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  • Sheldon is the worst thing about the show

    I sort of liked this show at the start, but then Sheldon started becoming more and more annoying

    He is either really autistic ("aspie") or just a flat-out a-hole. He is arrogant, condescending, self-centered, demeaning, and completely anti-social. He does not understand metaphors, sarcasm, or social cues. He takes everything literally and constantly says utterly stupid things. These are all symptoms of Autism (specifically Asperger's syndrome), and if he had that, then it would make sense and could be tolerated (like Max on "Parenthood"). However, they don't say that he is like that (they just call him "eccentric"), so coming from a supposedly normal and functional person, his behavior just makes him a raging jerk. Further evidence of his likely Autism is that he seems to be an "idiot savant"; good at physics and a few scientific things, but bad at everything else. I really don't know why they refuse to acknowledge what he really is.

    I ignored it at the start of the show, but it become more intense. There have been a couple of episodes where they actually addressed his behavior and the other characters complained, but they always just end up ignoring it and let him go back to being a prick.

    This show could be fun if they got rid of Sheldon, but that seems unlikely because some people seem to actually like him for who knows what reason.

  • Over-rated

  • An awful show for awful people.

    The Big Bang Theory is the biggest pile of shit to come out since the big bang itself. Not only is the show un-funny but offending on how bad it is. Would NEVER recommend!
  • Being a celebrity is bad!

    These people are celebrities! God can't allow any celebrity into heaven unless they repent of being a celebrity before it's too late. I wouldn't wish being a celebrity on my worst enemy. They are the angels of Lucifer because they honor and exalt themselves on high just like Lucifer does. The cast of "The Big Bang Theory" are setting a very bad example for children and even adults who can't see the utter depravity of TV shows like this. Please, before it's too late, shut this TV show down, along with all the other TV shows like it that are brainwashing and destroying the youth of America.
  • Try this:

    Watch this thing without the laughing track. If you still find this thing funny after that, I'm sorry to say, but you're a person with very, very, very low standards. Go watch a Carlos Mencia stand up, you'll probably find his stuff hilarious.

    You know what's funny about this show? it's a 21st century sitcom that portraits nerds just like movies from over 30 years ago. At least movies from 30 years ago have the excuse of being made OVER 30 YEARS AGO.

    No idea what those reviews saying this show "used to be good" are talking about. This is one of the worst shows in TV history. That Sheldon dude needs to be put down like right now. Is there any character in TV history more annoying than that idiot?
  • Boring, boring, oh sooo boring

    Used to love the show! The last 2 or 3 yrs the show has really gone down the drain. What happened? Did they change writers? It used to make me laugh ever so loudly, now hardly a smile... They have changed the character of Sheldon so much. I hate it that they have humanized him so much. The funny thing with Sheldon was that he was like a robot, we never see that Sheldon anymore. I wish that penny had continued pursuing her acting... The monkey movie was funny. I also wish she would give up putting her hair up in a bun. Loved that Raj couldn't speak when women were present. Wolowitz used to be so funny!

    Can't stand the character of Bernadette! Anyway, I miss the first years of the show, those are never coming back again... Bye Big Bang, I miss you.
  • Too many commercials

    8pm to 8:14pm there was 24 commercials then 3 minutes of show followed by 8 more commercials. I loved this show but as stars salaries rise the quality and quantity of the program suffer
  • It is time for creating a new funny show and give this actors a well deserved brake.

    No new writing team ! No working on any character's relationship !It doesn't matter if Penny's hair short or long ! No repair on the show, simply this show lost his "mojo". I can't see why the actors get 1 million per episode, not too much effort in the acting either. The show is not the same as it was years earlier, full of fun and laughter. It got tired. Period. It is time to finished.
  • out of time, bad research.

    holy shitshow, some shows can actually go for 10+ season, really, it's true. but this pile of cold turd is not one that should have had more than 3 seasons. and one of the biggest downs on top of the bad jokes stuff, is the disconect to majority of nerds, these characters are not relatable what so ever. raj and howard are the best thing on the show, but the bad jokes and laugh track kills them as well
  • i am not a big fan

    I always feel sleepy when this comes on
  • ***'s

    I am so tired of TV shows about ***'s. I wish they would go back in the closet.
  • New Episodes are Flat

    The new episodes of The Big Bang Theory are no longer funny. What happened to the clever science jokes? The scenes with Penny and Leonard are sad. The only explanation is that there are new writers on the show that are neither clever or funny. At this rate, I may stop watching the show all together, and there really is no point in continuing the series.
  • big bang theory

    I like 8 simple rules better. I watched this show it turns out to be boring with lenard. And Sheldon great comedian though!!

