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  • Has gone downhill all the way

    Penny isn't Penny she got herself a fancy new job and she isn't funny anymore. I STOPPED watching. I guess that is what happens when they give you the "BIG" bucks.

    They need to bring back the Comic book store and Stewart. Penny needs her job at the cheesecake factory back and get rid of that dump/stupid drug rep crap. The show isn't funny anymore.
  • Gone downhill

    This used to be so good, but for some reason everything has gone downhill. Especially the writing, they've become lazy - it's like they've run out of ideas.

    You can tell that this show was meant to end ages ago, but they've pushed it out for more money. It's just not funny anymore, it's actually just plain annoying.
  • Great 8 Season

    The evolution of the caracters are amazing.
  • Sloppy with success?

    I have no problem with Penny's hair. Shows a new and fascinating side of her.

    That said, the writing, scenes and makeup look sloppy.
  • grrrr

    gosh, i hate these breaks. nearly a month paused. this sucks REALLY hard.
  • 500th review!!

    really good show
  • Still a good show

    I still love this show after so many seasons! I do wonder how much longer it can maintain? As for Penny's LOVE it and think it looks great on her!!
  • Change things up a bit?

    I'll get right to it.

    Raj is an embarrassment to the Indian community. I'm Indian and we do not talk and behave as ridiculously as Raj. We don't quote from our 'Indian Culture' to make a point. He is a wasted resource. The show could well do without him.

    Penny's hair - what is up with that? Not a fan

    Lenard and Penny - not hot any more.

    Still love Sheldon, Amy, Howard and Bernadette
  • Penny's Hair and New Job

    Hate her new hair! Her new job does not suit her for her tv character at all. Drug reps always have to have a 4 year college degree. The way she got the job is just totally stupid and unbelievable. It seams you are trying to get her to fit in better with the other cast members when she already did. I do not like anything about the new Penny. Bring the old Penny back please.
  • Penny's Hair

    Hate, hate, hate her short hair! She looks heavier, much less attractive! It does not suit her tv character at all now! Yuck! Grow it back! I love the show and all the characters but that put a big damper on it.
  • Just spin-off "Sheldon" so I can have my show back

    I like/love the show, but I loathe Sheldon. And when the entire episode is all, or almost all, about Sheldon, it makes it hard or even painful to watch. His... "quirkiness" (I'm being nice) was funny at first, but it's since long over-stayed it's welcome. Every other character on this show has evolved except Sheldon. And the worst part is the others continue to enable his behavior that, in the real world would be unacceptable. As for "then why don't you just watch something else"? No, I don't want to watch something else. I want to watch the show I came to love over the first few seasons...
  • -----------------------------):o

    decline they've to try harder
  • We want Zack back!

    I would love it if "Zack" (Brian SmIth) would come back more often. His 'dimness' is a great counterpoint to all the 'intelligence' shown by the characters. Even Penny is getting smarter in her own way. There needs to be someone for the gang to play off. 'Zack's' averageness can be so appreciated and he is so not threatening. I really loved the scene where the guys showed him the laser reflect off the moon. And the scene where he went as a Superhero to the Halloween party, and when Sheldon wanted to cultivate a new circle of friends. Please, please, please, to whomever is in charge of characters, make Zack a recurring role much more often.
  • Pennys new clothes

    Love the hair hate the outfits you are putting on her she is dressing like an old lady! Spice her back up love the show watching since it first aired and fought for it to stay on!!


    New Jersey
  • Great show

    Nice Job! This is an absolutely original show. No murders,no medical cases,no supervillians. Just the every day lives of pretty girls and nerds. The humor doesn't always work but I can let this slide because of the interesting characters and plots. Keep up the good work!

    Update 10/12

    If you don't like it, no one is forcing you to watch it. There is an off button and a channel switch button. If you don't find it funny, you can turn it off or watch something else. I watch it because i find it funny and entertaining.

    If you just like seasons 1-3, you can just buy the dvds and watch those instead.

  • Auch!

    Obviously they have no jokes or energy to keep the 8th season going. Each episode ends in the middle of a lukewarm setup for some kind of plot that doesn't happen. At the end of each episode everyone in the room asks, "that's it?"

    Any other show of such "quality" would be killed in the middle of season.
  • Almost in Tears

    I don't know what you mean by haters, but I have stood by this show for years, having watched each episode at least three times over the course of a year. I have really loved this show, and I have (of course) really liked the character of Sheldon.

    I hate the new season. I hate it. With every atom in my body, I hate the new season. The first episode was OK, the second bearable, the third God-awful, and the fourth and most current was just ridiculous. I will NOT turn off the television, even though I hate it. I will NOT. I love the show, and it's going to take a lot more than a few bad episodes to make me stop watching it.

    However, all I can think about right now is the fact that the best episodes are probably behind us. Sheldon is no longer smart, clever, and annoying. He just spits out a bunch of bad jokes. The facts that he used to give were interesting and actually relevant to the situation. Now they're just annoying. Leonard is no longer timid, and that's what made him funny. He's no longer annoyed of Sheldon, and that takes off another basis of the show's humor. just Raj. Penny hasn't changed. Bernadette is annoying, and the only role she plays is the wife of Howard. Howard is Howard. Then we have Amy. AMY is just plain annoying! Yes, she wants at Sheldon's parts, and yes, she loves Penny very much, but she is no longer pictured as the intelligent person I first saw her as. No more neurobiology talk, and no more addiction studies.

