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  • Brilliant actors

    Incredible verbal skills these actors have. Can't get enough of this show!
  • It may not hilarious, but hell, there are worse sitcoms.


    The Big Bang Theory is a strange one for me. There are a lot of of lovers and lots of haters for it. Personally where do I side. I can see both points of views, but for now, I'm a bit neutral. This show can have some hilarious moments, it can. But the bad can really be seen. The characters are okay, the humor, while not classic, can be entertaining. It's just there is so many dumb moments, and moments that make me say 'God, No!" It's stereotypical, it's formulaic, and it's not very inventive. But does every sit-com need to be as groundbreaking and funny as 'Seinfeld' and 'Arrested Development'. For what it is if you can stomach it, it's alright. But again, there are better option now, like 'Modern Family', 'The Middle', and It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. In the end I've never seen such a mixed bag before in my life, but in the end give it a watch and see if you like it. If you don't, that's fine, if you do, that's fine.

    I'd say the Big Bang Theory might be some solid entertainment for 30 minutes.
  • Overall good

    I mean there are some boring episodes, and those boring ones are REALLY boring. Big Bang won't be absolute favorite, but it'll be up there. The funny moments far outweigh the boring moments
  • Big Bang

    THE greatest sit com since "Soap". Yes, I am old but my mind is still as sharp as a butter knife!
  • Where Have I Been???

    Why hasn't anyone told me about this show before???? I subscribe to Entertainment Weekly and almost every week BBT has been # 1 in ratings, so I decided to finally check it out. And I love this show! It takes a lot for a comedy to make me laugh out loud, but every episode has me cracking up! I'm just on season 2, so I'm way behind but I'm working on catching up asap!
  • Awesome Show!

    A really funny show. The casts are amazing and funny, and they portray the characters really well. Most of the jokes are hilarious! Definitely one of the best sitcoms I have ever seen.
  • What has happened!

    I'm sorry to say this but I feel this episode (The Love Spell Potential) was one of the worst ever, with the Lucy and Raj story-line being the only redeeming factor. I agree with the comment below that the show is turning into a romantic comedy. The show has changed so much since season 1, and not for the better. In this episode (and this season), was anything said about science, everything Sheldon says now I completely understand whereas in the first four seasons I didn't: where has his extreme intelligence gone, his extensive general knowledge , his desire to apply everything to scientific thought and rationality, where has his belief that he is the supreme being, better than everyone else, the genius of our time. Howard was funnier when we was the delusional Lothario, Leonard is now a mere side character, and what has happened to Raj with that dog. Penny is the only original character that is still as funny. It was the quirkiness and the various social faux pas' of the characters that made it so loved and appreciated in the first place. Dare I say it, but they all seem 'normal' now. In this episode it didn't seem like I was watching the Big Bang Theory more like an updated Friends without the laughs. What is the deal with the live audience, why the fits of laughter at everything, especially when Penny rolled a 14 and Amy rolled a 19 during the game. Am I missing something,? Did you have to be there? Is it because I'm from the UK and we don't 'whooo' at everything? What the hell was going on with Howard's impressions- three too many. I also feel Amy has to go, she is so annoying and a bit too weird. I love this show but I feel it needs it eccentricity back, they all seem to 'normal'.
  • Should Amy and Sheldon break up?

    When Amy was introduced, she seemed perfect for Sheldon: she didn't like physical contact, alcohol and even liked to watch the movies Sheldon loved. Now she's become so different that I can't see what Sheldon likes about her, she's smart but so is Leslie Winkle, Alex and many other women he must know from the university. On the other hand, Amy seems desperate to have sex and a boyfriend who is willing to drink and party with her, so I don't know why she hasn't dumped Sheldon when Stewart is willing to please her.

  • The Best Of The Best

    This show every time I watch it which a lot I love it more, the way this show made by a way to make it love it for ever, it's my FAVOURITE show, all the casting team are the best I ever seen, THE BIG BANG THEORY IS THE BEST OF THE BEST
  • this show is so simple. BAZINGA

    I love the big bang theory. I love the cast. I really love Sheldon on the show. I watch it every time it comes on. I never get tired of watching Sheldon and Leonard and raj and even Howard. love this show.
  • A terrible show. I hate it. You should never watch it. Bazinga.

    The Big Bang Theory is an AWESOME show. Actually, it's my FAVOURITE show. I have watched the big bang theory for a long, long time and I've never gotten sick of it. I don't think I ever will. It's funny, it's surprising, it's occasionally stupid (but in a good way), but no matter what, it's still an AWESOME show and if you've never watched it, I recommend you go do that right now. THE BIG BANG THEORY IS AWESOME!
  • A true nerd show at its best

    A great series and great acting for the most part! Some of the characters are highly believable, and my favorites are of course Howard (Simon Helberg), Sheldon (Jim Parsons), and Rajesh (Kunal that order. I really have a hard time with the character of Leonardalthough Galecki does a good job at it, I don't think the writers do this character justice. To femme and passive for a guy doing Penny. Also, Penny is getting fatlol .... I still laugh my but off watching this show.
  • compliment to the big bang theory

    best serial of all time.

  • How is this still on?

    This is the worst show ive seen in a long time. Horrible jokes, the laughtrack runs this failure even further into the ground. This show is on a good 3-4 channels every night for an hour at a time, how it is is beyond me and it drives me away from watching channels that have it.
  • Seriously?

    Seriously? this is the most popular comedy right now? Don't get me wrong; Jim Parsons has his moments but I feel like every episode is the damn same!

    Sheldon is too unconfortable for a new hairdresser

    Sheldon is too unconfortable for a speech

    Sheldon is too unconfortable with whatever.

    Ohw, and the subplot is always; Leonard feels inadequate towards Penny.