    Everyone else is blah.
  • Please some writer KILL AMY! What an awful character!

    This smart and funny show celebrating genius turned into a pathetic soap opera wanna-be. Sheldon Cooper was one of the most original characters on tv in the first 3 seasons. But then writers decided to just piss all over on what made this show original, brought in Amy, and it's all downhill from there. Season nine has a dumbed down and suddenly in-love Sheldon. That would have been an unthinkable travesty in earlier seasons. It is a betrayal of proper character development. It's hard to watch new episodes without cringing. Amy's death and Sheldon getting a hot assistant that is into him in spite of his indifference would fix all the clumsy plot lines and bring back a bit of former spark. Enough with the sappy crap.
  • How does everyone like this show?

    God, this show is so overrated, so horrible and so dumb. I feel really bad for anyone who watches this show, and find this to be funny. I strongly HATE this show, it's so stupid and I don't find this to be funny. Whenever I look at it, I just roll my eyes to show how much I really hate this series so much. The writing of this series is a disgrace and the plot is just bad. This series is so overrated and I really want this show OUT of television! Dumbest Show Ever!!!!!!!!!! I hate it and I want it gone! I mean, honestly, who in their right minds come up with a show about 4 stuck-up nerds and a girl? That smug named Chuck Lorre. I think the one thing that TICKS ME OFF is that this show is still on reruns, and everyone still find this funny. Well you know what? IT'S NOT FUNNY! Nothing about this show is funny! "The Big Bang Theory" (for me) is particularly one of the WORST TV SHOWS EVER in tv history.
  • What happened to this show?

    Last season had a terrible opener and this season just as bad.

    The show just isn't funny as it once was and the laughter is getting to be more and more canned. STOP with the soap opera BS.

    Leonard and Penny FIGHTING.

    Howard and Bernie FIGHTING.

    Sheldon and Amy FIGHTING.

    Raj and his idiot girlfriend. Weird relationship.

    Time for Penny and Leonard to call it writers have ruined their relationship with some of the worst writing I have seen in a what used to be a comedy.

    Oh and have Leonard throw that GO**AMNED jacket away. Geez he never ever takes it off. NO ONE does that.

    Leonard needs to go back to the comic book girl or Priya who knows how to handle him.

    Penny needs to go audition and get the job with Kevin Smith and start a rise to stardom.

    Bernadette either needs to go or stop trying to change Howard. The bit last season with her getting rid of his TARDIS was the last straw. She is a first class bitch. The one funny bit about her was Penny and her boss both admitting they are frightened of her.

    Personally I think she should get a spin off as a female Dexter for hire, comedy style.

    Sheldon and Amy? Sorry never worked never will. Plus COME ON, Amy has been hanging around Penny and Bernie and still looks like a frumpy old lady. Writers GROW HER UP.

    Have Amy finally hookup with someone like Zach who just rings her bell for a whole weekend. Then the last time we ever see her she has a smile on her face that won't go away.

    Raj just needs to come out of the closet. Admit his failures with women are his refusal to admit he is gay.

    Sheldon needs to become a better person. BUT he is the sort who will always be single. They are out there. Personally I think he should invent FTL and the government let him take off in the first FTL spaceship go to Star Trekkin' around the universe. (It's TV you can do whatever the hell you want)
  • Off to a bad start

    I really like the Big Bang Theory but it was a disappointment this season starting with the first episode they really are starting it off wrong and if this is the direction it keeps going I think it probably will be a sleeper season and losing alot of fans. I think the episode was boring I was hoping for more and I hope that the episodes get better I will see next week if not I guess I will not continue to watch if I want boring I will watch reality tv shows.
  • Show Runner Steve Molaro killed this show

    When Molaro said in an interview 2 years ago a Comicon that he wanted to take the show in a different direction boy did he! Furthermore I can't Believe Chuck Lorre let it happen. How the show died.

    1. They Stars Got 1 mil per episode Guaranteed

    2. The didn't put hair extensions on Penny That was a Show killer right there.

    3. The show got a 10 year Guarantee Run and this was after season 7

    4. They Separated the core group splitting them up into different story lines

    5. Steve Molaro was allowed turn the show into Dawsons Creek!

    The great Jerry Seinfeld said the reason his show was so good was because they had a hard and fast rule. No hugging no crying and no "Very Special" Episodes. If you died it was funny. If you broke up it was funny. If BBT did that it would still be funny!

