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  • Amy Ruins The Show

    I loved the show untill Amy showed is too talks about dirty stuff all the would have given 10 if amy hadnt been included.
  • What has happened to this show.

    I used to love this show and get a laugh out of it but now, with this season, I find I'm just sitting through the show waiting for something amusing to happen. I just finished watching the latest episode and at the end of it I thought "that's it?"
  • How does everyone like this show?

    God, this show is so overrated, so horrible and so dumb. I feel really bad for anyone who watches this show, and find this to be funny. I strongly HATE this show, it's so stupid and I don't find this to be funny. Whenever I look at it, I just roll my eyes to show how much I really hate this series so much. The writing of this series is a disgrace and the plot is just bad. This series is so overrated and I really want this show OUT of television! Dumbest Show Ever!!!!!!!!!! I hate it and I want it gone! I mean, honestly, who in their right minds come up with a show about 4 stuck-up nerds and a girl? That smug named Chuck Lorre. I think the one thing that TICKS ME OFF is that this show is still on reruns, and everyone still find this funny. Well you know what? IT'S NOT FUNNY! Nothing about this show is funny! "The Big Bang Theory" (for me) is particularly one of the WORST TV SHOWS EVER in tv history.

    Favorite show ever!!!
  • Where the humor go?

    Three episodes in. Maudlin, boring, unimaginative, immature: when is the humor going to kick in? I'm tired of remaining in a limbo state of mourning. If the writers can't think of anything funny to write about Sheldon and Leonard, then let's go back to the wacky world of Raj. Anything! Before the short is so dead it has to be buried because of the stink!
  • Question

    I think the show is awesome but what about adding a black person
  • I miss Pilot Penny .

    Please make Penny ( Kaley Cuoco ) ( Oh I didn't include her married name " Sweating " because of most recent news concerning her marriage ended ) anyway. Please put Kaley Cuoco ) Back to the way she looked a few years ago like the pilot. Damn she was so effin hot. Now she gots her hair lookin like that nasty skank Miley Crrus . Yuck
  • What happened to this show?

    Last season had a terrible opener and this season just as bad.

    The show just isn't funny as it once was and the laughter is getting to be more and more canned. STOP with the soap opera BS.

    Leonard and Penny FIGHTING.

    Howard and Bernie FIGHTING.

    Sheldon and Amy FIGHTING.

    Raj and his idiot girlfriend. Weird relationship.

    Time for Penny and Leonard to call it writers have ruined their relationship with some of the worst writing I have seen in a what used to be a comedy.

    Oh and have Leonard throw that GO**AMNED jacket away. Geez he never ever takes it off. NO ONE does that.

    Leonard needs to go back to the comic book girl or Priya who knows how to handle him.

    Penny needs to go audition and get the job with Kevin Smith and start a rise to stardom.

    Bernadette either needs to go or stop trying to change Howard. The bit last season with her getting rid of his TARDIS was the last straw. She is a first class bitch. The one funny bit about her was Penny and her boss both admitting they are frightened of her.

    Personally I think she should get a spin off as a female Dexter for hire, comedy style.

    Sheldon and Amy? Sorry never worked never will. Plus COME ON, Amy has been hanging around Penny and Bernie and still looks like a frumpy old lady. Writers GROW HER UP.

    Have Amy finally hookup with someone like Zach who just rings her bell for a whole weekend. Then the last time we ever see her she has a smile on her face that won't go away.

    Raj just needs to come out of the closet. Admit his failures with women are his refusal to admit he is gay.

    Sheldon needs to become a better person. BUT he is the sort who will always be single. They are out there. Personally I think he should invent FTL and the government let him take off in the first FTL spaceship go to Star Trekkin' around the universe. (It's TV you can do whatever the hell you want)
  • Seemed like a good idea at the time

    At first I was hesitant about the expansion of the cast with the guys getting girlfriends and all that - kinda competed with the initial premise of the nerds... but I got used to it and there was more scope for jokes and character development...

    But somewhere along the way it lost the initial premise, became more of a soap... and basically is just not as good as it was...

    Sheldon seems spiteful, Leonard too weening, at least Howard seems happy... Raj seems at a loss and and E0901 made Stuart into creepy...

    With the actor contracts renewed etc I wonder who they'll be catering too and acting for - as initial fans like me look for something more relevant...

