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  • Sheldon is the worst thing about the show

    I sort of liked this show at the start, but then Sheldon started becoming more and more annoying

    He is either really autistic ("aspie") or just a flat-out a-hole. He is arrogant, condescending, self-centered, demeaning, and completely anti-social. He does not understand metaphors, sarcasm, or social cues. He takes everything literally and constantly says utterly stupid things. These are all symptoms of Autism (specifically Asperger's syndrome), and if he had that, then it would make sense and could be tolerated (like Max on "Parenthood"). However, they don't say that he is like that (they just call him "eccentric"), so coming from a supposedly normal and functional person, his behavior just makes him a raging jerk. Further evidence of his likely Autism is that he seems to be an "idiot savant"; good at physics and a few scientific things, but bad at everything else. I really don't know why they refuse to acknowledge what he really is.

    I ignored it at the start of the show, but it become more intense. There have been a couple of episodes where they actually addressed his behavior and the other characters complained, but they always just end up ignoring it and let him go back to being a prick.

    This show could be fun if they got rid of Sheldon, but that seems unlikely because some people seem to actually like him for who knows what reason.

  • Over-rated

  • Big Bang,Hardly!!!

    my wife watches this quite often,why,I have no clue. is not the least bit funny and I am a huge Marx bros fan for many years and have a very dry sense of humor to boot!!I just do not get it,2 minutes is 1 minute too long in my book.
  • The Big Suck Theory

    Now that the "gang" have been guaranteed a three year job, they seem to just mail their roles to the TV and bore the viewer to death!
  • Always finish on a high

    The Big Bang Theory used to be clever, witty, informative (without them I would never have heard of Schrodinger's cat !!) and very very funny. Now it's just another stupid american tv sitcom.

    The sharpness of the characters has gone and it's just plain boring.

    They should take a leaf out of 'Black Adder' and 'Friends' and finish on a high point, leaving the audience wanting more.
  • The downward spiral of a once great show

    I know it's bound to get tired after 8 seasons. However, if you watch the older reruns which are on constantly, then compare it to the present, there is a glaring lack of "sharpness" in the scripts. It's very apparent. Let's face it, this season the writing has been very lackluster so far.

    But to be honest it started gradually in season 5, and it got more apparent for each new season that followed.

    It's clear that they ran out of ideas two years ago. That's when they switched the formula to a relationship comedy and changed it from what is was in the early years. Changing the show to Friends 2.0 gives it another couple years of life because the audience seems to like that concept. As a result, they renewed the show with three seasons last year.
  • its dying

    OMG. They must have changed writiers this year becuse the new episodes suck. I used to laugh out lound like 15 times a show. Tonight, zero laughs and plenty of annoyance. I swear, not one giggle or snicker. Its not funny anymore, its boring.
  • Two year renewal syndrome

    the quality is down this year because everyone knows that they have a guaranteed pay check next year from the multi-year renewal so they are all kicking back and phoning it in this year.
  • Has gone downhill all the way

    Penny isn't Penny she got herself a fancy new job and she isn't funny anymore. I STOPPED watching. I guess that is what happens when they give you the "BIG" bucks.

    They need to bring back the Comic book store and Stewart. Penny needs her job at the cheesecake factory back and get rid of that dump/stupid drug rep crap. The show isn't funny anymore.
  • How does everyone like this show?

    God, this show is so overrated, so horrible and so dumb. I feel really bad for anyone who watches this show, and find this to be funny. I strongly HATE this show, it's so stupid and I don't find this to be funny. Whenever I look at it, I just roll my eyes to show how much I really hate this series so much. The writing of this series is a disgrace and the plot is just bad. This series is so overrated and I really want this show OUT of television! Dumbest Show Ever!!!!!!!!!! I hate it and I want it gone! I mean, honestly, who in their right minds come up with a show about 4 stuck-up nerds and a girl? That's pretty much dumb. I think the one thing that TICKS ME OFF is that this show is still on reruns, and everyone still find this funny. Well you know what? IT'S NOT FUNNY! Nothing about this show is funny! "The Big Bang Theory" (for me) is particularly one of the WORST TV SHOWS EVER in tv history.
  • season 8 of the damp sqib theory

    What's happened? This used to be good, now it is truly abysmal. Four episodes in now and I'm done, they can keep the rest. They have all been terrible with barely a titter. The writing and acting are so far down the toilet that there is no way they can pull it back. I assume the writers got a massive raise too, because no one seems interested in doing their job anymore, which is to entertain.

