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  • If we want to here woman nagging...

    we would used mute the tv. I am really getting old, or tv comedy is dying a fast and painful death. Almost every comedy is getting tainted. let hope for some kind of reboot next season. I used to tune in for the big bang theory, now i skip it and tune in for "The middle".
  • The Big Boring Theory

    This show used to be clever and funny until season 5. After that authors forced totally unrealistic character developing, ditching almost everything that was funny and evolving into a stupid 3+1 couples sitcom where nothing seems original and well thought. Take for example Penny+Leonard relationship, where it seems Penny is making a favour to him in staying together... just boring unrealistic couple problems.

    Only good seasons are from 1 to 5, last three are garbage.
  • miss the cameos and Kripke

    I loved when they Leonard Nimoy, Katee Sakhoff, Steven Hawking, and other science/sci-fi show characters on the show. This last year has been really boring. I really miss Kripke too. He's hilarious. And Raj's new girlfriend is dull. The previous one was hilarious. I don't care if they want the characters to develop but make the shows funny at least, not dramatic. Do they even have Leslie Winkle on anymore? I thought her and Sheldon's feuds were always pretty good. They've taken away just about everything that I thought was funny.
  • big bang theory people that should be cut from theshow

    i personally think amy sheldons girl friend buti dont like amy i think she should be cut from the show i dont like amy put a thumbs up if you agree with me and put a thumbs down if you disagree with me.
  • A Show to watch..

    I can't tell you how much I love this show. I'm a die hard fan, I even went into conflict with my friends when they called the show stupid. I love the beauty of the show that gradually it has grown into a beautiful life story, instead of just nerd stuff. Many people say that show went downhill after introducing Amy & Bernadette, well newsflash pigbrains, this is how real life unfolds. TBBT is the alternate universe I envy to live in.
  • Anybody here watch Fox?

    TBBT used to be my current fav comedy, but now New Girl is king! Hey, they don't have their characters stuck in boring relationships. I think when the BB actors, most of them, got their fat contracts they forgot how to be funny and interesting characters, then the writers forgot how to write good IS A COMEDY SHOW REMEMBER! Season 8 = 4
  • dissappointed

    i used to adore the characters especially sheldon but after the addition of "sex jokes and bad language" i hate it :@
  • Big Bang Theory food un eaten???

    My comment is why don't you have them eat their food when they are sitting a round each other. Do you know how stupid it looks watching these clowns playing with their food. Really makes them look like little children who have no guidance,, People would love too eat the food that they waste,
  • This show went down hill after season 5

    I used to really love this show. I have seasons 1-5 on Bluray. And can rewatch them all the time. But once Amy & Bernadette came on the show full time it really sucks. People say the show and characters need to develop. I say NO! Everyone on friends show stayed the same with the exception of Monica & chandler. And on Seinfeld no one changed! & that is the best! The show isn't about the geekiness anymore it's only about the relationships! When was the last time they went to a movie, or went to work & the cafeteria? The only woman that Raj should talk to is Penny cause he is now comfortable around her. They should have Howard & Sheldon break up with their Wife & GF. Or have Amy & Bernadette killed in a comic con stamped.
  • Johnmchris

    I take one look at your profile picture and decide your comment is not worth reading all of. Man that comment is long as hell, ain't nobody got time for that,
  • This show has lost it's initial touch.

    This show once used to be creative, funny and clever at the same time. More importantly there was a time that I'd re-watch every single episode from season 1 to 4 because I simply couldn't get enough laughter just from one run of each episode. I agree that characters have to develop but this is just painful to watch, I barely laughed once maybe twice on this last episode. This show used to represent people from all over the world with it's clever references, for example I'd just go all fanatical over a Lineage 2 poster hanging on Howard's wall. After some point though everything they used to do in order to add some "flavor" in this show simply got lost, I think there hasn't been a paintball game since ever, Kripke has disappeared, Sheldon's assistant is nowhere to be seen, the Uni is more like a playground that whenever someone is given a task they must assemble a team and do lame experiments. Some people still mention that TBBT represents the Friends of this Era, highly doubt it since Friends comedy touch never faded throughout the years. Most importantly Sheldon or Jim Parsons used to be outstanding with his role, now he's just dropping by the set and reads a few lines, success ruined this cast. Irrelevant but Charlie Sheen even high as f*** and drunk in the last episodes of season 8 of T&1/2Men was god damn hilarious because he was serious about his job.

    Not saying this show is dead but it sure is suffering, even torrent (seeds) have decreased up to 50-65%. In my opinion writers should take advantage of this Summer ahead of us and come up with original ideas, drift away from this Soap Opera concept it has turned to and revive the show. I would suggest hiring a couple of new ( funny people ) that can bring something to the table and not another 1-2 guest appearances, also broadcast Sheldon's work more and Uni problems or troubles he is facing, mention way more outside movies and tv series plus any type of games (at this point I don't care about the type of game) or gaming consoles.

