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The Big Bang Theory

Thursday 8:00 PM on CBS Premiered Sep 24, 2007 In Season



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  • This is my favorite TV show!

    Finally a comedy show for the geek at heart.
  • The annoying Sheldon does get old

    It's highly unlikely that such intelligent young men act so immature. (they act more like high school geeks) In the real world most people would not put up with Sheldon's annoying, demands. It would be nice to see him put in his place more often. Other then those annoying little quirk's, it's pretty entertaining. Just curious, who plays the voice of Wolowitz's mother? I'm also wonder why Lenoard is constantly wearing an outside jacket?
  • Doesn't get old

    Love Big Bang - even the constant repeats!
  • funniest show ever!!!

    i wish if there were more episodes every season :)
  • Best show ever

    sheldon cooper is the best!!!!!!!!
  • The Big Bang Theory

    Comedy TV - SHOW. Great cast really funny & entertaining. All 4 of the guys are hilarious. I only wish the Girls where more hilarious. I also think it would be funny if Rajesh got a girlfriend.
  • How is this show not the best comedy

    I'm a huge fan of this show and to see that How I Met Your Mother is the number one comedy is just insane don't get me wrong I like How I Met Your Mother but Big Bang Theory is suppose to be number 1
  • NCC-1701

    Did anyone else notice that Wil Wheaton's address on the last episode was 1701?
  • Finally

    Season 6 Episode 6 and the big bang theory feels like that little show we all felt in love with, again. This Episode was amazing. it had all the nerdiness required!! Loved sheldon and leonard's conversations overlaped. and the comment Raj made about callcenters, brilliant. i'm glad they picked it up a little bit, i was getting worried.
  • Boring.

    I know I'm a minority on this, but I think this show isn't funny in the slightest. The character 'Sheldon' is incredibly annoying, jokes like 'I'm not crazy, my mother had me tested' are really over-used, and quite frankly dull. The most annoying thing however, is that there is minimal progress to the story. One marriage, and that's it. 6 Seasons in, and that's it. i find this show, while not awful, extremely over-rated.
  • Absolute hysteria

    The sixth season started a bit dull but then caught on real quick by the fourth episode. I personally feel Johnny Galecki has put on tons of weight and needs to shed it off ASAP. Its making him look older than the rest of the gang. Mayim Bialik's injury is not very apparent and i hope for a quick recovery. She and the team have done a good job not making it obvious or cooking up a story where she gets injured.

    Sheldon is back with his eccentricity, Penny handing Sheldon his ass at every opportunity, Raj with his innocent innuendos, Leonard back to being frustrated and most of all Wolowitz is back on earth. Woohoo! Now these are the ingredients for an amazing season.


    Live Long & Prosper :P
  • very funny pretty kiddy

    big bang theory very funny and great show.each season great.jim and johnny are very succesful actors.miyam and kaley are great too.i love it and always love.
  • wow love it

    love it
  • The Big Bang Theory - DEFINITION:

    The Big Bang Theory:

    A hilarious sitcom about four nerds who go to college, and have very amusing perspectives in each story they are told of.

    I love TBBT. :P Every episode I see, I can guarantee you that I will end up laughing my ass off. The men in the show are portraying the characters extremely well, and that is the key to every good show; jolly good acting = jolly good show.

    Also, I still have one unanswered question: Why is it called Big Bang Theory?? :U
  • Haha.

    a lot of haha s are in this show.

    love it.

  • Hilarious

    I love it
  • class

    absolute class show, i love it!
  • Of course it's funny

    It is funny, no doubt, but a little overrated. That being said I still watch it every week.
  • The Big Bang Theory continues to please

    Unlike many of the sitcoms on TV The Big Bang Theory has made it five season and it continues to be amusing. I can't wait to see what happens at the end of this season and in the seasons to come.
  • the frist show

    The best show!!!! I'm just saying
  • Consistently funny

    From the very first episode I remember thinking "This show is going to be a long term success" and sure enough, it was/is. The original characters remain funny and the new ones are instantly funny too. It's a well written show and appeals to most. Really looking forward to the next season! :)

    I've watched this long after this came out, however, I have watched all 5 seasons 5 times consistently and I haven't stopped! I don't know who else could NOT watch this series!! Even How I Met Your Mother can't match up to this!! I am so excited for the series to start up again!! I don't know how well I will be able to wait until the next week for the new episode!! 100 more episodes here we go!! TOP of the COMEDY list for sure!!

