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  • This show belongs on "TGIF" back in the late 80's. Sorry to say it's mindless comedy for simple people. With so many good shows on TV its ratings are a sad reflection on todays society.

    I think my summary says it all, but its just amazes me that so many people watch this uninspiring witless show. Put it this way without a laugh track I'm really not sure people would know when it is suppose to be funny. If you enjoy smart well-written comedies like Arrested Development, South Park, American Dad or It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia you will not like this show.

    Its ironic but if you don't know what the big bang theory actually is chances are this show IS for you ;) Bottom Line: This show has done its part in bringing TV sitcoms back to the stone age from whence they came.
  • Worst show ever? Quite possibly

    While the title of my post is a bit of hyperbole, this is definitely the worst sitcom I have seen in a long time. I don't watch a ton of them anymore because you can tell they will be horrible without seeing them. I thought that about this, but gave it a chance due to the good reviews and recommendations from friends. I don't know what others see in this, but it is absolutely terrible. My girlfriend and I did not laugh or smirk once. If you enjoy Community, Parks & Rec, earlier seasons of The Office or Arrested Development or funny shows, under no circumstances should you watch this. If you like Two and a Half Men or According to Jim, then I would probably recommend this show because the humor and writing is very reminiscent of those types of "comedies."


    Just watched another episode, my 4th, and it's just as bad as the other three. I'm not trying to be rude, but I honestly can not understand why people like it. I am really looking forward to speaking with friends who like the show so they can explain to me what is funny it. The jokes are either tired and obvious or just plain not funny, the laugh track is insanely overused and usually used anytime anyone says anything regardless of whether or not something humorous happened/was said.
  • It started out brilliantly, full of clever jokes centered on science and the academic life of highly intelligent students. Now it's sunk to the level of every other banal comedy on TV: fart jokes and an endless string of sexual jokes.

    How disappointing! I thought this show was fantastic when I first saw it. It was amazing: it actually had jokes about physics. Who would have believed it? I told my wife that the fact that I liked it was probably the kiss of death for the show and it seems to be. As of this week's episode we've left all the clever humor and insightful commentary on the lives of the super brilliant nerdly types behind. It's fart jokes about one of the character's lactose intolerance. How rollicking. Then we enjoyed a mind-numbing series of puerile jokes about these brilliant guys trying to get laid. How original. The peak moment was when one of the lead characters got hit in the testicles. Now there's a laugh riot if ever I've seen one. If you've ever seen the movie *Idiocracy*, this show has sunk to the level of the *Ow, My Balls!* show pictured there, in which the audience enjoys a series of guys getting hit in the crotch. It's a real let-down here. I really liked this show. Now it's the same mindless pablum you can turn off anywhere on TV.
  • Can't get over the blatantly obvious cliches

    It seemed to be a pretty popular show so I had to check it out. However, the first thing that killed it for me was the existence of a laugh track. I have spent years recovering from laugh track overload caused by watching too many sitcoms in the 90s. I firmly believe that it makes people dumber by teaching them when to laugh even though the audience may not know why it's funny, if at all. The jokes themselves aren't that bad but I find it hard to believe that 'nerds' are really that socially stupid and hopeless. Clearly they have no reasoning skills which kind of nullifies the title. And of course there's the bubbly-Hooters-Ugg-wearing Victoria's-Secret-Pink-collection-college-girl blonde next door who has the antidote called common sense. Really? Nerds can't just have nerdy girlfriends who like the same stuff they do? Thus the cookie cutter cliches are too much to get past, especially when it's the foundation of the show.
  • Yawn!

    I can't believe so many people apparently like this show. The jokes are all so predictable and the acting is awful. I have forced myself to sit through three entire episodes in an effort to see what all the fuss is about but I just can't stand this show. All the best to those of you who like it but I will be turning the channel to something else. I see it was co-created by one of the "Two and a Half Men" guys so I'm not surprised now that I hate it because that's another show I can't stand that is also a huge hit. I guess I'm just not part of the majority here. Enjoy your show.
  • how do people laugh at this

    watched 1 episode, noticed 3 times where sheldon opened his stupid mouth without a laugh track. Watch any other show on fox or cbs and it will be better than this.
  • Society really has stooped to an all time low....

