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  • funniest show ever... but Raj...

    so far i gave on many other shows which had a good start but are becoming truly stupid

    the only show that keeps being funny at every single episode is TBBT !!

    just received the bluray box and have being rewatching all seasons

    i love it so much but i have to admit, i hate Raj, his character was funny for a few episodes, but then very annoying, not to say pathetic, can't stand him anymore

    it was ok when the cast wasn't that big, but now that they all have girlfriends, removing Raj would not be an issue
  • Amy Farrah Fowler

    Amy has got to be the funniest character on tv today. The actress was good at Blossom and now is hilarious as Amy. She is my fave character on the show and that is saying something with such an outstanding cast. There is not a deadweight amongst them. I'm glad Bernadette is a regular now, too. Even the smaller role of Stuart (comic book store owner) is well done.
  • Love it!

    I love this new season and 3 episodes so far is a riot and happy Amy on the Scavernger Vortex is touching.
  • Loving 7th Season

    Best so far.
  • 7th Season Starting Off Better

    I will always love TBBT even when it's weak. But this season is starting off with a healthy dose of true bang, and tonight's episode "The Scavenger Vortex" had me laughing the entire time. Amy and Howard totally p0wned the episode - a refreshing surprise. If those scenes didn't/don't get you at least cracking a smile I'll be sad for you.
  • This show just keeps getting better

    I don't know which show some of you guys have been watching, maybe Dads or Sean saves the world but if its BBT then you must know this show just keeps getting better. The last episode was so funny, I couldn't stop laughing and I love how they paired them up in this episode. It's always more fun on any show when couples who normally won't hang out together get to with hilarious consequences. I am loving season 7 so far, keep it up guys.
  • It's not what it was

    When I first saw TBBT I found this show really refreshing season after season. But the last two seasons showed such a rapid decline that I'd sometimes wish that Sheldon finally had sex with Amy.

    At least then it's over and we are over with this show in it's current form. Thanks for ruining a once great show by cast additions, love, sex... Have never seen that before on TV...

    If I'd want that I can watch HIMYM or a Friends re-run...

    No thank you!
  • The new season not finding the same pulse with the fans.....

    Many people have said they could not put their finger on what is wrong with this new season, well I can think of three issues;

    1, The Need to add new characters, to engage the viewers with new story lines, they seem to be a very green bunch on the show, and no not GL green, more like recycling Humour is starting to get real old.

    2, Perhaps some new sets and new locations, again to add new story lines.

    3, Love the cast and the overall show, but as an international viewer they make to many false inferences to other countries such as the whole "Excalibur, king Arthur, king of England" Ref last season did it for me, as Arthur was a Briton, a Celt, in fact from the tribe that now makes up the people Of Wales, He was not an Anglo-Saxon aka English so How can he be there King as England did not even exist then, seriously you can do science but not history even though the title track would suggest otherwise, pick up a book people, or do a search online, Google dose not = the Internet!

  • Glad to see I am not alone

    I am with others here in that I had a hard time believing that this is the show I have been watching for 6 years. It just didn't feel "right". Can't put a finger on it yet, but certainly the writing has to be held as the main culprit here. It seems the writers will stoop to any implausible situation to go for a cheap laugh, rather than stay to true to the characters and indeed the character of the show itself.

    Also agree that for these characters to be funny they need to put in funny situations. When they just sit around talking with each other, they are generally coming across as petty and shallow people. It feels like we are watching a new show now, " Two and A Half Nerds"

    Bring back the old Bang! Please!

    I will give a 6 simply because the old shows were so good, but yes, it has been going downhill since around season 4 and looks like the trend is continuing. My hopes are fading it will ever return to its former glory.
  • the unconscious mind 101

    for anyone majoring in you want a clear understanding of the unconscious mind all you have to do is observe Sheldon. he says he misses his friend but his behavior says otherwise.
  • I think Jim Parsons is a cutie patootie, but the two shows.............

    stunk. Not more than a mild 'hah' in the 44 total minutes.

    Good question, timgschmitt, what HAS changed?