    The big problem with TBBT is the characters. They're extremely over simplified. First of all, they've encapsulated too many nerd stereotypes into the main characters. Next to that, the thing that is supposed to make a character funny is always one gimmick or trait; it can never be two, or otherwise we wouldn't understand it.

    There are definitely some funny moments, but they will always come from twists in situations; never in characters. Because when a situation changes you can immediately see how the characters are going to react.

  • This is it

    Funny and great! Very nice
  • life changes

    I was told that Big Bang Theory was an intellectual comedy. Imagine my surprise when I tried to watch an episode, only to be subjected to an annoying laugh track repeated after every utterance. Smart people don't need a prompt to know wha is funny. I don't watch any programs with those inane laugh tracks.
  • Life Changes!

    A great finale. I am glad that Lucy is gone, and Raj had more self confidence socially. I hope Leonard and Penny can use Skype on computer!! I do love Sheldon!

    I laugh out loud at every show, and love this show!!!
  • At Last

    I have just discovered The BBT. Where have I been hiding? It is the best show out there.
  • love this show

    this show just gets better and better. keep it up.
  • Buszinaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    The best show ever.
  • Used to love this show

    Now it just annoys me. Certainly went downhill and became less witty when they added the female cast. Nothing wrong with the female characters, it's just gone from high comedy to very low... Not even a good sitcom.
  • Surprisingly, it still manages to keep getting worse

    I started watching Big Bang Theory when my friends pointed out to me that it was a smart show full of geeky humour. And they were right, in the first season, it was chock full of clever science, engineering and comic/movie references that occasionally made me feel smart for understanding them. Then, as the show's popularity grew, its intelligence dropped. Season 2 was already a serious let down after the first, but it's just steadily been getting worse. Now, it's basically a standard sitcom, all about relationships, stereotypes and basically "Look at how socially awkward these guys are! Look at how stupid the blonde is!" It went from an intelligent show to a show that insults the viewer's intelligence.

    And it has the worst laugh track in existence. Anytime a character says ANYTHING, especially if it's Sheldon, the "audience" goes absolutely mental. Just because your show isn't funny, doesn't mean you get to tell the viewer he should be laughing.

    Should've been canned after season 3 at the latest.
  • When should it end?

    I watch this show and barely get a smirk. I find it hard to watch it too, not what I'm looking for. Sometimes I can't stand it. It's very overrated, it has nothing on those classic comedies which were able to dominate TV over a decade for its entire run, or so. It's such a not great example of fine TV. And they still use the excessively loud laugh track, even less points because of that. Tone it down a little.

    Just how much can Sheldon talk? He just babbles again and again, as redundant as can be, with people thinking he is a genius, he is indeed a brilliant guy though but not that funny. Gets annoying too. So he explains everyday situations or whatever that goes on, in a scientific way and Penny is always like "what?" They relied on that humor for 4 seasons maybe. Now the show has survived 6 seasons and it is so not a good one. Don't even care for the other characters, I don't find them interesting at all, especially the girls when they were added to the main cast. Weak. Maybe just Wolowitz, he says inadequate stuff that can be amusing.

    But really there, this show has no brilliance, style or sparkle at all and it doesn't deserve to be recognized as one the greats of the comedy genre. It's so average, such as the episodes and some characters. When have they had a remarkable episode, or a strong storyline through a season? Just because they are smart doesn't mean it's an intelligent show, it's not as clever as people think, perhaps theoretically, heh. One would expect mind blowing writing from supposedly geniuses, they play it safe. Oh and they are 30 something years old, Parsons is 40. I think they have no range. I have not seen them to prove they have substance, it's just a lot of nonsense, nothing to get you attached. Kinda disappointed with TV viewers. It's fine, people have the right to enjoy it, maybe even relate at times, just don't get delusional with it, I refuse to consider it a great program, certainly not the best currently on air or back when it started, surely not. And let's see if it gets worse as it continues, getting anywhere. Who knows on what is it going to end? Not expecting anything special though.
  • Smartest and funniest sitcom i've ever seen!!

    This show with no doubt, is the brightest idea i have seen on tv. The original idea seem to be so simple, a girl moves on close to some geeky guys, but the development of it, the imagination of the writers and the awesome characterization of the actors makes it a very enjoyable tv show.
  • Was better before they added cast members

    This show is written by Chuck Loree, so like Two and a Half Men, it deals with nerds being the butt of jokes and the non-nerds being rewarded and looked up to basically. But the writting on this show is better than Two and a Half Men. It is more witty and clever, which is nice. The only thing I am noticing though is when they started adding cast members, it is not the dynamic of the show changed. Still a good show though!
  • Probably best Comedy on TV!

    At the moment, it would have to be the best comedy on TV! It has a clever plot and great characters,
  • Best Show

    This show is the best show in the world!!!!!
  • I SO Love TBBT!

    Love the new Eps as well as Reruns. Just watched S5 "The Launch Acceleration" and was reminded how it has one of, if not "the", best comic lines I've ever heard. It's when Howard meets with Bernie's dad and expresses his concerns about dying on the mission, and the Dad responds "It'll be OK son....... A pretty girl like Bernadette, she'll find a new guy" Hah! PURE GOLD! Makes me chuckle anytime I think it.
  • penny doesn't deserve leonard

    all through the six seasons of the show i have really tried to like penny (the character) is so obnoxious and so irritating. she is an awful person. she doesn't pay for food nor for WiFi. she just uses people with her good looks and of-course with sex! no good girl does that. its funny up till a point but now its much more irritating! she doent deserve leonard at all. leonard is way beyond her league.

    also about should stop praising penny so isn't that beautiful after all!

    i would like the crew to work on these characters a lil bit more!
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