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  • remove

    pls remove Amy Farrah character we dont like her
  • Watched All Episodes (TWICE) and would watch them again-please make 10 MORE seasons

    I've watched all the episodes, then watched them again on disc as they came out. This is a show I felt was worth owning and having to watch the full series over and over again every other year or so. Absolutely LOVE these characters (all of em; the boys, the girls, their coworkers and friends, and their relatives) and how they interact with each other. Their problems are real and the ways they find to deal with them (solved or not) are wonderful. ------ I wait all week on pins and needles just to see what's happening next. ----- If this show continues for another ten years, I'll still be right there watching it all and waiting impatiently for next weeks' episode. The only bad thing I can say about this show is that there is only one new episode every other week -- I'd love to see three or four each week (though I know that would put an unreasonable load of work on the staff of the show, actors and writers alike ... people do have lives to live outside of the workplace, after all, even actors and writers).

    I'd love to see this show go on for another 10 seasons; at least. I want to see all of the characters grow up, have families, raise kids, etc. They are so real and I don't think I'll ever get tired of checking in on them.
  • l am the biggest fan

    I really love the show.

    I read all their biographies. It seems that all their acting careers succeeded because of big bang theory.

    Other than Sheldon cooper ,I really love Amy and Leonard.

    As l am a Sri Lankan I really like to see something in big bang theory about Sri Lanka .
  • The best show ever

    Maybe this is the best show ever for me... i recommend all the people to watch this show
  • Sonic

    Decent comedy

    Dear Mr Lorre and Honoured Associates,

    This is the author of Leonards Cousin Leilani Hoffstetter's penpal family greetings to Penny and also Amy (the Maid of Honour). I really think you should read this pair of storyline fillers for the new and upcoming Big Bang Theory episodes. I hope to be able to help keep this show on the air season after season, because the cooky cousin whose half Australian has seen a very similar life to mine and I have a Bachelors in Arts and a very strong vocabulary in Psychology (it was a Major) and we know EVERYONE in the Hoffstetter family does Psychology studies at some stage.

    I love this show and I feel very at home with the much loved Characters. I need to know an email address I can send my scanned hand written originals of Leilani's Pen Pal letterings for Amy and Penny. Why Amy too, is something you need to see in the letters. If you like them and want to see more and BRING ON LEONARDS COUSIN, then I will forward all my contact details and you can maybe make me an offer to come on board as a pen pal?? The first two must be paid for if anymore will come, I've been a struggling Arts Graduate for years and I seriously need the break of a Lifetime! add me up on Facebook Leiah L M-C or just inbox me an email and I will send through exciting new possible material for this show so that it can become a classic family favorite loved by the entire Western world. I'd appreciate a follow-up contact number so that I can call and confirm my legitimacy. Now whose with me??

    All the best, I am truly Yours Faithfully,

    Miss . McMurry (the mc worry)
  • Fantastic Show, I don't know why there are so many hate comments.

    The funniest show on television, better than FRIENDS

    Favorite show ever!!!
  • Question

    I think the show is awesome but what about adding a black person
  • Top Shows - Geeks and Nerds rule!

    Its high notes are basically the first 5 seasons. Gives us geeks and nerds some good reflection on our interests, a clever, stand out character who may not be even acting (Jim Parsons does have a demeanor like Sheldon shown in interviews), struggles dating and have people realize we like these intelligent hobbies. I originally wasn't interested in the show, given the impression it was 60s like (Howard's hairstyle) and may be cheesy, negative towards us. It does lower in quality around the 6th season, not as funny as it used to be, and sometimes has unnecessary partner melodrama. But I give it still a 10 cause I enjoy a show for its highest, best episodes.

    6-7 seasons. (11-14, July 2015) CBS, UPN, 3rd party vid site
  • Bazinga!

    I love this show I have seen Seasons 1-7 like five times already and I am waiting for Season 8 to come out on DVD the actors are great at playing their character. The show is so perfectly funny and addicting I like cannot stop watching it so yeah if you have not watched it yet definitely go out to Walmart and pickup a copy of Season 1 and then you will be addicted the in your car on your way to get a copy of all the released DVD Seasons that are out so far!

  • big bang theory people that should be cut from theshow

    i personally think amy sheldons girl friend buti dont like amy i think she should be cut from the show i dont like amy put a thumbs up if you agree with me and put a thumbs down if you disagree with me.
  • A Show to watch..

    I can't tell you how much I love this show. I'm a die hard fan, I even went into conflict with my friends when they called the show stupid. I love the beauty of the show that gradually it has grown into a beautiful life story, instead of just nerd stuff. Many people say that show went downhill after introducing Amy & Bernadette, well newsflash pigbrains, this is how real life unfolds. TBBT is the alternate universe I envy to live in.
  • Johnmchris

    I take one look at your profile picture and decide your comment is not worth reading all of. Man that comment is long as hell, ain't nobody got time for that,
  • best show of all time

    best tv show ever !! comedy is awsome :P

  • Seriously good show

    I don't get people saying the show isn't funny anymore. That is the whole point. To me the show has evolved into more of a drama, like Breaking Bad. It isn't a comedy anymore and I like it much better. It is now a show about very eccentric and intelligent adults trying to relate to each other and navigate life through a hectic maze of comic books and technology. For example, Sheldon is allowed to study what he wants in exchange for becoming a junior professor and teaching a class; he is not happy. I am interested in the exploration of his psyche. This show is just begging to get good because it finally decided to get serious.
  • Get lost all you haters!

