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  • Simply put Two and a Half Men for Nerds.

    The this can be simply put as the Two and a Half Men for Geeks and Nerds. Absolutely funny. I am truely loving this show compared to my other favorites its something fresh and inovative sounds like the U.K.'s BBC network's "The IT Crowd" which happens to be coming to the States in January 2008 to NBC network. Both shows are great and I suggest them for anyone who feels interested. I'll definately tune into both shows every week and will preorder the season dvd when possible. I know it's early to make assumptions about a show, but I can really see this show shine.
  • I was not expecting much. i actually jus checked in to check out Ms Cuoco.

    However, I was pleasantly surprised to find myself laughing in the first five minutes of the show. I have already found myself making excuses for some of the new comedies I have watched this season. I say things like, "i am sure it will get better" and "they are just trying to set the story foundation.. they'll be funny later." Big Bang started off with a bang an ended the same way. The writing is great and the actors comic delivery and timing are excellent. I hope enough intelligent people watch this show to keep it alive. Big Bang is the best new sitcom to come along in a while...Let's keep it around.
  • It is the story of the hot girl that befriends two geeks with a bit of a twist, while one thinks that she will be his the other knows that it is universally impossible.

    So I thought this was hilarious as soon as I heard the line

    "What have you guys been up to today?"

    "Just m*st*rb*t*ng for money"

    These guys are funny and they play off each other well.

    Yes I'll agree the story is a bit overdone, but not really like this, I mean these guys play it differently, because they pretty much know they have no shot and that adds a lot of good comedic lines. Plus Kaley Cuocco does not play like she is too good to be seen with them, which will keep the akward situations going.

    Shelton looks like he play a good supporting role, similar to Jeremy Piven and Neil Patrick Harris, with the smart one liners.

    I definately plan to keep watching this show.
  • Get rid of the laugh track, fine-tune Johnny Galecki's acting, and you have a watchable show.

    This one wasn't even on my radar until I read a quick preview of it a few days before the premier. I liked what I read, so I decided to give it a shot on my already "filled to the brink" Monday Show Line-up. If it was more than 30 minutes I may have given up in the first few minutes. The laugh track on this show is god aweful. It makes me feel ashamed to laugh at jokes I would normally find funny. Other than that, Johnny Galecki seems to think geek=gay. Parsons is spot-on, and Kaley Cuoco is alright, but was 20x more attractive without the sun ripened look. If they were to get rid of the laugh track, or at least not use it after every sentence I could definately watch this show. Right now, the only current live action 30-minute Comedy shows I enjoy are The Office and My Name is Earl. Neither use a laugh track, and both are not only comic gems, but make me feel proud of myself when I tell people I watch them.
  • Top notch acting and writing gives credibility to this improbable, but wholly enjoyable show!

    It's been a long time since I've laughed out loud throughout an entire episode of any show, but Big Bang Theory is one of the funniest, well written and well acted screwball comedies I've ever seen. Who could not root for this naive pair of brainiacs. As a female, I prononce that they are absoultely adorable! What fun this series is. And it has the virtue of leading into another laugh a minute comedy, Two and Half Men. What I love about these 2 shows is that they do not take themselves seriously, and neither should we. Sit back and enjoy the beats the heck out the lame reality shows being offered.
  • The Big Bang Theory is about as original as sliced bread, and instead of making the show's nerds clueless yet lovable, Lorre's new comedy decides to flat out mock them.

    The four camera comedy is a tricky thing to produce in the current TV landscape, but CBS somehow makes it work with shows like How I Met Your Mother and Two and a Half Men. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that Men's creator has rolled out another sitcom for CBS. The Big Bang Theory is the latest attempt to fill the 8:30 timeslot, but unfortunately the show doesn't make the cut, often taking cheap shots at the expense of the show's two male leads.

    The show starts off right away with Leonard and Sheldon walking down a hall, (unknowingly) making a crack about turning some scientific process including photons into a t-shirt, letting us know that we are dealing with some very, very nerdy leading men. These two guys aren't just super smart and geeky, they are shamelessly over-the-top stereotypes of nerds.

    Unlike many of the TV shows and movies that have come out in the past year, Bang laughs at these two science professors by taking cheap shots, rather than laughing with them. Not only that, but Sheldon comes off as just plain mean towards anyone without a Ph.D. This is best exemplified in his rant against astrology which goes straight over the head of Penny in one of her many, many blond moments.

