now
  • One of the best comedy

    Great show! Clever, lovable characters, great stories, a bit humor!!!

    Simply love it!!!
  • The Big Bang Theory

    A show that keeps on improving and has LOL moments in each episode till now, hope the show never stops improving or stay on this level of quality.

    The Show is just AWESOME.
  • omg this show is the best!

    AWSOME! That's what this show is :) Sheldon Cooper has to be my favorite!
  • the big bang theory

    the show gets better and better leonard is my faveret cast memeber he is just amazing or as some people say jarmazing
  • A Brief Distillation of a Sparsely Editorial Intent on Present Conundrums

    I'm not one to take sitcoms seriously, since they are driven to control audience reaction rather than to authentically depict funny situations. Most sitcoms ever made are anything but ad-libbed and are written down to the most minute detail. Yet while this is mostly the case with this series (with the exception of Jim Parson's physical comedy, since his gestures help drive home the tone of his character), there's a charm to be had here.

    Some characters don't really work, at least not anymore; Bernadette is squandered most of the time as the goody-goody, pretty, well-endowed microbiologist. When she controls Howard fiercely, just like his mother, she shines, because then she doesn't seem so bland and Amy is wasted whenever she doesn't pose as the unbalancing act in Sheldon Cooper's socially-inept scale, such as whenever an opportunity springs, to her, to make love with Sheldon (in sometimes perverted ways, suggesting that she's almost as inept as Sheldon) or to make him into the man of her dreams. However, the love plot between Leonard & Penny wanes for long stretches of the show, especially in the current (6th) season. It's good that character development does occur for some, like for Howard Wolowitz, who was somewhat of a dirtbag for the duration of the show; he's been maturing in some ways, while still brimming with his awkward nerdiness of which he's in denial. Raj's sexual ambiguity was being explored briefly, but then it was ditched entirely and now he's just lingering, as if ignored.

    Leonard is the straight guy of the crew, as was obvious from the get-go. However, it's kind of a tired act at this point because very few witty or funny situations present themselves to rock his balanced character. Penny rarely ever takes part in this proverbial ballet anymore since they are being depicted as a steady couple. There was always an "opposites attract" relationship between her and Leonard, but that hardly seems to matter anymore to the writers. If a surprise is in store, then I admit that I probably will be taken in the way the writers intend. That's only if such a scenario is imminent, anyway. I still wager that Kaley Cuoco is marvelous to look at, and that's a compliment. Same accolades can be granted to Melissa Rauch, who plays Bernadette.

    Sheldon, however, is still the same love-him or hate-him self-annointed supreme genius of the group. He hasn't changed and he doesn't really need to. If anything, the way he's being handled, with new occurences like Amy's weak attempts to seduce him, and the other guys trumping Sheldon when Sheldon tries to grasp onto his superiority complex over others, are welcome given that he is maintained as a stubbon and somewhat sociopathic character.

    Not to mention some underlying character traits and plot points (mostly minor stuff) seem to have been ignored. Like the portrayal of Bernadette's mother who looked anything but overbearing, turning out to be anything but similar to Howard's mother (remember, this was one of the reasons Howard & Bernadette fell in love). Raj's sister was written off completely it appears, and Howard's ascent into the vacuum of space was only focused on for five or six episodes; now it's been reduced to the fact that Howard is the only one of the four guys to truly accomplish something in their respective fields, and nothing more. It almost feels like the writers have been slowing down, or did not know how to continue the storylines they produced previously in the show.

    While it may bounce back as a consistently entertaining and, compared to most other sitcoms, modestly engrossing situational comedy in the near future, right now we're being bombarded with inconsistent treats and scenarios, and wasted character potential. The sixth season may not be all that great so far, but it could pick up later on.
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