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  • out of time, bad research.

    holy shitshow, some shows can actually go for 10+ season, really, it's true. but this pile of cold turd is not one that should have had more than 3 seasons. and one of the biggest downs on top of the bad jokes stuff, is the disconect to majority of nerds, these characters are not relatable what so ever. raj and howard are the best thing on the show, but the bad jokes and laugh track kills them as well
  • E tu, BBT?

    Fans, let's accept that the BBT has fallen prey to the insatiable greed of the network sharks. This happens with every high-quality sitcom. They start out refreshing and clever; then, when the network sees the favorable ratings, they start dumbing down the show in order to gain a broader audience. They want every ditch digger to get the jokes, so they aim for the mediocre. It's a sad phenomenon, and I had hoped it wouldn't happen to BBT. Do you remember the first time you watched the show? There were tons of clever and creative antics -- you felt part of a small but elite group of intelligent fans who was privy to a refreshing and exciting comedic movement. Compare that to the sex- and bathroom-based low-brow humor we endure now. It really is demeaning to watch at times. Like a previous writer said, the network sharks probably don't even read our reviews -- they are beyond wanting to make a quality show. They're just riding the rating wave as far as it will go.
  • wanted: writers for comedy

    TBBT has always been a favorite of mine. As I read all the reviews, I see that a lot of people are clearly unhappy with the last couple of years. I am scratching my head in wonder, trying to understand why they even renewed the series. The writing has been horrendous lately. I understand why people dislike the introduction of relationships. The writing has suffered. It's not because of Mayim or Kaley or any of the other actors and actresses. Clearly, some people don't know how to write about relationships and character growth. It is as if you don't know what to do with these people anymore. They can't stay in the same stage as they were 9 years ago. C'mon people. You aren't the same as you were 9 years ago and neither are these characters. You want them to live in limbo? I see where everyone is frustrated with how the stories are going. I wholeheartedly agree. You would think that after 8-9 years that Penny and Leonard would have a better storyline. I cringe when I watch them. It is apparent that they are very bored and unhappy. Are the writers making them that way, or do they genuinely hate their job anymore. Someone suggested Penny get an acting job and Len should go into therapy. I am sure there are very good storylines there that these people could make work. Then there is Amy and Sheldon... Amy has put up with all of Sheldon's baggage and loved him "warts and all". You finally get them together and then you just drop them there staring at each other without the cute one-liners that made people laugh. You would think that since Sheldon supposedly learned from his break-up with Amy that he would be more willing to treat her better. He insults her constantly. He says he came to realize what she meant to him. Where is the proof? He touched her more in earlier episodes. He even looked at her in that special Sheldonistic way. Now he can't be bothered? What happened there? It's apparent, he does not want a closer relationship with her. Why not bring Dave back to give Sheldon some competition? Let him deal with jealousy. You can't expect a woman to take all the disrespect and insults and give nothing in return. Relationships are a two way street of give and take. One partner can't sustain the burden of the entire relationship!! Howard and Bernie have very funny lines and it seems that they will be good with that storyline. However, the most underused person is Raj. As someone pointed out, why are you making him act so needy? There are a lot of inconsistencies to his plot lines, too, Just when we thought he was finally get rid of that wacko, Emily, you put her right back in his orbit. Wouldn't it be funny/scary if he discovers she is a serial killer? Seriously, now. Something needs to be done. Does anyone think that he writers or people associated with the show even read our reviews? Somehow, I don't think so. But it was good venting. We can always hope for the best, or just quit watching!! And to all you Big Bang love you all!!
  • what happened to our beloved tbbt??