  • Please put this show out of its misery

    Everything I have come to hate about this show was amplified in this episode. Over the years, Penny went from being cute and naive to a snarky, self-centered, drunk. There is no chemistry between Penny and Leonard and she is downright disrespectful at times. You get the impression that she was never into Leonard, but she got tired of being used by all of the other men in her life and just settled for him. So, what do the writers do - they marry them off, only to have them squabble and possibly break up over something inane. How is that funny?

    To compound the problems with this show, they have made Sheldon and Bernadette unbearably annoying, Amy is just a wallowing sap of a character and, because they married off Howard, they ruined the best part of his character. That just leaves Raj and he can't carry the show by himself.

    The only time this show is funny anymore is when they have guest characters like Zack, Kripke, Steven Hawking, James Earle Jones or "Professor Proton" (although, I'm sure the door is closed on him coming back, since they killed him off). Time for them to do the same with this show and either do a major retooling (read: Get rid of Penny and Bernadette and beef up Amy's role) or put it out of its misery.
  • Getting stupid

    Loved this hair should smoking crack bernadette whining Rosanne"sJackie you would turned out mean broke up with Shelton a good would not sleep with Amy why make the show or end cheating on y'all smoke crack rock before you write a show?? Give up the pipe
  • The Big Bland Theory

    When Lorre's Big Bang Theory began in 2007 it immediately gained steam by positioning itself as a show that spoke to an audience that was largely overlooked in mainstream comedy. After 8 seasons, the goofy comedy's fandom elements, quippy dialogue, and colorful SINGLE characters has even impressed many viewers who have long felt marginalized by the stream of prime time dysfunctional family comedies. However, drama must exist on some level to propel a show forward for so long and, unfortunately, Big Bang has resorted to the easy route of pairing off its characters to keep the show interesting. The term "Friends syndrome" has been bouncing around the comment sections, as many of the viewers have voiced their concern that the show has leaned too heavily on its soapish aspects and lost a lot of the shows original heart in the process.

    On the plus side, the writers have deviated from the Friends standard in an important way: the long awaited and overhyped marriage of Penny and Leonard took place on the premiere of the season which shifts the focus away from Happily-Ever-After to a more honest, insightful approach to a sitcom marriage. The episode picked up from where the finale of season 8 left us, in the car with Penny and Leonard as Leonard confesses about his brief affair with a university colleague. Surprisingly Penny agrees to continue with the marriage. Although the actual wedding is not without its tender moments (particularly the great comedic timing of Toy Story's "You Got a Friend in Me" as Penny's wedding vows), the tone of the whole scene carries the emotional baggage of the car confessional. And, honestly, it wasn't even the most interesting story line of the episode.

    This review is breaking no new ground by recognizing Jim Parson's outstanding, quadruple (yes, quadruple) Emmy-winning, comedic performance as Sheldon. As the most memorable character and, frankly, the heart of the franchise, Parson's character has actually broken new ground as the relationship with Amy developed. Albeit still hilarious, when he is left holding the ring after Amy dumps him over Skype the audience is heartbroken. We're dying to break the fourth wall and comfort him with rounds of "Soft Kitty" and warm beverages. Sheldon's ability to show emotional complexity so late in the game gives hope that the show hasn't jumped the shark just yet and that there is still some unexplored territory left to venture into.

    Comedically the show has some faults. Literally and figuratively speaking, the bathroom potpurri should be allowed to be thrown and not spoken about. But the most obvious sore spot is its character development. Despite its early momentum, the characters have only really evolved as pairs, leaving the individual characters largely unmoved. In an ideal world, showrunner Lorre should have recognized the evolving comic talent in Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting and allowed her vows to get the beats it needed for a genuine, uncanned, laugh. The show is aching for more comic relief from the always entertaining voices of reason: Simon Helberg and Melissa Rauch (Howard and Amy). The exception to the rule, their individual comic abilities are complemented and strengthened as a duo but are continuously undermined by the dramatic, emotionally draining elements of the other characters in its later seasons after their own storyline was more or less completed. As characters now without female support, Raj and Stuart are marginalized in a painful way in the premiere. Both of the beloved characters' lines seemed to stem from a contractual obligation and the lackluster performance of the actors (respectively, Kunal Nayyar and Kevin Sussman) suggest that they are just as disappointed with their severely shrinking spotlights as we are.