  • Great!!!!

    Ive watched many comedy shows like how i met your mother and Friends but i didn't like them but the big bang theory is the best it got me engaged in every episode.
  • INSANE! :D

    The Big Bang Theory is one of the best comedy series I have ever watched. The performances are stupendous. The plots are always original and hilarious (well, sometimes, they are not especially when the storyline is based on Amy Farah Fowler, LOL). In any case, this is an exciting series, I always love to watch it. It has also taught me a thing or two. In short, I call it a complete package for TV viewers who love to watch comedy.
  • BBT You love it or you hate it!

    I am very enthousiastic about BBT, but it still suprises me that a lot of people around me either love it or hate it. It is maybe a typical humor type that not everyone can enjoy. I myself was never enthousiastic about the Friends series, a lot of people could not get that, what was there not to like. Well I liked some of the episodes but in generall I would only watch it if there was really nothing else to watch or to do!

    BBT is super! I think after watching one or two episodes you will nkow whether this is your cup of tea.

    For Dutch fans here is a website with more info and news about BBT
  • Big Bang Theory

    8/28/2012 Recently I say an article on NBC news web site, their space/space telescope section. The Kepler Observer project has identified stars that have planets around them that match almost exactly all the planets talked about in the 'Star Wars Movies'. Maybe these planets and their Star War association can be the basis of and episode or two or even a season. Why not have the group go TDY to the Space Observing telescope analysis organization and talk about these planets. As to the show the 'Big Bang Theory', it is one of the best I have ever seen. I also wonder what those censored film bits look like you mention at the end of many shows. Maybe you should make a video of them properly rated and put on the market. Sometimes I wish you would go light on the homosexual angle since I am sure at least half of your audience are straight, i.e, heterosexuals. As to syndication on Rupert Murdoch's channel 5 Fox Network, I think you should have him and his people give the entire introduction song so the voices and characters are synchronized. Channel 5 also seems to have a phobia to beautiful women, this is uncalled for because as I said above at least 1/2 of your viewers are heterosexuals.
  • My Favorite Show of all the time....

    Terrific show with terrific humor. Everything said in complement for this show is always less. You can understand the character in only the first episode, each and every episode is mind blowing
  • Loved it From the First Episode I Saw

    What can I say, brilliant concept, hilarious jokes and of course-Sheldon. He's not my favourite character in the show but he has gone through such a change. He was a supernerd and that's all there was to him and then somehow he has changed, whether it was because of Penny or Amy or it just happened naturally, and we see he has emotions and a soft side. Character development is definitely one of the high points, the science humour is brilliant and of course each character has their own perks : Sheldon's obsessiveness, Leonard's pursuit of Penny, Howard's creepiness and above all most of what Raj does, he is by far my favourite character. Bernadette was a fantastic addition but seems to have been overshadowed by Amy, hopefully we will see more of her and further get to know her character now that her and Howard are married.

    I can watch each episode over and over again and they are still funny. Easily my favourite TV show.
  • My Favorite

    One of my favorite show to see when I am bored.
  • A show about clever people made for stupid people.

    This show is severely overrated. Sheldon is one of the most overused, annoying and egotistical characters ever. He lacks even the basic social skills and even listening to one of his conversations makes me cringe. Yet somehow, he is able to keep a stable friendship with at least 3 people. Also, whenever he says anything, canned laughter is added to the audio, even though I've never found anything that he's said as humorous. I seriously have no idea why anyone likes sheldon, at all. The female characters seem a bit unneeded, as they add absolutely no more humor to the show. The only character that I've found funny is raj. Watching this show is seriously embarrassing, and I can't understand how most people say it's made for clever people, yet they write the review like they're in kindergarten. Plus most of the science based jokes are about things I learned in 4th grade, so you really don't need to be clever to watch the show. The show is purposely made dull by the people working on it, just so that it appeals to more people. Very poor show.
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