    I love all the characters on this show. Jim Parsons does an outstanding job, as his awards prove. Nearly all the reviews I have read, here and numerous other places, can't understand what happened to this show. It is slowly going down the toliet. Even Jim Parsons can only do so much. I agree, as others do, that the writing has deteriorated signficantly. All characters eventually evolve and grow, but, the writers don't seem to want that to happen. They tease the audience with bits and pieces to tantalize the public and keep them "hooked", then drop the ball, leaving the audience frustrated and angry. Let's start with Sheldon. It started out good when they brought Amy in as a love interest. Everyone was anxious to see how Sheldon AND Amy would grow. We struggled along with the characters, rooting for them. Then someone got the bright idea to have Sheldon take out an engagement ring. Clearly, that was a rating ploy or whatever you call it. Sheldon was and probably will never be ready for that type of commitment. Amy has progressed, but the writers, while letting her drink or pierce her ears, won't change her clothing, something most women would do. Amy has spent years walking on eggshells trying to accept Sheldon and possibly change him. Again, the writers brought them together after passionate kissing and making love, only to have Sheldon backslide. There is no touching, no affection and sometimes, he is down right insulting to Amy. How unrealistic and terrible to insult us with these stupid "milestone" events. Then you have Leonard who is so in love with Penny that he takes all her abuse. He has so little self-esteem that he accepts any kind of treatment just to placate her every whim. Penny is an unhappy shrewish woman, who, like his mother, is even more rude and insulting than Sheldon. Howard had a huge mother complex and that's how he sees Bernie. I understand why she was hesitant to have a baby with him, since she plays mother to Howard! Last, but not least, we have poor Raj. He finally gets his act together and can finally talk to females. The writers had a perfect opportunity to match him up with his dog's vet who was genuinely interested enough in him to spend Valentine's day with him. The writers give him damaged females with baggage even greater than his own. No one, and I mean NO ONE, I know likes Emily who is one weird woman. He finally has the balls to break up with her and what do the writers do?!? Stick him back into a relationship he was unhappy with after introducing him to a woman "who I was planning our wedding... " There are no consistencies, here. It's like you have several writers who don't realize what is going on. There is a lot of bullying going on and instead of addressing it, you perpetuate it. I know that Kaley started with the boys from the beginning, but the dynamics have changed and you use her to keep the male viewers attention. They are always throwing her at Sheldon. Let's get real here, a woman like that would despise a person like him, yet you continuously have her acting as everyone's mentor. Why get advise from her? As someone says, she is clearly a very unhappy bully with a drinking problem. I don't know if anyone understands that you can't have a show last nearly 10 seasons and no growth or resolutions. You can't have 30-40 year olds running around doing 20 year old antics. Change has to happen!! I'm not saying it has to be a drastic change, but one that allows character growth. Let Sheldon hold Amy's hand, give her a flower, or a present and make love to her more than once a year as a birthday treat. Let Leonard grow some stones, go into therapy, tell Penny NO!! Let Penny quit a job she hates and actually get an acting or soap opera job, something that fulfills her. Let Howard resolve his feels about his mom/dad and be the best father ever. Please let Raj have someone who respects him and is crazy about him. I think we would all like to see how these scenarios can be played out. Someone please listen to the outcries of people who only want their favorite characters to thrive.
  • i am not a big fan

    I always feel sleepy when this comes on
  • ***'s

    I am so tired of TV shows about ***'s. I wish they would go back in the closet.
  • New Episodes are Flat

    The new episodes of The Big Bang Theory are no longer funny. What happened to the clever science jokes? The scenes with Penny and Leonard are sad. The only explanation is that there are new writers on the show that are neither clever or funny. At this rate, I may stop watching the show all together, and there really is no point in continuing the series.
  • What the heck happened?

    I started watching TBBT in the summer of 2015. I fell in love immediately with the show and became addicted. These were the shows from the older season's. I looked forward to watching it every night it was on. Then I started watching the newer ones and they were funny but not as much as the old ones. The new season now is just AWFUL! Not funny at all. They've done away with all the things that made the show funny. I can't stand the relationship between Sheldon and Amy. Sheldon, who used to be hilarious, is not funny at all anymore. It's like they neutered the funniness right out of him. I used to love Howard's mother, Raj's parents, Kripke, Bernadette's father, Sheldon's mother, etc. All the funny people are gone and with all of the guy's in relationships, it's just not the same. Please make the show like it used to be. At least Penny's hair is growing out. She went from being a totally hot chick to an old lady with that awful haircut. She doesn't have the face to pull off having short hair. Also, there are so many commercial's in the new season, there is maybe 17 minutes of show- has anyone else noticed? Guess because they all got those big pay raises.
  • Sheldon Funeral

    Sheldon finally dies from something stupid and all others in the cast FINALLY say how much they disliked him for all these years!
  • I hate the COUPLE Lenard and Penny

    Why did they have to get married they should not have done such a thing I personally liked it when they went on dates but married what is Lenard thinking.
  • Fantastic Show, I don't know why there are so many hate comments.