    On the whole, the premiere of the ninth season felt like most ninth season premieres: meh. As with Two and a Half Men, Lorre has tried to accomplish too much with weak writing and the show has lost the soul that had given it so much life in the first place as a result. (Enter Charlie Sheen tiger blood jokes here). The remaining strength of the show entirely rests on its ability to maintain the whole cast as an ensemble and not as A, B, and half of a C story lines that occasionally bump into each other in the hallway. Only by mixing up the storylines and moving the seating arrangement around in their scenes together, will Mayim Bialik, Jim Parsons, Simon Helberg, Melissa Rauch, Kunal Nayyar, Johnny Galecki and Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting be enabled to shine comedically and bring some life back into the franchise. And maybe, just maybe, the show will feel less like a franchise and more like the show we used to hurry home after work to watch.
  • Off to a bad start

    I really like the Big Bang Theory but it was a disappointment this season starting with the first episode they really are starting it off wrong and if this is the direction it keeps going I think it probably will be a sleeper season and losing alot of fans. I think the episode was boring I was hoping for more and I hope that the episodes get better I will see next week if not I guess I will not continue to watch if I want boring I will watch reality tv shows.
  • Show Runner Steve Molaro killed this show

    When Molaro said in an interview 2 years ago a Comicon that he wanted to take the show in a different direction boy did he! Furthermore I can't Believe Chuck Lorre let it happen. How the show died.

    1. They Stars Got 1 mil per episode Guaranteed

    2. The didn't put hair extensions on Penny That was a Show killer right there.

    3. The show got a 10 year Guarantee Run and this was after season 7

    4. They Separated the core group splitting them up into different story lines

    5. Steve Molaro was allowed turn the show into Dawsons Creek!

    The great Jerry Seinfeld said the reason his show was so good was because they had a hard and fast rule. No hugging no crying and no "Very Special" Episodes. If you died it was funny. If you broke up it was funny. If BBT did that it would still be funny!

    This show was over last season.
  • Can't believe they're going in that direction

    For years we have been waiting for Leonard & Penny to get married and for Sheldon & Amy to consummate their relationship. Now they have screwed that up in the very first episode. Maybe eight years is too long to watch a show. I guess I shouldn't be surprised, look what they did to Three and 1/2 Men.
  • you know when you have to cut an aquintance out of your life?

    I really think the characters have reached a point if they keep making this show it will become a pig with lipstick
  • The downward spiral of a once great show

    I know it's bound to get tired after 8 seasons. However, if you watch the older reruns which are on constantly, then compare it to the present, there is a glaring lack of "sharpness" in the scripts. It's very apparent. Let's face it, this season the writing has been very lackluster so far.

    But to be honest it started gradually in season 5, and it got more apparent for each new season that followed.

    It's clear that they ran out of ideas two years ago. That's when they switched the formula to a relationship comedy and changed it from what it was in the early years. Changing the show to Friends 2.0 gives it another couple years of life because the audience seems to like that concept. As a result, they renewed the show with three seasons last year.
  • this is leonard Hofstadter look-a-like.

    Been a fan, from the beginning. There is a person that look very much like Johnny Goelecki. He plays for the . METS team here in new York city, his name is Daniel Murphy... He could play (Johnny big brother. Look into it. I think this would be a good show... Felix laguer of Queens .
  • Losing It's Charm

    Much like most of the shows I've enjoyed over the years, it seems that this has lost a ton of steam with it's jokes. I felt it was clever at the beginning, was getting better until season 4, but the original elements seem to have died out and half the time I'm wondering if I should even be laughing. These days I watch the show out of habit, often leaving it on as background noise, and I get more laughs out of my guests who sort of find the cast creepy.

    In all fairness, had I made this review around season 5, it would be similar to the hardcore fans because it was a fun new show to watch. It often reminds me of 3rd Rock from the Sun, but even that show knew when to hang it up.
  • Top Shows - Geeks and Nerds rule!

    Its high notes are basically the first 5 seasons. Gives us geeks and nerds some good reflection on our interests, a clever, stand out character who may not be even acting (Jim Parsons does have a demeanor like Sheldon shown in interviews), struggles dating and have people realize we like these intelligent hobbies. I originally wasn't interested in the show, given the impression it was 60s like (Howard's hairstyle) and may be cheesy, negative towards us. It does lower in quality around the 6th season, not as funny as it used to be, and sometimes has unnecessary partner melodrama. But I give it still a 10 cause I enjoy a show for its highest, best episodes.