    This show is stupid. This show is stupid. This show is stupid. This show is stupid. This show is stupid. This show is stupid. This show is stupid. This show is stupid. This show is stupid. This show is stupid. This show is stupid. This show is stupid. This show is stupid. This show is stupid. This show is stupid. This show is stupid. This show is stupid. This show is stupid.

    I should just end the review right here.

    What really angers me is that the perception of this show is that it's genuinely smart. (LOL) People of America, you can enjoy your stupid sitcoms, I don't really care, just don't go around telling other people that they don't like it because they don't understand "smart humor." The writing of this show is of the same "intelligence" as stuff like Two and a Half Men, Friends and god knows how many other sitcoms.

    The only thing that separates this show from conventional sitcoms is the so called "nerd" humor. It really baffles me that when people so much as hear a joke about right clicking a mouse, they die of laughter because guess what, it takes a real NERD to know the difference between right clicking and left clicking a mouse. Hell if you didn't get the joke the "studio audience" will be there to laugh right along side you.

    If you enjoy stupid shows like Two and a Half Men, Whitney, Friends, According to Jim and the 5 million other carbon copies, then the Big Bang Theory should quench your thirst.

    If you're one of the few people left in America that actually likes intelligent humor, here's a solid list of shows to watch before you tackle The Big Bang Theory:

    Early seasons of The Office (hell the newer ones are still 50 notches above TBBT), early seasons of The Simpsons, Arrested Development, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Parks and Recreation, Community, Frasier, Seinfeld. Pokemon. (tee hee, OK I'm kidding here, TBBT is probably, slightly smarter than Pokemon)

    I have to say though, Chuck Lorre really is a genius. (No sarcasm intended) It takes a sickening amount of talent to to downgrade all your jokes from what could potentially been a good subtle joke to some in your face NERD LOOK AT HIM PLAY VIDEO GAMES ON A FRIDAY NIGHT one. I mean he obviously understands that stupidity reigns supreme in America as shown by the obnoxiously high TV ratings this show gets. He understands exploiting said audience will bring in what is probably millions of dollars for himself and who can blame him? Hell if I was the absolute smartest comedy writer in the world I'd probably make my jokes ridiculously simplistic just to suit the largest audience.

    Let me close this review with the words of Barack Obama.

    This show is stupid. This show is stupid. This show is stupid. This show is stupid. This show is stupid. This show is stupid. This show is stupid. This show is stupid. This show is stupid. This show is stupid. This show is stupid.
  • Story about 'Nerds' being Nerds and what happens when you throw in a hot girl in the midst. Yeah... DWEEBS kinda did that already.

    This is basically remake of the cancelled show 'DWEEBS' for the new generation of nerds.
    I thought the original show was stupid and this goes one step higher even more dumbA$$.
    I DO think I fall in the NERD genre. I know Superman, Batman, Hulk and Spidey's mythos by heart. Watched all of Babylon 5, Farscape, Stargate, Star Trek... etc.
    I DID see BSG with the commentaries and actually so have my friends but NOT A SINGLE one of us is like that.
    EVEN the nerdiest one of us, the guy who can't talk to girls and dresses funny isn't like that.
    This show has forgotten the nerds of the late 70s and early 80s from 'Revenge of the Nerds' doesn't exist anymore.
    Nowadays they are more like the characters in CHUCK.
    Not only is this show stupid and bland, its showing of the nerd herd in 2 decades back dated.
    I'm glad it got cancelled.
  • I take my words back

    I previously made a review of this show stating that I didnt like it, let me say that I had seen some season 1 episodes and I hadnt liked them. Lately I've been watching it, mostly because I dont have much to do, and I've gotta say that its being good. I think that season 3 is doing good, and I take my words back. Its actually quiet funny, not as good, and will never be, as Two and a Half Men, but is still somewhat funny. I watch it from time to time and I'm gonna say that it is good. Sorry for any insult to any fan of the show I made before, its not as bad as the first impression I had from the episodes I had watched. Its good.
  • Funny show but needs a later time slot...