    I just hope our reviews here are being seen by people related to the show.

    Lastly I'm really baffled about what rating I should give, Season 1-4 would be a 10.0 Season 5 a 9.00 and the rest seasons an average 6.00-7.00. Out of respect to what it used to be I'll give it an 8.

    If anyone happens to agree with my point of view then you should try watching Silicon Valley, trust me this show looks promising(sure isn't on TBBT level but it's slowly evolving). BTW I'm sure you will really enjoy the last episode of season 1.
  • Keeping things interesting.

    I know cliffhangers keep people interested and itching to turn on next season, but this one really hurt! I am a VERY admittedly obsessed fan of TBBT, watching the repeats every day. Everyone keeps complaining about how the show is so different. That's the point with long-running shows. The characters have to develop. This show is the 'Friends' of this generation and look at all the character development that happened in that show? Keep with it. Sheldon and Amy are the reason I tune in and watching them struggle through is amazing! Hoping for a quick reconciliation though because I don't think I can watch it with them apart.
  • I've seen this before

    The same thing happened to the Roseanne show many years ago. Funny for years, then Dan has a heart attack, cheats on Roseanne, they win the lottery, in the end they killed off became a drama with a few jokes and a laugh track. The fan base never really forgave them for that...

    Penny gets a new hairstyle, job and attitude etc. Everything that made her character cute is gone. I could go on, but the I would only be echoing what most of the other posts already say very well. The old characters are what made it funny, I didnt want to see them grow up. Thats just me.

  • How is TBBT going to continue for another two years?

    For years, The Big Bang Theory was my favorite TV comedy. However, this season was so bad that it isn't even on my DVR any longer. I just don't care about the characters anymore, and the show is not funny. Sheldon's personality change is unrealistic. I have no idea what Leonard sees in Penny now. She has become a cynical, sarcastic alcoholic with no redeeming qualities. Bernadette, the once-sweet girl is now a domineering shrew. Who knows what has happened to the Raj character. The relationships between the guys have been supplanted by the pairing of couples, and if someone just began watching the series now would have no idea what these guys do for a living. They all just sit in each other's living room, the guys eating take-out and the girls drinking in Penny's apartment. It's so disappointing to see a once-great comedy lose its way. The next two years will be painful. I probably won't be watching, because I just don't care anymore
  • Used to love this show now I'm rolling my eyes

    I just watched the latest episode and I gagged and groaned the whole time. Penny and Leonard . About the same stuff. Why do these two "love" each other? He thinks she's stupid, and she resents him for it. Plus in this episode he just admitted that he cheated on her. The whole reason she's with him is he's supposed to be this nice guy who treats her better. Any of her hot exes could have done that to her. Then Sheldon is kissing Amy all of a sudden and wants to marry her? Really? I liked him better when he was more robotic. At least he was funny then. This is just getting corny as hell, repetitive, heavy on melodrama, unfunny, and every time the audience gasps at some relationship drama I cringe.
  • Please change theme song

    This show needs to realize when they have worn out a theme song.

    I mute my TV every time the show starts with that same theme song we had had to hear since show started.

    It is so over used it's annoying. I used to like the song. Then after thousands of times, it got old. Real old.

    It's over used and worn out. Enough already!!!!

    Also, like many have been posting, the show is starting to get very boring. It's like every episode is just going through the motions. Just isn't as enjoyable as it used to be. Who is writing this crap? Sorry, but it just isn't fun to watch anymore.
  • Boring "science" drama

    While I always kind of thought this show was a little corny with the laugh tracks and all, I still enjoyed watching the first season when it was about four nerdy, social awkward guys trying unsuccessfully to get laid or at least talk to a girl while juggling their respective careers in the science community.

    Now the show has devolved to watching some semi-serious "drama" about four wannabe-nerds in relationships. There is very little of the science aspect involved anymore, save for a cheap joke here and there followed by an even cornier laugh track than before. While the intent was to create character development, all the writers managed to do was create boring characters and boring storylines.
  • Cheesy audience laughing

    An Ex big fan

    I USED to watch Big Bang Theory religiously every night but it has become so unbearable now that there has been such a cheesy audience laugh inserted that I cannot watch it.

    I'm pretty sure that I have heard the exact same laugh sequences before from HAPPY DAYS.

    Sorry a great comedy spoilt again from the US

    James GB
  • no more raj's

    I think it's time we get rid of kunal's character whether or not he has a girlfriend he's too whiny and needy and annoying to hear
  • Amazing show which needs to improve or end.