    All you haters can go ahead and hate, your little opinion matters none to writers nor the director or producer of this fantastic show, admittedly yes, some shows are a little on the dull and boring side, but, what show isn't like that, the majority of the shows aired in season 8 have made me laugh in hysterics without fail! I love the humor!.

    just keep doing what you're doing guys, this show is DA BOMB!!!

    do you all see the overall average rating of this show? from only 16+ thousand viewers of which I am positive there is hundreds of thousand if not millions more...

    It is sitting right up there at 8.9 out of 10.

    the population has basically spoken, we love big bang theory and love how it has progressed throughout the seasons... and fyi haters of pennys new look, SEXY SEXY SEXY! does not look 'blokey' at all, some girls suit the short hair style and I think she rocks it! super hot!
  • Suggstion for future story lines

    I love this show, and watch it every time it's on, even the reruns. I think, now that Howards mother has passed, his father should make an appearance. Coming back into Howards life again, would open a whole new area of story lines.
  • all Ideal

    love your shows. you should have a moment of silence in memory of Leonard Nimoy .

    Your friend ?

    Shawn Messer


    Can't stop watching, and sheldon is awesome (favorite character)!

    Please get SHELDON character a new G/F Write [ Amy Farrah Fowler ] character out of the show never was funny & still is not funny... Extra 6 Seasons If You Do....

    You writers need to write out a couple character why do you keep on adding What is up with the cute Penny going 40ish looking!!! The has to be the silliest hair cut I have ever seen on cute loose bimbo blonde char. 2 More seasons tops if they keep it up

  • TBBT goes as Penny goes.

    If Chuck Lorre doesn't bring Penny back the show will tank. There is no single character or group of characters that can carry this show without the old Penny. When mentioning the old Penny I mean the one with long hair. Penny with a pixie will never be accepted. It is probably the single worst decision the producers could have made. For 7 seasons Penny has been the sexy, desirable, flirtatious, scantily clad, over the top libido, anything goes, not afraid to use her sexuality to get what she wants, major tease.

    In season 8 Penny has been reduced to a whinny, alcoholic, frumpy dressed, boring, bitchy, argumentative, irrelevant character, best used as a scene prop. That is not the worst part of season 8 Penny, the killer is allowing Kaley to wear the pixie cut while playing Penny. The original Penny was created with long sexy blonde hair to match her attitude and personality. The producers should have insisted that she wear extensions any time she is playing Penny.

    The pixie makes her look at least 10 years older and 20 pounds heavier. Overall she looks bloated and tired. No amount of wardrobe changes or layers of make-up will offset that horrible hair cut.

    From a waitress at the Cheesecake Factory to a drug rep? That is as bad of a reach as taking the season 1-7 Penny and changing her to the drab season 8 Penny. I realize this is a sitcom but the writers will never sell those two changes to the fans.

    Someone will have to step in and spice up the writing. Something like Penny and/or Bernadette having an affair or Leonard having an affair with Sheldon's assistant. Penny becomes attracted to one of her male clients who happens to be black. While waiting for Sheldon to come around Amy experiments with lesbianism. Give it a shot, it can't turn out any worse than the writing to date.
  • Great 8 Season

    The evolution of the caracters are amazing.
  • 500th review!!

    really good show
  • My Favorite Show Ever

    this serie is very very good. awesome jokes and geek stuff like star trek/wars my fav character is howard 10 is my pontuation.
  • About this series

    It had wonderful acting for Jim Parsons in Seasons 3-4.
  • Very Sad Day

    I am saddened that it has come to this as I have been a fan of Johhny & Kaley for years before big bang, but I have come to tell you that I will no longer be watching the program because of the whole issue of being greedy for more money. Scientists in real life do what they do for the benefit of the human race, not for the money or recognition & the characters in this show are supposed to be such big fans of Star Trek, but Star Trek & Genes vision is the complete opposite of being gold digger.

    Star Trek was never about being a just a 'good tv program'. The ethos of Star Trek is about how mankind should be working towards a future without money, greed or poverty. A future where everybody is Equal & everybody has everything they need & everybody is happy. I hope those acters involved are happy with themselves when there is so much suffering elsewhere in the world especially because of being paid wages that don't allow them to cover the basics.

    Any self respecting Trekkie who has real principles & is all for what Star Trek stands for & not just a sci-fi soap tv addict, would also agree to ditch viewing this program. It's a shame those involved weren't 'real' Star Trek fans to this degree, Gene would be very disappointed. ~ Fred Edwin Duncan III
  • La sit com per eccellenza.

    The Big Bang Theory la sit com del momento,la pi bella che potreste trovare in giro.
  • Shows progressing perfectly.

    I love this show. Have watched it from season one and have always enjoyed it. I strongly disagree with the negative comments about bringing on Amy and Bernadette. I hate it when writers in a lot of shows never let characters relationships last more then a couple of months. It's a little more realistic when shows progress as they would in real life. I did like Amy better though the way she was in the beginning. When she was first introduced to the show she was just a female version of Sheldon and thought just like he did about sex and relationships. Now they are making her character more like the others. I would also like to see them soften Sheldon up a little. I love his character's personality and geekieness, but does he have to be so rude to make it work. Also I hope Raj and his girlfriend stay together.
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