    My hubby & I absolutely love the show but we have 4 kids under the age 11 & I don't think the show should be on at dinner time. There's really too many sexual comments & scenes to be on during a prime family TV time.
  • How does everyone like this show?

    God, this show is so overrated, so horrible and so dumb. I feel really bad for anyone who watches this show, and find this to be funny. I strongly HATE this show, it's so stupid and I don't find this to be funny. Whenever I look at it, I just roll my eyes to show how much I really hate this series so much. The writing of this series is a disgrace and the plot is just bad. This series is so overrated and I really want this show OUT of television! Dumbest Show Ever!!!!!!!!!! I hate it and I want it gone! I mean, honestly, who in their right minds come up with a show about 4 stuck-up nerds and a girl? That smug named Chuck Lorre. I think the one thing that TICKS ME OFF is that this show is still on reruns, and everyone still find this funny. Well you know what? IT'S NOT FUNNY! Nothing about this show is funny! "The Big Bang Theory" (for me) is particularly one of the WORST TV SHOWS EVER in tv history.
  • I'd like to say this is the worst show ever, but sadly it's not!

    Keeping with the tradition of poorly thought out lack luster writing, CBS' The Big Bang Theory is truly awful! Two nerdy boys get a hot blonde neighbor, & don't know how to act. Wow, that cliche hasn't been ran into the ground or anything.

    I have friends who are literally rocket scientists & brain surgeons, and trust me, NO ONE talks like these two nit-wits. The two male characters are little more than a plagiarized combination of Niles & Fraser Crane from "Fraser", and Data & Jordi La Forge from "Star Trek TNG". Here's a tip I picked up on a long time ago: If a laugh track is set off every other line to give the impression that something funny just happened... even though nothing truly funny has occurred, the show is bad!
  • Utter Rubbish

    Serously, a hot woman friends with cliche intelligent nerds, that's the premise this show. The entire show, revolves around this, not a singular episode, not a season, this is the show in it's entirety. Some jerk off, got payed actual money, to think up this crap and got it commissioned.

    It's a typical cookie cutter American sitcom, the laugh track rolled, but the puns are about as un-funny they come, not even smirk worthy.

    Remember weird Science? I do, this program seems to think you have forgotten it existed. That was actully funny and in context for it's time, this sitcom belongs in a time passed, it's stupid, not funny and if you are a geek, insulting. Look at it this way, if you had a white lady with a black family and they liked watermelons, rap and shouted "aw lawdy" every time something bad happened, the show would be extremely racist and insulting. This show is pretty much the equivalent of that on a diffrent group of people, it puts star wars fans, Dr Who fans into a little box for ridicule.

    Cancel this show and fire everyone involved.

  • why oh why did i watch this?

    I did not like this show at all not even funny to me! the characters are very annoying! i dont expect this show to last the season. if it does i will be very surprised. I thought when how i met your mother came out i thought it would be very stupid but i gave it a try and i love it. i thought i would give big bang theory the benefit of the dought and give it a watch. why did i waste my precious time? this is just my opinion and i respect others opinion. this network is all about drama and csi franchise not counting how i met your mother and two and a half men they should give up on comedies
  • I dont like Stephanie role. But as always i love Big Bang Theory anyhow.

    I dont like Stephanie role. Episode did not had a special moment like Sheldon smile in one of last episodes. I understand that Leonard and Penny will not get together right now, but i would rather to see penny making Leonard break up with Stephanie. But as always i love Big Bang Theory anyhow. xx xx xx xx xx xx xx xx xx x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x xx x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x xx x x x x x
  • Boring.

    I know I'm a minority on this, but I think this show isn't funny in the slightest. The character 'Sheldon' is incredibly annoying, jokes like 'I'm not crazy, my mother had me tested' are really over-used, and quite frankly dull. The most annoying thing however, is that there is minimal progress to the story. One marriage, and that's it. 6 Seasons in, and that's it. i find this show, while not awful, extremely over-rated.
  • Eh.