    The writing of the show can be divided into two equal parts: the overly nerdy jokes and the uncomfortable with women jokes. Each joke is put in convenient punch-line form, making each conversation feel forced.

    It's not all bad though, as the show did leave me with the feeling that there may be something to dig out of the show. The cast seems to be fairly competent, especially with Johnny Galecki, who seems to be the most comfortable and natural actor on stage. Maybe (but probably not), this show could meld into something good in time. CBS' last comedy, The Class, had a bad pilot, a very good cast and competent producers behind it, and by episode 5 was a very enjoyable show. While Bang may not have as much talent behind it as The Class, it still has a shot at getting better.
  • It was an o.k. pilot.

    I watched the shows pilot and it was an o.k. show. It is not my favorite show but it is a decent show. I will most likely watch the next couple episodes. The reason I started watching it is because Kaley Cuoco is in it. I watched her on 8 simple rules for dating my teenage daughter and I watched her on Charmed and I thought that she was a good actress. She was funny in the show yesterday. I like that the nerdy guys have no idea on how to act around women. I will watch the show next couple episodes.
  • Great show, worth the space on my TiVo.

    This is my first review, of anything - ever. But I feel this show warrants my opinion. This show if funny, a laugh a minute - I love it. Even my overly sophisticated wife loved it. I only hope the next episodes follow suite.

    Give it a fair shake and you too may enjoy this fun program.

    I love the way the characters blend together well and play off each other. Each "Geek" or "Nerd" has his own unique quirk and personality that makes it quite entertaining and unpredictable. I do hope that the TV elitists find this show worth watching on their Neilsen boxes to keep this show on the air.
  • Very smart humor!

    Most people I know do not get this show at all. However, I am in love with it! The humor reminds me of a today's Frasier, where the men are geeky and most times too smart. Watching these guys with the new neighbor was painful because they are too inexperienced and awkward. None of them know how to commuicate with a person of average intelligence and that's what makes it so incredibly hilarious! I am so glad that I took the time to watch the first episode. I'm definately going to keep tuning in to watch these guys and see what they get into throughout the season!
  • A hot chick and nerds sound's unique huh...

    Is this a funny show? I guess you can say that it's written well and has its moments BUT I tried soooo hard to not get annoyed or even flat out hate Jim Parsons character and that's just distracting for me, it takes away from the comedy.

    Bridget Hennessy I mean Penny is played by Kaley Cuoco, she plays the part of the ditsy blond Cutie who only on a TV show would someone who looks like her would ever hang out with 2 guys as socially retarded as Leonard and Sheldon. She plays the role well and did I mention that shes hot!

    How many more D&D, WoW, Myspace, Youtube, Star Trek, Star Wars, Comic Book, Virgin and Loser references or jokes until the show get old... My guess is 3 more episodes.
  • Two smart guys. One with almost no social skills and a touch of OCD. One dumb girl with the average dumb girl goals. (She is of course very sweet and not modest.) The show has to be good. Sacaism, wit, what more do you need?

    I think the show is brillant!! I miss Gilmore Girls and never miss Two and a Half Men. I laughed so much during the pilot that I was in a little bit of pain. I really hope this show survives. I really hope America is smart enough to get the jokes. Arrested development failed because people were not smart enough... very sad. I think the combo of the dumb blonde with the overly intellegent boys will make for a great time whenever it is on. Seriously how do you not love a show where two grown men walk into their apartment in their tighties and pretty thight boxers after trying to retreive a TV for the hot girl?
  • This show was completely funny. I am a chemist at heart and this story complete makes such sense, that is it is completely funny. Please keep this on the air. COMPLETELY AWESOME, A ONE OF A KIND HIT.

    AWESOME, I thought it was not going to be the kicker but when I have a beer mustache because of my laughter I know I love this show. It made my night. I am a chemist turn teacher and believe me I relate to everything being said, that is how close I came to that, it hilarious they bet keep this on the air. I love alot of CBS shows but this one could another friends that is a long running show give it a chance. The character casting for the show is also awesome the chemistry and the dynamics make the show. Like I said AWESOME.
  • Better than i thought

    The Big Bang Theory,
    The show goes along with 4 nerds, but only two main nerds.There lives seem to going in the right direction when a beatuy moves next door.There lives begin to change when there new friend has charactics they dont like.In the end they make it threw the challenges and still remain good friends.I like this show becauses it is like Beauty and the Geek for CBS.It is one of the best new comedies and actually has comedy that hasnt been touched on tv for along time.I can see this show lasting and living up to the Sitcom lives.
  • The bottom line here is that really rich geeks get the really hot girls and the rest of the geeks meet girls with really nice personalities.