    Good thing I'm not vested in this show, or I'd be ranting like a raving lunatic and accusing the show of Lumberjacking (see Dexter thread).

    Jim, not to worry, countless unintelligent millions love your new soapy soap show with its soapy mooshy moosh. You are far too talented for this tripe, and I'll see you when you're back on Broadway (you killed in Harvey) or in your new movie The Normal Heart. You're the Cary Grant of the 21st century, and have eons of creative years ahead of you, praise dog. Not to worry as Lorre screws up this show, it is his wont.

    And yes, that wasn't ranting. See the Dexter thread if you don't believe me.
  • BBT is Hovering and Needs a Boost

    What I enjoyed about the past seasons of 'The Big Bang Theory' was the diversity of set locations such as: a Las Vegas bar, a hotel seminar, the desert, the Antarctic expedition, Howard ('Rocket Man") in space, etc. These 'away from home' adventures made the show more interesting and different and the comedy seemed to flow better too. In the 7th season premiere, Leonard's sea expedition was too short although Sheldon's dream sequence was funny

    However what I'm sensing now is the characters are starting to get dull and the sets are being relegated to: the boys (Sheldon, Leonard) apartment, Penny's apartment, Raj's apartment, Howard and Bernadette's apartment, the university . cafeteria, labs, offices) and the comic bookstore.

    This show needs to amp up because I definitely believe it has 'The Simpsons' staying power. The actors/actresses perform their lines wonderfully but the comedic potential that science and technology offers the audience is not being exploited enough. What I'm suggesting to Mr. Lorre is, more funny science, please. Take the viewers on a laughable adventure with leading edge (or weird) science and the technological underpinnings that make it possible. For example:

    1. Bernadette starts to grow (or shrink) after being exposed to one of the biological organisms she is studying in her lab.

    2. Amy programs a hat used in her monkey lab experiments that forces the wearer to act uncontrollably romantic and tricks Sheldon into wearing it.

    3. Howard goes back to MIT and finds out he was cloned in a perverse experiment.

    4. Sheldon grows a goatee because stroking it makes him think better.

    5. Kripke designs a plasma propulsion engine, attaches it to a small observation balloon and uses it to spy on his beautiful neighbor (TBD).

    6. Penny explores method acting as a way to make herself more marketable. She pretends she is a character who suffers from spectrophobia (fear of ghosts).

    7. The apartment elevator mysteriously starts to work again but it takes its riders to hell.

    The possibilities are limitless and the laughter, well; I'm chuckling already!

  • What was wrong with season 7 premiere?

    Something was off. Was it timing, over use if laugh track, editing. It just was not as good as we have been getting. What was changed?.
  • Show is starting to Jump the Shark

    Adding al these cast members is getting annoying now, and it is taking away from what the concept of the show was really about. It started being a good show, but it is just turning too mainstream. So with that said, the first 3 seasons were the best. After that it started shifting, and eventually jumping the shark.
  • Better than your usual American sitcom by a long shot

    I'm not usually a fan of stage American comedies but this one is very funny and the characters are all very relateable.
  • All most there

    I miss Penny!
  • best show

    i love sheldon he is the cutest one ever!:)
  • Get rid of the laugh track on The Big Bang Theory

    It's one of the reasons i rarely watch the show. Laugh tracks are so obnoxious. Especially when you play the laugh track and play the laugh track and ...
  • Extraordinariamente original

    los personajes son excelentes. Cada uno representa brillantemente sus personajes. Es una critica a la sociedad moderna centrada en la realidad que viven sus personajes, ilustrando la problemtica individual que viven las personas, dadas sus cualidades individuales reflejando la herencia de cada grupo familiar de acuerdo con rasgos particulares sociolgicos, que desde el punto de vista de la comedia hacen de la serie un espectculo fresco con atractivos que motivan la sana diversin y distraccin para salir de la rutina cotidiana y alejar el stress.
  • Absolutely great

    Sheldons 187 IQ steals the show. I hated sitcoms but this one made me think otherwise.