    I think like friends before it, the demands of those involved have killed the show and it should be put down immediately.

  • Bazinga *10 second laugh track*

    Awful TV show
  • I have never understood why people like this show

    Maybe the worse show I have ever scene all the actors are horrible and the characters are unlikeable. Snarly humor mixed with no emotion= no care for the characters life and that goes for every sitcom but BBT takes it to a whole new level.
  • where is the evolution?

    One would think that over time these characters could mature. Sheldon might be a genius but since he has been exposed to some ordinary people why can't he grasp that he is obnoxius?
  • Not my favorite show

    Not much to say about this series...
  • How is this still on?

    This is the worst show ive seen in a long time. Horrible jokes, the laughtrack runs this failure even further into the ground. This show is on a good 3-4 channels every night for an hour at a time, how it is is beyond me and it drives me away from watching channels that have it.
  • When should it end?

    I watch this show and barely get a smirk. I find it hard to watch it too, not what I'm looking for. Sometimes I can't stand it. It's very overrated, it has nothing on those classic comedies which were able to dominate TV over a decade for its entire run, or so. It's such a not great example of fine TV. And they still use the excessively loud laugh track, even less points because of that. Tone it down a little.

    Just how much can Sheldon talk? He just babbles again and again, as redundant as can be, with people thinking he is a genius, he is indeed a brilliant guy though but not that funny. Gets annoying too. So he explains everyday situations or whatever that goes on, in a scientific way and Penny is always like "what?" They relied on that humor for 4 seasons maybe. Now the show has survived 6 seasons and it is so not a good one. Don't even care for the other characters, I don't find them interesting at all, especially the girls when they were added to the main cast. Weak. Maybe just Wolowitz, he says inadequate stuff that can be amusing.

    But really there, this show has no brilliance, style or sparkle at all and it doesn't deserve to be recognized as one the greats of the comedy genre. It's so average, such as the episodes and some characters. When have they had a remarkable episode, or a strong storyline through a season? Just because they are smart doesn't mean it's an intelligent show, it's not as clever as people think, perhaps theoretically, heh. One would expect mind blowing writing from supposedly geniuses, they play it safe. Oh and they are 30 something years old, Parsons is 40. I think they have no range. I have not seen them to prove they have substance, it's just a lot of nonsense, nothing to get you attached. Kinda disappointed with TV viewers. It's fine, people have the right to enjoy it, maybe even relate at times, just don't get delusional with it, I refuse to consider it a great program, certainly not the best currently on air or back when it started, surely not. And let's see if it gets worse as it continues, getting anywhere. Who knows on what is it going to end? Not expecting anything special though.
  • Big Bang

    This show does show how ridiculous it is to believe in the "Big Bang Theory". Hurray for that!

    Your show would be even funnier if you got rid of the sexual innuendo. Enough already!
  • i'm sorry, but this show is kind of terrible

    I hate to be that guy... Wait, no i don't. This show sucks. Watch something good like louie, archer, south park, family guy, raising hope or legit. basically anything on fox or fx.
  • Quite possibly the worst show I've ever seen.

    This show is just awful. None of the jokes are remotely funny. All of the characters are complete stereotypes and nowhere close to likeable or relate-able. The audience's laugh tracks are the some of the worst, so annoying to add to such an annoying show already. None of plot-lines are original and it's not the "smart" show that it claims to be. This show is an insult to intelligence. Open your eyes, people.
  • One-Liners? Annoying laugh tracks? Loud speaking and poor acting? Oh wait, it's a Chuck Lorre show.

    I don't get how people like this show. I can only imagine it's because of the subject matter. They want to find the nerd culture appealing, and everyone wants to jump on that trend train. I can't stand shows like this, that have "actors" talking almost as loud as they can without actually yelling, delivering one-liners one after another, with an annoying laugh track playing at the end of EVERY SINGLE ONE. It's a typical Chuck Lorre show. I haven't always hated Chuck Lorre's shows, but he's ruined the sit-com at this point and I'll simply have no more of it.
  • A clever title goes here!

    There is no hope for America.
  • Really, America?

    How does a show that makes fun of people with Asperger's become the most popular show on television? Seriously, people?
  • The Sitcom genre is on its last legs...

