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  • Becoming bored

    It's funny but, it's not the best show on TV. I honestly get the nerd thing and the entire point of the show but, I can't see this show lasting many seasons.
  • Best show ever relating to nerdtopia.

    This is what the American version of Red Dwarf should have been. Nuff said.

    Like always people over analyze every little thing, of course the characters have grown people do that in reality so it makes sense that they grow in the show!

    I love Sheldon and Amy's relationship and cannot wait until they finally become intimate, all the women, Penny, Bernie & Amy have brought sooo much to the show.

    For those who are quick to put sh*t on the best comedy ever perhaps it's YOU haven't grown & changed and not getting enough sex! lol

    BIG BANG BEST COMEDY EVER and continues to be exactly that! Jim Parsons best actor ever, I adore Sheldon :) he is incredibly talented and hysterically funny lol. Howard has changed because he's married to a kooky woman, Penny has changed for the better. Lighten up everyone, it's meant to make you laugh !
  • Review for the best show eve!

    Do you agree?
  • I have watched every show more than once...

    The first several seasons I L O V E D it!!! However It is starting to show its age. Not as fresh anymore. They use to actually do more"sciencey" things/experiments and Sheldons voice has changed. Jim Parsons looks like he's acting his part now. Some characters have grown too much and others not at all. Plus - where are the Moms and Dads of the characters. Sheldon and Leonards' moms were great!!. They need to stop the show before it starts to grate on people or amp up the writing.
  • A great show, until the characters started to grow.

    In the beginning Chuck Lorre and Bill Prady had a great idea for a show. Put four science geeks with various social insecurities, borderline mental health issues and objectionable character traits and have them lust after the girl across the hallway. Fill it with nerdy references that at once mock and celebrate nerd culture along with clever science concepts and a healthy dose of sexual tension and voila! Hit show.

    Then the network executives, thrilled with growing ratings and a loyal following, start strategising how to expand the viewership. The inevitable focus groups are tested and what do you know? The show is testing poorly with 15-35 year old women. Suggestions are made about getting Leonard and Penny together sooner rather than later along with the taming of the inept flirter Howard Wolowitz and then finally a pretend girlfriend for Sheldon. Now the show is about relationships and is BORING AS BAT SHIT.

    If they had delayed the end of the Leonard/Penny sexual tension to, say, the end of the final season, the show would still be very, very funny, as it was in the first two seasons. By the third season it was hit and miss and by season four it had completely lost it. This is where American sit coms go to die. A land where all the sources of humour are written out in favour of character growth and appealing to what network executives think women want in a comedy show. The only show to avoid this pitfall was Seinfeld and it remains the last great American MCP sitcom to survive and exceed it's opening promise.
  • why so irregular air times?

    It starts to get annoying... I can understand February with Valentines and all but just look at the Episode Guide Air Dates. We have to wait 3 weeks for the next episode!!! The producers are making a habit out of it. I mean did the cast took a March vacation or something?

    I love this show but I feel like the crew is getting more and more lazy, so the score is for them, not the show itself
  • Leonard gets laid too much

    I have watched this show for years, and I cannot stand how often Leonard gets laid. Every single episode he is having sex with beautiful women. One episode, he had sex 3 times. If it isnt Penny, its the Korean girl, or Professor Plimpton, or a doctor or an older woman. He gets more sex than Ron Jeremy. The character of Leonard is 5' 5 inches tall wears Coke bottle glasses and although he is not ugly, he is not good looking either. He is constantly in bed with women and it is simply ludicrous. No way a Munchkin like that gets laid at all, let alone by beautiful women on a constant basis. Enough already!!!
  • Sheldon is the worst thing about the show

    I sort of liked this show at the start, but then Sheldon started becoming more and more annoying

    He is either really autistic ("aspie") or just a flat-out a-hole. He is arrogant, condescending, self-centered, demeaning, and completely anti-social. He does not understand metaphors, sarcasm, or social cues. He takes everything literally and constantly says utterly stupid things. These are all symptoms of Autism (specifically Asperger's syndrome), and if he had that, then it would make sense and could be tolerated (like Max on "Parenthood"). However, they don't say that he is like that (they just call him "eccentric"), so coming from a supposedly normal and functional person, his behavior just makes him a raging jerk. Further evidence of his likely Autism is that he seems to be an "idiot savant"; good at physics and a few scientific things, but bad at everything else. I really don't know why they refuse to acknowledge what he really is.