    I expected a lot more from the show. It turned out to be a big BLAH to me. I don't get the hype. And that Sheldon guy is quite annoying. I thought it would be a lot funnier. It's a show that is just too plain and lacks attitude and spunk. I tried to give it a chance, watching all 3 episodes so far, but after each, I end up asking myself why I even bothered. I've just read the next episode's summary, and it sounds quite interesting. Still thinking if I'd give it another shot. Should I or shouldn't I? Will it be worth it?
  • Highly Overrated

    Yet another american subculture misrepresented and exploited to make money. It's just awful.
  • Fantastic Show, I don't know why there are so many hate comments.

    The funniest show on television, better than FRIENDS
  • life changes

    I was told that Big Bang Theory was an intellectual comedy. Imagine my surprise when I tried to watch an episode, only to be subjected to an annoying laugh track repeated after every utterance. Smart people don't need a prompt to know wha is funny. I don't watch any programs with those inane laugh tracks.
  • no more raj's

    I think it's time we get rid of kunal's character whether or not he has a girlfriend he's too whiny and needy and annoying to hear
  • Cheap laughs at the expense of "nerds", but it does have some proper laughs as well.


    I watched this show for the first two years before I grew tired of it. But just now I decided to give it another go with both Will Wheaton AND Brent Spiner on the guest list. Will has been plopping up in a lot of sci-fi and comedy shows lately to both my enjoyment and dislike. He's typically portrayed as the arrogant dip shit who thinks that everyone should bow down to him for his brief stint on Star Trek TNG. And when he's not cast as "himself" he's playing the same role (see Eureka). Nothing against him personally. He seems like a lovely chap. But he needs to branch out.

    But wait! This is about Big Bang Theory and not Will Wheaton. So let's talk about that instead. Remember It's been about two years since I've watched the show so I came into this particular episode with fresh hopeful eyes. The opening scene is in the comic book store where the two male main characters are looking at a sword. The episode has barely faded in before we get treated to some canned laughter. I pose you this question. Why is it so funny that two men are standing over a sword? Who laughs at that? Well jocks do. "Hey dude! Look at the nerds doing their nerd things". That reminded me of why I stopped watching this show.

    Then the show goes on in this manner. Throwing laugh tracks over perfectly normal things (simple stuff like which version of a comic book here you like better). Is it funny just because we got a sort of Laurel and Hardy thing going on here? One short and one tall guy? Or are the networks telling us that if we don't laugh at nerds we're idiots?

    The show does have some genuine funny moments that ain't forcefed with canned laughter, but they are far between.

    Give me a truly funny comedy like Community any day of the week! Leave this for the "big masses" and let 'em continue to think we (nerds) are some strange subculture when in fact our way of life is slowly taking over the world and their precious mainstream media.

  • It's not funny

    Are we really supposed to believe that Sheldon is a genius? He's not a genius, he's just a jerk. It's not funny anymore. Oh wait a sec, was it ever funny?
  • Show needs a kick in the ....

    I have watched a half dozen episodes of "The Big Bang Theory" (TBBT) and have seen horrible comedy and mild comedy at best. And this from Chuck Lorre!!!!!! Thank God he doesn't approach "Two and a Half Men" with the same comic whit as he does "TBBT"!! How can a man who does so well with one comedy (and understands what is funny) affiliate himself with this mess? The comic level in "TBBT" is predictable which makes it a mild comedy. The best comedic level is when you don't see the joke coming or if you do it builds to a very, very funny level. Come on Chuck do better (we know you can) or pull the plug on this theory.
  • A bit forced.

    I really do not think this is a good show. But it is not bad either. Some of the elements actually hold my interest for a few minutes, but the comedy itself seems forced and predictable. I would also say that the show also recycles some jokes and bits from other shows, but the characters are decent. One thing I have to say is great is the chemistry on the show. They all seem to play off one another so well and it makes for some decent entertainment. Overall, not a great show, but just average in terms of overall states. Thank you.
  • Overrated.