    Never Judge A Show by it's Pilot: The Big Bang Theory. My first impression of The Big Bang Theory is that I have seen this before. Hot Girl befriends Geeks. They can be Movie Geeks, Comic Book Geeks, Sci-Fi Geeks, Techno Geeks or TV Geeks. All of this has been done before. The bottom line here is that really rich geeks get the really hot girls and the rest of the geeks meet girls with really nice personalities. We have a very talented cast, (Johnny Galecki, Jim Parsons and Kaley Cuoco) but I don't see any new ideas here.

    I watched the pilot. The dialogue was very funny, but I think the Geek Banter may go over most American's heads (Imagine if Frasier and Niles were physicists). The plot was pedestrian. This time we have one geek roommate, Leonard (Galecki), falling for the hot chick neighbor that is out of his league, Penny (Cuoco), while his geek roommate, Sheldon (Parsons), prepares him for the inevitable fall. These geeks look like they should be living in paid housing on the MIT campus, not sharing an apartment in Los Angeles. The Hot Chick has no inhibitions in front of strangers when she borrows the geek's shower. (Save something for the dream/fantasy sequence that you're going to show during sweeps). The Hot Chick's Ex-boyfriend bullies geeks. Sweet characters and cleaver dialogue do not a sitcom make, but I never judge a show by it's pilot.

    In the next episode the Geeks receive an IKEA type home entertainment system for Penny while she is out. When they bring the large box into her apartment Sheldon can't deal with the fact that her apartment is an unorganized mess. That evening Sheldon can't sleep and goes into Penny's apartment and proceeds to clean and organize it while Penny is sleeping in the next room. When Penny awakes she is livid at the geeks. By the end of the episode, all is forgiven. There really is no plot and the premise is weak. Again, sweet characters and cleaver dialogue do not a sitcom make

    Penny: So, what do you guy's do for fun around here?
    Sheldon: Well today we tried masturbating for money.

    Stay Tuned

    Tony Figueroa
  • A great new comedy that stands out from the other new shows this year.

    From the writers of two of my favorite shows, (Gilmore Girls and Two and a Half Men) comes the surprisingly hilarious new comedy about four nerds and their new hot neighbor. The two physicist roommates, Leonard and Sheldon, are written in a way that makes them seem like the typical nerds with no social skills, but they somehow manage to escape the horrible clichés that immediately pop into you mind. Kayley Couco, from 8 Simple Rules, also does an amazing job in her role as the new neigbnor, Penny. I wasn't really sure about the show at first, but halfway through the pilot and I was hooked.
  • I didn't think I was going to like this show. But, I do love watching this show, it's original concept not previously seen on t.v. Although it does kind of remind me of Family Matters with Urkel liking Laura

    When I fist saw this show advertised I wasn't sure I was going to like it. I saw the first episode and immediately liked this show. This show is so hilarious, Johnny Galecki and the one that plays Sheldon are complete opposites as far as personalities go. But, it's a perfect balance. Also Kaley Cuoco is a nice mix to the show. I like her acting style. I guess it goes to show that no matter if your a stupid guy or a smart guy. Guys can't seem to understand women. Personally I don't bother trying to understand women. Anyway, this show has my attention and I'll be watching it, hopefully it'll survive.
  • This show is the "something new" that televison needed. On a latter note it did replace another vibrant television series(THE CLASS) but dont let that burden overshadow this television marvel.

    This show is the "something new" that televison needed. On a latter note it did replace another vibrant television series(THE CLASS) but dont let that burden overshadow this television marvel. Kaley Cuoco is phenomenal I would follow her acting trails anywhere. Give this show a chance. Although its hard to lose a favorite tv show its evevn worse if you let that dictate if youre going to watch the new show that replaced it. Dont make that mistake.

    *i didnt want to write anymore so the second half is the same as the first* This show is the "something new" that televison needed. On a latter note it did replace another vibrant television series(THE CLASS) but dont let that burden overshadow this television marvel. Kaley Cuoco is phenomenal I would follow her acting trails anywhere. Give this show a chance. Although its hard to lose a favorite tv show its evevn worse if you let that dictate if youre going to watch the new show that replaced it. Dont make that mistake
  • Laugh out loud funny show with a great cast of intelligent nerdy characters. The show is a refreshing change of intelligent humor.