    6-7 seasons. (11-14, July 2015) CBS, UPN, 3rd party vid site
  • Bazinga!

    I love this show I have seen Seasons 1-7 like five times already and I am waiting for Season 8 to come out on DVD the actors are great at playing their character. The show is so perfectly funny and addicting I like cannot stop watching it so yeah if you have not watched it yet definitely go out to Walmart and pickup a copy of Season 1 and then you will be addicted the in your car on your way to get a copy of all the released DVD Seasons that are out so far!



  • Big Bang.... more like Big Bore

    just watched the final episode of season 8 & all of us in the house agree that the show is getting worse & worse! Penny has gone from asking "is it a trick clock or a trick potato!?" to winning prizes for the best Pharmaceutical Rep! she didn't even finish college for goodness sake!, she didn't need to stay a waitress in the show if Kaley was bored with that role, but really? she purses her lips, shakes her head & looks like she's bored to death most of the time, she constantly puts Leonard down, she's richer than he is, she's better looking than he is, has more friends than he does, poor guy will be on anti-depressants if he stays with her much longer!, Sheldon's character has gone from being naive about social niceties to very very spiteful, some of the things that are said make us cringe, wanting to make Amy's Christmas as miserable as possible, that was uncomfortable to watch, so much for the world becoming anti-bullying, this show is starting to show it as the norm. why don't the guys go & play paintball, play the Wii, the rock band, the bowling, no cinema trips, no comic-con there's nothing except nagging & bitching from the 2 dominant women,where are the Mums & Penny's Dad, Missy? why did they have to divorce the Koothrappali's, they worked fantastically together. we used to pounce on the for the new episodes & laugh throughout, but not now, now they sit in the planner until we remember its there. If Penny were to leave the show, i really don't think it would make much of a dent to the plots, please writers go back & watch the first few series of the show & remember this is what fans fell in love with. i want to love this show again, please either end it or mend it

  • If we want to here woman nagging...

    we would used mute the tv. I am really getting old, or tv comedy is dying a fast and painful death. Almost every comedy is getting tainted. let hope for some kind of reboot next season. I used to tune in for the big bang theory, now i skip it and tune in for "The middle".
  • The Big Boring Theory

    This show used to be clever and funny until season 5. After that authors forced totally unrealistic character developing, ditching almost everything that was funny and evolving into a stupid 3+1 couples sitcom where nothing seems original and well thought. Take for example Penny+Leonard relationship, where it seems Penny is making a favour to him in staying together... just boring unrealistic couple problems.

    Only good seasons are from 1 to 5, last three are garbage.
  • miss the cameos and Kripke

    I loved when they Leonard Nimoy, Katee Sakhoff, Steven Hawking, and other science/sci-fi show characters on the show. This last year has been really boring. I really miss Kripke too. He's hilarious. And Raj's new girlfriend is dull. The previous one was hilarious. I don't care if they want the characters to develop but make the shows funny at least, not dramatic. Do they even have Leslie Winkle on anymore? I thought her and Sheldon's feuds were always pretty good. They've taken away just about everything that I thought was funny.
  • big bang theory people that should be cut from theshow

    i personally think amy sheldons girl friend buti dont like amy i think she should be cut from the show i dont like amy put a thumbs up if you agree with me and put a thumbs down if you disagree with me.
  • A Show to watch..

    I can't tell you how much I love this show. I'm a die hard fan, I even went into conflict with my friends when they called the show stupid. I love the beauty of the show that gradually it has grown into a beautiful life story, instead of just nerd stuff. Many people say that show went downhill after introducing Amy & Bernadette, well newsflash pigbrains, this is how real life unfolds. TBBT is the alternate universe I envy to live in.
  • Anybody here watch Fox?

    TBBT used to be my current fav comedy, but now New Girl is king! Hey, they don't have their characters stuck in boring relationships. I think when the BB actors, most of them, got their fat contracts they forgot how to be funny and interesting characters, then the writers forgot how to write good IS A COMEDY SHOW REMEMBER! Season 8 = 4
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