    Very overrated show. I'm not going to lie, I watch The Big Bang Theory regularily. It's not that I don't like it, but it's extremely overrated. Be sure to remember that before assuming I hate it after reading my complaints. The thing I dislike most is that half the jokes on the show are very plain, and don't make any sense to the characters. These jokes are made to attract to a certain personality trait that the average adolescent (which is the show's target audience)will always have. For example, when Sheldon feels bad about breaking up with Amy, he buys many cats. This is just an exaggeration of what many people think they would do, and it's supposed to be funny. But it doesn't make any sense to the character. Sheldon would never get many cats. In a previous episode, Leaonard felt bad about Penny so he wanted a cat, and Sheldon was not enthusiastic about it whatsoever. Also, I've noticed many plot-holes throughout the show. In fact, in episode 3 Raj literally talks in the same room as Penny. Raj is well known for having a mental disorder which causes the inability to talk near women. But somehow the writers failed to notice this huge flaw. Also, Sheldon repeatedly corrects peoples' grammar. But on more than one occasion, I have noticed Sheldon make grammatical errors. For example, in one of the newer episodes, Sheldon says "here's your cat, and here's your 20 dollars". The correct verb is "here ARE your 20 dollars". The writers of the show should not be allowed to get away with a character that is supposed to be a genius who corrects people very often, but sometimes makes errors himself. Once again, I would like to remind you that it's not that I dislike the show, but I believe that it's VERY OVERRATED. I can't count the amount of times people have accused me of hating the show because I complain about flaws. Sure, if you're a person who doesn't care as much about this stuff and simply wants to watch the episode and laugh, then I'm not going to try to change your opinion, but I'm not like that. If your looking for a show that has very clever humor and virtually no flaws, I would suggest Arrested Development.
  • Watched All Episodes (TWICE) and would watch them again-please make 10 MORE seasons

    I've watched all the episodes, then watched them again on disc as they came out. This is a show I felt was worth owning and having to watch the full series over and over again every other year or so. Absolutely LOVE these characters (all of em; the boys, the girls, their coworkers and friends, and their relatives) and how they interact with each other. Their problems are real and the ways they find to deal with them (solved or not) are wonderful. ------ I wait all week on pins and needles just to see what's happening next. ----- If this show continues for another ten years, I'll still be right there watching it all and waiting impatiently for next weeks' episode. The only bad thing I can say about this show is that there is only one new episode every other week -- I'd love to see three or four each week (though I know that would put an unreasonable load of work on the staff of the show, actors and writers alike ... people do have lives to live outside of the workplace, after all, even actors and writers).

    I'd love to see this show go on for another 10 seasons; at least. I want to see all of the characters grow up, have families, raise kids, etc. They are so real and I don't think I'll ever get tired of checking in on them.
  • Going to see John Caparulo

    My buddies and I are going to see comedian John Caparulo at watseka theatre watseka illinois on st pattys day march 17, 2012. Cap is the bomb, he should be the big bang theory.
  • I have tried!


    Two of my friends say this show is decent and worth watching. I have tried to get into it. But the show just annoy me. Too much fake laughter put in when the jokes are not even remotely funny. I am all for geeks taking place, but they just have to bring something to the table. Big Bang Theory just does not do that for me. I find myself quickly changing channel when the show comes on.

  • Seriously?

    Seriously? this is the most popular comedy right now? Don't get me wrong; Jim Parsons has his moments but I feel like every episode is the damn same!

    Sheldon is too unconfortable for a new hairdresser

    Sheldon is too unconfortable for a speech

    Sheldon is too unconfortable with whatever.

    Ohw, and the subplot is always; Leonard feels inadequate towards Penny.

    The big problem with TBBT is the characters. They're extremely over simplified. First of all, they've encapsulated too many nerd stereotypes into the main characters. Next to that, the thing that is supposed to make a character funny is always one gimmick or trait; it can never be two, or otherwise we wouldn't understand it.

    There are definitely some funny moments, but they will always come from twists in situations; never in characters. Because when a situation changes you can immediately see how the characters are going to react.

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