    There needs to be more shows like this on tv. Intelligent humor that's not dumbed down for the audience. This show will have great demographics and develop a cult following quickly, let's hope they keep it on their air. In the long run this is a can't miss show with fresh faces, and fresh humor. Two analytical genius roomates who live across the hall from a beautiful waitress. Their friend, a fellow scientist with a Beatles haircut is super hilarious, completely clueless about his nerdy persona. This is a good change from typical slapstick low-brow humor, and it's about time a show like this comes out.
  • Simply funny Stufffffff If its the same producers as Two and Half Men, then its obviously gona be a hit.

    What would anyone expect from a bunch of nerds. Boring verbal stuff. Well you are gona get blown away with the absolute nerd thories which are so funny. I never knew Science professors are so funny. All jokes are so original and nerdy, and funny and is also theoretical true. I hope so. Hehe Two and Half Men is still a blast. These producers know what comedy really is. So hands up to Chuck Lorre and his crew. You dudes are the best. Well to sum up. I think this Comedy is long laster. And everyone should watch it. Once Again. Hand ups to Chuck Lorre and his crew. Great Job!
  • nice surprise!

    gave this show a shot, the commercials looked funny. was surprised by how much i like it, makes me laugh. a lot of the same actors that were on roseanne, (please, PLEASE dont let her show up.) couple of things i dont like are the freakin laugh track, just annoying. the girl is too ditzy and hoping for more sarcastic comedy. i am a huge geek so the comics, gamer and nerd talk makes me giggle. this is a pretty smart comedy i think and will keep watching. also, if you haven't noticed, that white screen during the credits has a different rant/ letter thingie each episode which are pretty funny too.
  • I like it.

    That's it I like it. I like the akwardness of the characters which belnd in nicely so that the situations are as funny as the can be. Eccentric, weirdm, picky, annoying, misunderstood nad nerdy is what descirbes many of the characters and their interaction with the ''cute girl'' is hilarious, so pardon me for laughing if I find it funny and you don't. It's my way to laugh at night after a long day and I just want to laugh. If I don't look for flaws in a show were they may be some since it's just starting, well I won't and never have in a show I really like seeing.
  • Info Coming Soon...

    The Big Bang Theory is working out great as a good series like the old days ones very much.

    It now my newer favorite show following Til Death is also, i like as well in my favorites bunch of Tv Shows.

    So, The Big Bang Theory does remind of the times of Family how almost everyone in this show are geeks just like Family Matters had afew characters in and there are geeks like Steve Urkel & Waldo & Myrtle Urkel and Myra Monkhouse. And Here're the The Big Bang Theory Cast/Characters:
    Johnny Galecki as Leonard
    Jim Parsons as Sheldon
    Kaley Cuoco as Penny Simon Helberg as Wolowitz Kunal Nayyar as Koothrappali
    Scott Halberstadt as Bobby Frank Pacheco as Joey
  • This is the story of 2 nerdy physiycs named Lenorad and Sheldon who have to deal with mood swings, and love after a watriss at the chessecake factory named Penny wins Lenarods affection. Along with thier best friends Raj & Howard these nerds rock

    I Love This Show !!!!!!
    It is fun and entertainnig well written i didnt think i would like it because it was written by the producers of Two and a half men(i dont like very much) but i got a free episode on iTunes and loved it have not stopped watching since then. Alot of Rossane people in it so probably more soon.
    I LOVE Sheldon & Pennys trip to the supermarket
    I LOVE Reaj & Howards & Lenorads attration to Penny
    I Love The whole superman confrontation between Sheldon and Penny
    I LOVE Rossanne guest stars esspecially sheldons mom I LOVE Nerds Peace Out, Beth
  • Much funnier than I expected it to be!

    When I first heard about the show, I expected it to be mildly amusing. But from the first episode I knew this going to be one of my favorite shows. The writing in incredibly funny. The "geeks" deliver their lines with a disarming charm and naivety that is absolutely perfect.

    Maybe it is because I was a bit of a geek myself. But I find the characters easy to care about and honestly genuine. Each of the geeks has a solid well defined character, and camaraderie really works. But the geek zingers that Jim Parsons (Leonard) and Johnny Galecki (Sheldon)

    I have seen Kaley Cuoco in all of her shows, and I usually get tired of her character. I mean cute, blond, dumb bimbo. How many jokes can we make about that. Boring. But in this show, she actually plays a character that has some depth. She is dumb compared to the geeks, but not dumb. Her character (Penny) is sensitive and interesting.