    I ignored it at the start of the show, but it become more intense. There have been a couple of episodes where they actually addressed his behavior and the other characters complained, but they always just end up ignoring it and let him go back to being a prick.

    This show could be fun if they got rid of Sheldon, but that seems unlikely because some people seem to actually like him for who knows what reason.

  • Awesome

    I simply love this show, it makes me laugh my brains out. To all the people whining about the characters' personality being changed and they're not the same anymore... this is what happens in real life, people change. One can not be the same forever! :)
  • Once was funny, now, distinctly average.

    It's a shame, but this show is pretty dull now.

    It needs to get back to basics. The boys need to get back together more, on their own. That's what they used to do when they were in the University. Do they even work at the university any more??? It's just turned into a dull couples show, or Friends with an inferior quality of writing and a weird canned laughter track that just sounds odd. But if they want to go the couples route.... What was with the big deal about the Rajesh story line about how he could magically speak to women now, only for that to be of no use what so ever?
  • Not as good as Seinfeld, but good

    I think it feels like they took ideas from The Larry David show and Malcolm in the Middle and put them together for this show and made the characters nerds. Saw the piolet and the 1st time I did it got me laughing. Not a bad sit-com but it can get a bit socially inappropriate here and there. Still, it sure is a funny show to watch.
  • Decline of a very funny show

    I am not liking what the characters are becoming. Penny is becoming an alcoholic, Leonard is becoming to smug, Penny and Leonard are looking more like trailer trash. Howard has changed so much he doesn't resemble his original character at all. Bernadette is no longer innocent or sweet. Raj is just pathetic. Sheldon and Amy.... All the men are being bashed, humiliated and manipulated by their women. The friendship these four men had originally is what made the show that and their goofy innocence. If the show continues this way I will stop watching it.
  • Can't get enough of Big Bang

    Probably my favorite even watch re-runs over and over. Love it.
  • Constant decline.

    Good start of the series but like with most Chuck Lorre projects, it has over-stayed its welcome and the content has suffered for it.

    Sheldon doesn't learn anything. He fails to grasp anything and is the exact same socially-absent character he was in season 1.

    Penny still doesn't have a last name either. I find that odd.
  • where is the evolution?

    One would think that over time these characters could mature. Sheldon might be a genius but since he has been exposed to some ordinary people why can't he grasp that he is obnoxius?
  • Getting boring!

    I hate to say it because TBBT is one of my favorite's shows, but the story line is getting boring.

    They are losing the essence of the show, like the funny/geeky jokes and hot-trendy-scientific breakthrough topics. The guys don't do their group activities anymore . Halo night, paintball, renaissance fair.

    About the characters: Sheldon is losing his grip. He is looking more and more like a child and less like a genius. Where is his white board? It's really disappointing. Raj is going backwards not fun anymore even though he can talk to women. Now he seems like another girl. Bernadette is turning into Howard's mom. Penny should get better lines, what about her studies? Did she finish or quit?

    It would be nice to see again some interaction at the University.

    Some fight with Kripke or another new intelligent colleague. Maybe even a Leslie Winkle.

    It would be nice to see some new characters as well, new nemesis, to spice things up.

    I like this Penny/Sheldon relationship and Zack it was cool to see him in the thanksgiving episode.

    Hope they do something about the show. In this season I only really enjoyed 2 episodes.

  • Chicks of Big Bang Theory have boring script

    Come on, you cannot give those 3 ladies more to talk about on the show. Instead of boys, laundry, wine.