    I still watch the re-runs. I have seen some of the older episodes several times and still laugh.. but this current season has been hit and miss. Some funny, most barely getting a laugh. Penny has become boring. The endless relationship between Sheldon and Amy is dragging on. Bernadette continues to be the best character on the show but is the least paid. The pay difference between the top 5 and Bernadette & Amy is amazing.. $500,000 vs $60,000 .. Most of the supporting actors are gone.. it is just getting a little boring.
  • Big Bang has lost its BANG!

    Unfortunately I agree with most of the reviews. The BBT has lost it's edge. The writers have gone away from the original idea, guys at Uni doing sciency things. Now it's just relationship stuff. I agree with some of the other comments, the actors, with their big pay checks, seem to be phoning their performances in. Get back to the Science, get the uni back, get Krypkie back. Yes, have relationships, but make that a secondary phase. Come on Guys, get back to the fun. Where's Sheldon's mum, the DR, Barrry, Leslie?
  • Big Bang,Hardly!!!

    my wife watches this quite often,why,I have no clue. is not the least bit funny and I am a huge Marx bros fan for many years and have a very dry sense of humor to boot!!I just do not get it,2 minutes is 1 minute too long in my book.
  • downhill without a bang

    like many shows the start off great, butt after a long run it go's from great and funny show, too sad and drag to watch.

    i think the better ended the show after howards wedding and the blast-off into space, i think it was the end of season 5
  • sad....

    the show was often great, and good shows do evolve, but this has devolved in ways. Howard and Bernadette used to have a touching, silly admiration for each other. Now he's become a sap, and she's a domineering shrew that just makes mean comments to him, and even more demeaning comments to the others about him; she disregards anything he says and wants, even about his own belongings he's supposed to care about (his Dr Who tardis, now even his own house that he's inherited).

    Now we've just found out Penny, who's been selling pharmaceuticals for just a few months, makes "twice" as much as Leonard, a successful Dr. of Physics at a good University with years experience. I know it's fiction, but it should have at least a toe-hold in reality. In real life Leonard would be making at least 60k+ a year, so that would have Penny, neophyte barely high school grad salesperson, pulling in a good deal more than a 6 figure income. With a "diversified investment portfolio" to boot! It's degenerated into the pervasive stereotypical boy/girl tv sitcom relationships of guys always loser dorks, girls always Wonder Woman. At least Penny still apparently loves Leonard; Bernadette doesn't show any love (and certainly no respect) for Howard at all. I think Raj's character is still on track, although the evolution from Geeky nerd to ladies man was a little fast. As for Amy and Sheldon, I like the Amy character, always did, but she's been putting up with the Sheldon stuff too long. Everyone has. If you watch many episodes in a row you realize just how rude his dialogue is. In the beginning he was oblivious to other's feelings, but he's been corrected so much he should've learned something by now. Basically, some of the characters have simply become unlikable. I've loved the show, I want it to get great again.
  • best show of all time

    best tv show ever !! comedy is awsome :P

  • The Big Suck Theory

    Now that the "gang" have been guaranteed a three year job, they seem to just mail their roles to the TV and bore the viewer to death!
  • A clever title

    it would be very cool if Sheldon has got a beard , at least for one or more episodes. Bit brutal for this Astrophysics
  • Seriously good show

    I don't get people saying the show isn't funny anymore. That is the whole point. To me the show has evolved into more of a drama, like Breaking Bad. It isn't a comedy anymore and I like it much better. It is now a show about very eccentric and intelligent adults trying to relate to each other and navigate life through a hectic maze of comic books and technology. For example, Sheldon is allowed to study what he wants in exchange for becoming a junior professor and teaching a class; he is not happy. I am interested in the exploration of his psyche. This show is just begging to get good because it finally decided to get serious.
  • Is there still a reason to watch this?

    The first few seasons were great, but the past two have steadily gone downhill. The last episode didn't provide me with a single chuckle. The comedic piano apparently has only one key and it's become very stale after a couple of seasons. The writers seem to have covered all the geek topics from RPGs, video games, comics, Sci-Fi, cosplay, experiments, etc... So what else can you do but to develop the characters.

    Unfortunately the characters have all become so painfully predictable. Other shows might have exiled or killed off characters (sometimes even major characters) to make room for fresh characters and acting talent. But we are not so lucky with TBBT. The writers decided to kill off an off-screen character and introduced no new regulars. So the "dynamic" of the show remains pretty much unchanged . the shows "dynamic" would be more accurately described as a static.

    Lastly, I find the laugh track "sweetening" just plain insulting. If I'm not even close to finding something funny then playing a laugh track wont make me laugh, it just makes me wonder how anyone would want to be laughing; it just make me wonder: "if this is what your audience wants to laugh at, then I don't want to be one of your

    I would have liked to see the show evolve over the years and remain fresh but they seem quite happy to remain in a comfort zone.
  • Not the same

    I think the show should be done. I agree about aome of the actors getting such a huge pay raise. Turned me off. Definitely lacking this year... sad as it WAS a great show. Maybe they got too big for their britches ?
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