    When I like a show, that is often the curse of death, but I am hoping that the popularity if Kaley Cuoco will attract enough viewers to try this show. They they will be hooked.
  • Great Comedy!!

    Like the way those tow geeks live together and spend their time!

    Penny & Leonard Could it be?
    Penny & Leonard Could it be?
    Penny & Leonard Could it be?
    Penny & Leonard Could it be?
    Penny & Leonard Could it be?
    Penny & Leonard Could it be?
    Penny & Leonard Could it be?
    Penny & Leonard Could it be?
    Penny & Leonard Could it be?
    Penny & Leonard Could it be?
    Penny & Leonard Could it be?
    Penny & Leonard Could it be?
    Penny & Leonard Could it be?
    Penny & Leonard Could it be?

    Could the realy be a couple ? i think next epsoide they will talk about it and work something out...
  • Two geeks live across the hall from a total hottie and get into funny situations

    this show rocks it is one of my personal favorites. it is second best to me on Mondays to heroes and is great against everything else. one of the few successful new fall shows. easily beats cavemen and carpoolers also owns Kid Nation. i like this show because of the geeky humor related to science and how sheldon always embarrases leonard. i give this show 4 1/2 stars out of five because most of it is funny but some things you dont understand. this show is great. one of CBS's best shows ever better than survivor. this show owns n00bs! i love it
  • nerds are funny

    This was so funny I laughed outloud many times when Rajesha (hope that is right) drank the grasshopper and then looked at penny and started talking to her was one of the funniest things I have ever seen. then sheldon singing at the end cause his virgin drinks were not so virgin my gosh that was hilarious singing fiddler on the roof songs too funny. I just wish he would of sang an encore of if I were a rich man. out of all the guys he is the biggest nerd. which is just too funny he is so goofy a hot girl wants to go out with him and all he can think about is that stupid story.
  • I was so sceptic here. Nerds and a woman. There is so much that can be made wrong shooting such a show. This one does a nice job so far.

    I think the only reason why I started watching this was to see how bad it is. Thank god I was proven wrong.

    When it comes to the whole Nerds vs. Women thing in sitcoms so often they pick this prejudice and that exaggeration blend it and smear it all over the scenes until you get some picassoesque stereotype picture until you get the urban TV legend of a nerd.

    I was pleasantly surprised when I realised that the writers seem to have had some deeper insight into nerds. The characters, though of course somewhat overacted, still work. Actually I have met people like this that live in their own world. But back on topic. The acting is great and brings nicely formed characters to life who, in the small dose of an episode, are lovely and fun to watch (I can imagine how being in their world for a few hours would either make you jump out of a window or become a murderer though). The whole nerd loves pretty girl story, which is a very delicate thing in comedy, is nicely handled.

    Overall a great show that seems to get better and better and makes you see the little nerd inside all of us. Embrace it, it often is the child inside of you that comes to play, which is a good thing.
  • The big bang theory is the best new show I have seen in years. A cute, happy go lucky social girl moves in next door to a couple of upper level physicist students.

    This is my husband and my favorite new show. Of all the 1/2 hour comedy shows of this type it is our hands down favorite one to watch.

    The rerun this last week just killed me, not getting to see a new episode, but we were watching with a friend who had never seen it before so it was still worth it AND still funny the second time around!

    Among my friends who like this show we sometimes wonder if people who do not have the first clue about the science behind the jokes still find this show funny, and I think they do! Only about once an episode is there a joke where you really have to know a higher advanced math or physics topic (like the Doppler affect) to get the joke. Fortunately that is just one of hundreds of jokes in the episode, many playing on the lack of social skills the guys posses.

    Personally I would like to see more of the women from the physics department, and more of Penny's friends!

    I just hope this show stays on the air for a long time to come!
  • Keep Big Bang on the air....I heard through the grapevine that this show was beng cancelled and I was real disappointed. It is hard to find a great show these days. I really hope CBS takes a hint. I would like to see the 1st season out on DVD next year..

    We love the show, the characters and the weekly episodes just keep getting better. We actually went to a live taping of the show. We are big fans and look forward to seeing what's next. It's hard to find a good show these days to relate to. As a fellow gamer, I like the reference to everyday real life experiences. I really think we are looking at an Emmy for 2008...I find Sheldon in a wierd way SEXY, Leonard is soooo innocent, Raj is a hoot, and The Jewish boy, Lord have mercy, he is a crack up....Thank you CBS and Chuck for giving us something to look forward to after a hard days work.....

    Keep BIG Bang on the AIR!!!!
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