    This show was over last season.
  • The downward spiral of a once great show

    I know it's bound to get tired after 8 seasons. However, if you watch the older reruns which are on constantly, then compare it to the present, there is a glaring lack of "sharpness" in the scripts. It's very apparent. Let's face it, this season the writing has been very lackluster so far.

    But to be honest it started gradually in season 5, and it got more apparent for each new season that followed.

    It's clear that they ran out of ideas two years ago. That's when they switched the formula to a relationship comedy and changed it from what it was in the early years. Changing the show to Friends 2.0 gives it another couple years of life because the audience seems to like that concept. As a result, they renewed the show with three seasons last year.


  • This show went down hill after season 5

    I used to really love this show. I have seasons 1-5 on Bluray. And can rewatch them all the time. But once Amy & Bernadette came on the show full time it really sucks. People say the show and characters need to develop. I say NO! Everyone on friends show stayed the same with the exception of Monica & chandler. And on Seinfeld no one changed! & that is the best! The show isn't about the geekiness anymore it's only about the relationships! When was the last time they went to a movie, or went to work & the cafeteria? The only woman that Raj should talk to is Penny cause he is now comfortable around her. They should have Howard & Sheldon break up with their Wife & GF. Or have Amy & Bernadette killed in a comic con stamped.
  • How is TBBT going to continue for another two years?

    For years, The Big Bang Theory was my favorite TV comedy. However, this season was so bad that it isn't even on my DVR any longer. I just don't care about the characters anymore, and the show is not funny. Sheldon's personality change is unrealistic. I have no idea what Leonard sees in Penny now. She has become a cynical, sarcastic alcoholic with no redeeming qualities. Bernadette, the once-sweet girl is now a domineering shrew. Who knows what has happened to the Raj character. The relationships between the guys have been supplanted by the pairing of couples, and if someone just began watching the series now would have no idea what these guys do for a living. They all just sit in each other's living room, the guys eating take-out and the girls drinking in Penny's apartment. It's so disappointing to see a once-great comedy lose its way. The next two years will be painful. I probably won't be watching, because I just don't care anymore
  • Please change theme song

    This show needs to realize when they have worn out a theme song.

    I mute my TV every time the show starts with that same theme song we had had to hear since show started.

    It is so over used it's annoying. I used to like the song. Then after thousands of times, it got old. Real old.

    It's over used and worn out. Enough already!!!!

    Also, like many have been posting, the show is starting to get very boring. It's like every episode is just going through the motions. Just isn't as enjoyable as it used to be. Who is writing this crap? Sorry, but it just isn't fun to watch anymore.
  • Boring "science" drama

    While I always kind of thought this show was a little corny with the laugh tracks and all, I still enjoyed watching the first season when it was about four nerdy, social awkward guys trying unsuccessfully to get laid or at least talk to a girl while juggling their respective careers in the science community.

    Now the show has devolved to watching some semi-serious "drama" about four wannabe-nerds in relationships. There is very little of the science aspect involved anymore, save for a cheap joke here and there followed by an even cornier laugh track than before. While the intent was to create character development, all the writers managed to do was create boring characters and boring storylines.
  • Cheesy audience laughing

    An Ex big fan

    I USED to watch Big Bang Theory religiously every night but it has become so unbearable now that there has been such a cheesy audience laugh inserted that I cannot watch it.

    I'm pretty sure that I have heard the exact same laugh sequences before from HAPPY DAYS.

    Sorry a great comedy spoilt again from the US

    James GB
  • Big Bang,Hardly!!!

    my wife watches this quite often,why,I have no clue. is not the least bit funny and I am a huge Marx bros fan for many years and have a very dry sense of humor to boot!!I just do not get it,2 minutes is 1 minute too long in my book.
  • The Big Suck Theory

    Now that the "gang" have been guaranteed a three year job, they seem to just mail their roles to the TV and bore the viewer to death!
  • Always finish on a high

    The Big Bang Theory used to be clever, witty, informative (without them I would never have heard of Schrodinger's cat !!) and very very funny. Now it's just another stupid american tv sitcom.

    The sharpness of the characters has gone and it's just plain boring.

    They should take a leaf out of 'Black Adder' and 'Friends' and finish on a high point, leaving the audience wanting more.
  • its dying

    OMG. They must have changed writiers this year becuse the new episodes suck. I used to laugh out lound like 15 times a show. Tonight, zero laughs and plenty of annoyance. I swear, not one giggle or snicker. Its not funny anymore, its boring.
  • Two year renewal syndrome

    the quality is down this year because everyone knows that they have a guaranteed pay check next year from the multi-year renewal so they are all kicking back and phoning it in this year.
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