    The funniest show on television, better than FRIENDS
  • big bang theory

    I like 8 simple rules better. I watched this show it turns out to be boring with lenard. And Sheldon great comedian though!!

    Everyone else is blah.
  • I'm so clean on my tv no mor

    This show at first was great all about sex and perverse curse word thought this show had why do they feel the need to say a curse word in every episode? It's 8pm why would the network play shows with cursing and sexual are still this is shame shame is all I have left to say....
  • From a Big Bang to Cosmic Background in 9 easy lessons!

    Really started really hot like the BIg Bang but as Sheldon becomes aware of testosterone and Leonard and Penny became an old married couple overnight ( just like Howard and Bernadette) the show has cooled to a little above absolute freezing.

    Perhaps we could have a Big Crunch of extraneous characters and go forward with Sheldon reverting to type.

    If the show becomes any more cool, it may never reach it's 10th season. Sorry.
  • A complete turn and Sheldon's strangeness

    the ninth episode of season 9 , I have two points of view .

    1)this series , story and journey could take a great turn , in favor for Sheldon , which would be amazing and increasing the beauty of it and make the fans more excited and happy if Sheldon could accepted that girl he , howard and rag managed to get from that specific dating challenge , in which she is very beautiful , educated and could be suitable for Sheldon . If this could happen , there would be a great turn which will leave us amazed and enthusiastic to watch the series more and more .

    2) I have to say that Sheldon cooper is a very complicated , genius , little emotionless character with strange philosophy of lifestyle . I really was surprised with the strangeness of Sheldon when he refused to get back to the relationship with Amy and finally settle down . But on the other hand , I must say that Jim Parsons is a talented , professional and smart actor , playing such a role isn't easy for anyone and he proved that he can .
  • In defense of Amy

    A lot of people are hating on Amy here, and I must rush to her defense! I hated the show until she appeared. She made it fun and gave Sheldon's character something to do other than act as Leonard's constantly tedious foil. I think Mayim plays her spot-on, she's hysterical! I wouldn't still be watching the show without her.
  • The Sheldon alienation

    I am waiting for them to write the obvious episode of Sheldon having a dream about being an alien spy here on Earth to see just how technologically advanced we are.
  • Please some writer KILL AMY! What an awful character!

    This smart and funny show celebrating genius turned into a pathetic soap opera wanna-be. Sheldon Cooper was one of the most original characters on tv in the first 3 seasons. But then writers decided to just piss all over on what made this show original, brought in Amy, and it's all downhill from there. Season nine has a dumbed down and suddenly in-love Sheldon. That would have been an unthinkable travesty in earlier seasons. It is a betrayal of proper character development. It's hard to watch new episodes without cringing. Amy's death and Sheldon getting a hot assistant that is into him in spite of his indifference would fix all the clumsy plot lines and bring back a bit of former spark. Enough with the sappy crap.
  • We have only seen the first season on .

    I got tired of only seeing the same old shows night after night. Atlantic broadband here in Cumberland, MD. I guess has only the first season. Quit watching, sorry.
  • Amy Ruins The Show

    I loved the show untill Amy showed is too talks about dirty stuff all the would have given 10 if amy hadnt been included.
  • What has happened to this show.

    I used to love this show and get a laugh out of it but now, with this season, I find I'm just sitting through the show waiting for something amusing to happen. I just finished watching the latest episode and at the end of it I thought "that's it?"
  • How does everyone like this show?

    God, this show is so overrated, so horrible and so dumb. I feel really bad for anyone who watches this show, and find this to be funny. I strongly HATE this show, it's so stupid and I don't find this to be funny. Whenever I look at it, I just roll my eyes to show how much I really hate this series so much. The writing of this series is a disgrace and the plot is just bad. This series is so overrated and I really want this show OUT of television! Dumbest Show Ever!!!!!!!!!! I hate it and I want it gone! I mean, honestly, who in their right minds come up with a show about 4 stuck-up nerds and a girl? That smug named Chuck Lorre. I think the one thing that TICKS ME OFF is that this show is still on reruns, and everyone still find this funny. Well you know what? IT'S NOT FUNNY! Nothing about this show is funny! "The Big Bang Theory" (for me) is particularly one of the WORST TV SHOWS EVER in tv history.

    Favorite show ever!!!
  • Where the humor go?