    I saw Mayim Bialik on the "Bill Maher Show" and she was awesome. So intelligent. Made me stop & think you have two highly intelligent educated woman ( Mayim & Melissa) but the writers give them boring, script. I bet these woman could hold their own against those boys. Give them conversations about Life, future, hormones, economy, what they would do to fix it. You are telling me Kaley never goes to a gym? Give her more culture in her life. Other lady friends, Yoga, Zumba workout, Maintenance of car at shop?Financial Planner
  • omg end this

    Seriously if the writers can not come up with enough material to run the show once a week cancel it... tired of seeing an episode then having to wait 3 weeks to see another
  • its time

    I think its time start to shut down this show so it end as the writers wants.

    For me it feels like they are recycling the jokes and the plot sin Season 7, its not as fun as before.

    Its lost its Soul i think.

    I hope they can end this show on a high note with all loose ends and not run thos show to the ground and shut it down when noone is watching it anymore and it ends up a poorly donerucjed ending.

    Its not a good tv show anymore, but not bad either. But if the quality continues to drop it wont be far before they cancel it without a proper ending.

  • The best!

    This is the best show i've ever seen. The characters have chemistry, they're funny and have the ability to complete the jokes between them. That was a good ideia to put girl characters, to make their characters think and juggle with the situations and play with it. It's a awesome show and i love it and all the characters!
  • Careful with what you wish

    I see a lot of people mercilessly trashing the show, But wait until they replace it with something infinitely worse, because nothing is good enough for the habitual naysayers.

    I simply don't see the flaw in this show you seem to be seeing, even with all the points to be modified this is still one of the best shows in TV. So it is very advisable to see the glass half full and get to appreciate this show before naysayers take it out of air!
  • Not my favorite show

    Not much to say about this series...
  • The no bang theory

    This show is just a shadow of what it used to be! Where is the intelligence? Where is the humor from intelligent jokes? Where is the innovation? Where is the unique appeal this show used to have? Gone!

    Sacrificed on the altar of mainstream boy-girl relationship poop. Instead the main characters evolve towards no good - as Sheldon turns into a doggy douche, Leonard into a washy character, Penny into a touchy bully.

    Thank you for ruining this once great show.
  • This show is going south!

    Over time I see more and more annoying things manifest in TBBT. Not only are the main characters changing to no good (Sheldon = Douche bag; Leonard = Wimp; Penny = Moody boozer) but also are the jokes starting to get more and more dirty, annoying and repetitive. Penis jokes are not what I used to expect from this show.

    The only two things that stayed alike over time is Bernadette and Amy. Both sucked from the beginning and still do so today!

    Continuing this show down the path it follows right now will have it off the air soon. If that is what writers want - keep on going!
  • A fan from Belgium

    Where is this show going? I dont like it as much anymore as i used to. Where are the science-, gaming-, afraid of women- nerds?
  • About Raj and Season 6

    I liked the last 3 episodes of season 6 a lot and it was a relief after season 5 which i think it's the worse season of the show until now. Despite that, I hate the fact that Raj is being put aside in the first 7 episodes of this season. I mean he is one of the 4 central characters and he has absolutely no progression for his character and very few screening time. Even after Howard' s return to Earth he doesn't spent time with him and he is there only for gay innuendos. He must have a real storyline right away.
  • this one is awesome

    Leonard knocks on penny's door.

    Sheldon (while opening his own apartment)- 'penny'
  • Over, and over, and over, and over, and over.............................................

    TBS is ruining Big Bang Theory for me. What used to be my favorite show now is one of my least favorite.

    It's the programming. Or lack there of. Every week you get to watch the exact same episodes of Big Bang Theory. How many years has this show been on? And you can't put different episodes on every week?

    How many times do they think someone wants to watch the exact same episode week in, week out?

    Whoever has the job of setting the schedule every week must be asleep on the job and should be fired.

    The only time I now watch this show is when new episodes are on. I used to watch it every day.

    But, it got terribly repetitive.

    Sheldon rocks!
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