    This show is absolutely genius. Not only because it deals with the difficulties of geniuses. Each character is unique and created to the tiniest details and made absolutely loveable. I could not pick who my favorite is. The story develops a bit foreseeable from time to time but that makes the show very light. No drama, no death, no big problems. It just deals with the every-day-life-problems of pretty girls, nerds and geniuses and their trying to get along. The jokes are fantastic and the writing and texting is super smart.

    Till now it's they continue there good work and don't make the characters irritating..
  • Brilliant actors

    Incredible verbal skills these actors have. Can't get enough of this show!
  • It may not hilarious, but hell, there are worse sitcoms.


    The Big Bang Theory is a strange one for me. There are a lot of of lovers and lots of haters for it. Personally where do I side. I can see both points of views, but for now, I'm a bit neutral. This show can have some hilarious moments, it can. But the bad can really be seen. The characters are okay, the humor, while not classic, can be entertaining. It's just there is so many dumb moments, and moments that make me say 'God, No!" It's stereotypical, it's formulaic, and it's not very inventive. But does every sit-com need to be as groundbreaking and funny as 'Seinfeld' and 'Arrested Development'. For what it is if you can stomach it, it's alright. But again, there are better option now, like 'Modern Family', 'The Middle', and It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. In the end I've never seen such a mixed bag before in my life, but in the end give it a watch and see if you like it. If you don't, that's fine, if you do, that's fine.

    I'd say the Big Bang Theory might be some solid entertainment for 30 minutes.
  • Overall good

    I mean there are some boring episodes, and those boring ones are REALLY boring. Big Bang won't be absolute favorite, but it'll be up there. The funny moments far outweigh the boring moments
  • Big Bang

    THE greatest sit com since "Soap". Yes, I am old but my mind is still as sharp as a butter knife!
  • Where Have I Been???

    Why hasn't anyone told me about this show before???? I subscribe to Entertainment Weekly and almost every week BBT has been # 1 in ratings, so I decided to finally check it out. And I love this show! It takes a lot for a comedy to make me laugh out loud, but every episode has me cracking up! I'm just on season 2, so I'm way behind but I'm working on catching up asap!
  • Awesome Show!

    A really funny show. The casts are amazing and funny, and they portray the characters really well. Most of the jokes are hilarious! Definitely one of the best sitcoms I have ever seen.
  • What has happened!

    I'm sorry to say this but I feel this episode (The Love Spell Potential) was one of the worst ever, with the Lucy and Raj story-line being the only redeeming factor. I agree with the comment below that the show is turning into a romantic comedy. The show has changed so much since season 1, and not for the better. In this episode (and this season), was anything said about science, everything Sheldon says now I completely understand whereas in the first four seasons I didn't: where has his extreme intelligence gone, his extensive general knowledge , his desire to apply everything to scientific thought and rationality, where has his belief that he is the supreme being, better than everyone else, the genius of our time. Howard was funnier when we was the delusional Lothario, Leonard is now a mere side character, and what has happened to Raj with that dog. Penny is the only original character that is still as funny. It was the quirkiness and the various social faux pas' of the characters that made it so loved and appreciated in the first place. Dare I say it, but they all seem 'normal' now. In this episode it didn't seem like I was watching the Big Bang Theory more like an updated Friends without the laughs. What is the deal with the live audience, why the fits of laughter at everything, especially when Penny rolled a 14 and Amy rolled a 19 during the game. Am I missing something,? Did you have to be there? Is it because I'm from the UK and we don't 'whooo' at everything? What the hell was going on with Howard's impressions- three too many. I also feel Amy has to go, she is so annoying and a bit too weird. I love this show but I feel it needs it eccentricity back, they all seem to 'normal'.
  • Should Amy and Sheldon break up?

    When Amy was introduced, she seemed perfect for Sheldon: she didn't like physical contact, alcohol and even liked to watch the movies Sheldon loved. Now she's become so different that I can't see what Sheldon likes about her, she's smart but so is Leslie Winkle, Alex and many other women he must know from the university. On the other hand, Amy seems desperate to have sex and a boyfriend who is willing to drink and party with her, so I don't know why she hasn't dumped Sheldon when Stewart is willing to please her.

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