    This review and rating is based on the average of the current season and the show as a whole.
  • Still love the show

    I dont' like Penny's hair it looked ok on the front of women's health but in the show she looks old and fat, grow it out
  • season 8 of the damp sqib theory

    What's happened? This used to be good, now it is truly abysmal. Four episodes in now and I'm done, they can keep the rest. They have all been terrible with barely a titter. The writing and acting are so far down the toilet that there is no way they can pull it back. I assume the writers got a massive raise too, because no one seems interested in doing their job anymore, which is to entertain.

    I think like friends before it, the demands of those involved have killed the show and it should be put down immediately.

  • To the writers of Season 8!

    To the writers of season 8! It is not even comparable to previous seasons! It's terrible! Penny is not stupid enough, Leonard is not whinny enough, Sheldon is not though and mean enough, Raj is just not good enough like he is forced to play!! Howard and Amy are amazing as before, Bernadette is also fine.

    The stories are not as good as before, when an episode is finished, you just get shocked! It's like that something is missing!

    Whatever has changed in this season, has made it a terrible tv show unfortunately! I do hope you can fix it!
  • My Favorite Show Ever

    this serie is very very good. awesome jokes and geek stuff like star trek/wars my fav character is howard 10 is my pontuation.
  • About this series

    It had wonderful acting for Jim Parsons in Seasons 3-4.
  • Not such a Big Bang

    Penny looks horrible. Why did she cut her hair.
  • Hilarious characters, writing, and references

    Lol I love the Big Bang Theory especially in the first 2 or 3 seasons. I feel like it's not as funny as it used to be, it would focus on geeks and their geeky shenanigans, but now it is becoming an annoying relationship show like Friends (not that I don't like Friends). I still love Big Bang Theory, but I don't enjoy it as much as I did around when it came out, I remember how excited I would get for a new episode.
  • Nerds are not naturally funny

    Jim Parsons' Sheldon is nearly schizophrenic. I don't understand how he can win so many Emmys with such a stereotype. I suppose there's no one funnier on TV these days.
  • Most overrated show on network television.

    It stupefies me that people find this amusing. Perhaps these fans are the same people who emerged from school--even college--with no serious interest in anything at all, and no ability to discuss anything useful, but who--should last night's football game be broached--can analyze it with such ferocity that, had they similarly attacked their careers, they would have retired with one quadrillion dollars at age twenty-three. I have yet to perceive that any of the show's characters is a genius. Oh, but they certainly are nerds--of course! Everyone whose IQ is three points above Joe Average Dullard must be a nerd, a loser, ugly, and--of course--a virgin until age fifty. Whether it's "Malcolm in the Middle" or "Saved by the Bell" or, in fact, "The Big Bang Theory," the vulgarized depiction of intelligent people as an object of scorn and mockery simply disgusts one. End of statement.
  • The laughs are now slowing down

    Like in the case of most Chuck Lorre series, with every progressing season the show is losing its charm. No doubt Sheldon Cooper still remains the "favorite" character of the show but season 7 was totally against him even though his acting skills remain intact. Season 7 scripts were awfully written for him. The rest were "okay" but Penny was the only "star" of season 7. Raj's character is simply being unnecessarily dragged and extended. It is time that he gets into some kind of Permanent relationship. Also Howard, Benie and Amy were "fine" and this time I must admit Leonard, even though is my least favorite character, he was surprisingly very good and may be second best to Penny. Overall season 7 although not as good as it's first 6 predecessors had it's moments and Also one bad season cannot in anyway decrease the immense popularity if the show. The show is still fabulous.
  • Very Sad Day

    I am saddened that it has come to this as I have been a fan of Johhny & Kaley for years before big bang, but I have come to tell you that I will no longer be watching the program because of the whole issue of being greedy for more money. Scientists in real life do what they do for the benefit of the human race, not for the money or recognition & the characters in this show are supposed to be such big fans of Star Trek, but Star Trek & Genes vision is the complete opposite of being gold digger.

    Star Trek was never about being a just a 'good tv program'. The ethos of Star Trek is about how mankind should be working towards a future without money, greed or poverty. A future where everybody is Equal & everybody has everything they need & everybody is happy. I hope those acters involved are happy with themselves when there is so much suffering elsewhere in the world especially because of being paid wages that don't allow them to cover the basics.

    Any self respecting Trekkie who has real principles & is all for what Star Trek stands for & not just a sci-fi soap tv addict, would also agree to ditch viewing this program. It's a shame those involved weren't 'real' Star Trek fans to this degree, Gene would be very disappointed. ~ Fred Edwin Duncan III
  • La sit com per eccellenza.

    The Big Bang Theory la sit com del momento,la pi bella che potreste trovare in giro.
  • It's not funny

    Are we really supposed to believe that Sheldon is a genius? He's not a genius, he's just a jerk. It's not funny anymore. Oh wait a sec, was it ever funny?
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