    I have seen my share of situational comedies on TV, some like the classics such as The Honeymooners & I Love Lucy & others in a class of their own like The Simpsons & Seinfeld, but unfortunately for those who like their comedy in a more juvenile vein, there's The Big Bang Theory.

    This is nothing more than a hodgepodge of lame sex jokes, as if told by nerds for nerds. I find this show so loathsome, mere words can't do justice to this execration of the sitcom genre.
  • A Disgrace To Modern TV

    This show is with out a doubt THE worst show currently on TV. It isn't funny, has poor plots, and is very repetitive.
  • Society really has stooped to an all time low....

    This show is stupid. This show is stupid. This show is stupid. This show is stupid. This show is stupid. This show is stupid. This show is stupid. This show is stupid. This show is stupid. This show is stupid. This show is stupid. This show is stupid. This show is stupid. This show is stupid. This show is stupid. This show is stupid. This show is stupid. This show is stupid.

    I should just end the review right here.

    What really angers me is that the perception of this show is that it's genuinely smart. (LOL) People of America, you can enjoy your stupid sitcoms, I don't really care, just don't go around telling other people that they don't like it because they don't understand "smart humor." The writing of this show is of the same "intelligence" as stuff like Two and a Half Men, Friends and god knows how many other sitcoms.

    The only thing that separates this show from conventional sitcoms is the so called "nerd" humor. It really baffles me that when people so much as hear a joke about right clicking a mouse, they die of laughter because guess what, it takes a real NERD to know the difference between right clicking and left clicking a mouse. Hell if you didn't get the joke the "studio audience" will be there to laugh right along side you.

    If you enjoy stupid shows like Two and a Half Men, Whitney, Friends, According to Jim and the 5 million other carbon copies, then the Big Bang Theory should quench your thirst.

    If you're one of the few people left in America that actually likes intelligent humor, here's a solid list of shows to watch before you tackle The Big Bang Theory:

    Early seasons of The Office (hell the newer ones are still 50 notches above TBBT), early seasons of The Simpsons, Arrested Development, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Parks and Recreation, Community, Frasier, Seinfeld. Pokemon. (tee hee, OK I'm kidding here, TBBT is probably, slightly smarter than Pokemon)

    I have to say though, Chuck Lorre really is a genius. (No sarcasm intended) It takes a sickening amount of talent to to downgrade all your jokes from what could potentially been a good subtle joke to some in your face NERD LOOK AT HIM PLAY VIDEO GAMES ON A FRIDAY NIGHT one. I mean he obviously understands that stupidity reigns supreme in America as shown by the obnoxiously high TV ratings this show gets. He understands exploiting said audience will bring in what is probably millions of dollars for himself and who can blame him? Hell if I was the absolute smartest comedy writer in the world I'd probably make my jokes ridiculously simplistic just to suit the largest audience.

    Let me close this review with the words of Barack Obama.

    This show is stupid. This show is stupid. This show is stupid. This show is stupid. This show is stupid. This show is stupid. This show is stupid. This show is stupid. This show is stupid. This show is stupid. This show is stupid.
  • Terrible

    I don`t think a show could get less funny
  • drinking game

    I invented a drinking game to see if I could make big bang theory fun....

    rule 1: Drink, whenever I laugh during the show. as you may have guessed, by the end of the show......

    The bottle I had magically, had MORE alcohol then it started with, thanks big bang theory!

    I then decided to watch a 2nd show... but, came up with a new rule.

    New rule 1: every time there's a laugh track for a joke that IS NOT actually funny.. take a drink!

    as you may of guessed....

    I just got out of the hospital after having my stomach pumped.....THANKS BIG BANG THEORY!
  • shocking

    not even penny can save this load of rubbish
  • Can't figure out what all the hype is about

    I heard a lot about how funny TBBT was... so I really wanted to check it out. I like intelligent shows with a sense of humor so I thought thisshow would be right up my alley. I've tried watching it several times, yet I have failed to laugh once. Nothing about this show seems funny and I just can't figure out how it is so popular! I've tried watching it more than once thinking it was just that particular episode, but with no luck. Even my husband who is a science teacher and total science nut found it lacking humor. He made me change the channel after becoming bored. Overall, I don't see how this show has lasted this long and am surprised it wasn't cancelled long ago!
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