    Three episodes in. Maudlin, boring, unimaginative, immature: when is the humor going to kick in? I'm tired of remaining in a limbo state of mourning. If the writers can't think of anything funny to write about Sheldon and Leonard, then let's go back to the wacky world of Raj. Anything! Before the short is so dead it has to be buried because of the stink!
  • Question

    I think the show is awesome but what about adding a black person
  • I miss Pilot Penny .

    Please make Penny ( Kaley Cuoco ) ( Oh I didn't include her married name " Sweating " because of most recent news concerning her marriage ended ) anyway. Please put Kaley Cuoco ) Back to the way she looked a few years ago like the pilot. Damn she was so effin hot. Now she gots her hair lookin like that nasty skank Miley Crrus . Yuck
  • What happened to this show?

    Last season had a terrible opener and this season just as bad.

    The show just isn't funny as it once was and the laughter is getting to be more and more canned. STOP with the soap opera BS.

    Leonard and Penny FIGHTING.

    Howard and Bernie FIGHTING.

    Sheldon and Amy FIGHTING.

    Raj and his idiot girlfriend. Weird relationship.

    Time for Penny and Leonard to call it writers have ruined their relationship with some of the worst writing I have seen in a what used to be a comedy.

    Oh and have Leonard throw that GO**AMNED jacket away. Geez he never ever takes it off. NO ONE does that.

    Leonard needs to go back to the comic book girl or Priya who knows how to handle him.

    Penny needs to go audition and get the job with Kevin Smith and start a rise to stardom.

    Bernadette either needs to go or stop trying to change Howard. The bit last season with her getting rid of his TARDIS was the last straw. She is a first class bitch. The one funny bit about her was Penny and her boss both admitting they are frightened of her.

    Personally I think she should get a spin off as a female Dexter for hire, comedy style.

    Sheldon and Amy? Sorry never worked never will. Plus COME ON, Amy has been hanging around Penny and Bernie and still looks like a frumpy old lady. Writers GROW HER UP.

    Have Amy finally hookup with someone like Zach who just rings her bell for a whole weekend. Then the last time we ever see her she has a smile on her face that won't go away.

    Raj just needs to come out of the closet. Admit his failures with women are his refusal to admit he is gay.

    Sheldon needs to become a better person. BUT he is the sort who will always be single. They are out there. Personally I think he should invent FTL and the government let him take off in the first FTL spaceship go to Star Trekkin' around the universe. (It's TV you can do whatever the hell you want)
  • Seemed like a good idea at the time

    At first I was hesitant about the expansion of the cast with the guys getting girlfriends and all that - kinda competed with the initial premise of the nerds... but I got used to it and there was more scope for jokes and character development...

    But somewhere along the way it lost the initial premise, became more of a soap... and basically is just not as good as it was...

    Sheldon seems spiteful, Leonard too weening, at least Howard seems happy... Raj seems at a loss and and E0901 made Stuart into creepy...

    With the actor contracts renewed etc I wonder who they'll be catering too and acting for - as initial fans like me look for something more relevant...

  • Please put this show out of its misery

    Everything I have come to hate about this show was amplified in this episode. Over the years, Penny went from being cute and naive to a snarky, self-centered, drunk. There is no chemistry between Penny and Leonard and she is downright disrespectful at times. You get the impression that she was never into Leonard, but she got tired of being used by all of the other men in her life and just settled for him. So, what do the writers do - they marry them off, only to have them squabble and possibly break up over something inane. How is that funny?

    To compound the problems with this show, they have made Sheldon and Bernadette unbearably annoying, Amy is just a wallowing sap of a character and, because they married off Howard, they ruined the best part of his character. That just leaves Raj and he can't carry the show by himself.

    The only time this show is funny anymore is when they have guest characters like Zack, Kripke, Steven Hawking, James Earle Jones or "Professor Proton" (although, I'm sure the door is closed on him coming back, since they killed him off). Time for them to do the same with this show and either do a major retooling (read: Get rid of Penny and Bernadette and beef up Amy's role) or put it out of its misery.
  • Getting stupid

    Loved this hair should smoking crack bernadette whining Rosanne"sJackie you would turned out mean broke up with Shelton a good would not sleep with Amy why make the show or end cheating on y'all smoke crack rock before you write a show?? Give up the pipe
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