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  • One of the best shows I've ever seen. Up there with Friends, That 70's Show and Scrubs. It's smart and extremely funny. The characters are unforgettable.

    I'm not much of a reviewer, but I really encourage anyone to give the show a go. I was recommended it from some friends and fell immediately.

    The characters are expertly put together, all of them play out their role very well. I miss a bit more contuinity in the episodes. The end of one episode often end there, bits of it are picked up the next episode. A bit more like Scrubs would work great.

    Scrubs is 50/50 drama and comedy, this show is much more comedy, but it would not hurt to have more focus on the story. Ok.
  • Big Bang Theory Rules!

    this is by far one of the best shows on tv!.absolute class. every episode is just funny. i hope the creators and writers keep making episodes. all the characters are just brilliant. big bang theory rules!
  • The Big Bang Theory

    great show,,, love the plot.... look forward to watch daily on another channel, than on CBS on Regular night..
  • When i heard of the big bang theory, i thought it was another beakman's world thing but boy oh boy was i mistaken.

    having not knowing this was a comedy was a complete mistake on my part, i never really gave it a second look because of the title, which actually proves the saying - don't judge a book by its cover - yet again. it's funny, it's smart and it's a whole new TV show that alot of people can enjoy. sheldon the smartest guy in the TV show has comedy revolving around him during each episode. It's amazing how something smart can become so funny, a simple scientific fact from sheldon is a line that can make water come out of your nose. i'm so glad, a commercial graced me to show what the Big Bang Theory was really all about.
  • i dont understand why people are saying that you are dumb of you watch this show.

    I really like this show. I enjoy the dynamics between the characters and I like all of the science related dialogue. I don't understand why people are saying this a show for dumb people. You don't have to be smart to understand it, but you don't have to be dumb to enjoy it. I am in graduate school majoring in physics. So I am obviously not dumb and enjoy this show.
  • What a great half hour of entertainment!

    I was told about this hilarious show and decided to give it a try mid season this year. As soon as Sheldon opened his mouth and i saw the cuteness coming from the "relationship" between dorky Leonard and not-so-dorky Penny, i loved it. I have since been watching it every week and bought the first season. It is absolutely hilarious and extremely witty. The "nerd" characters are taken to the extreme especially in Sheldon, and it is so fun to watch. Each character has grown on me, and i can always count on this show to brighten my mood and advance my vocabulary!
  • Now we know what happened to the children of Mary Albright and Dick Solomon.

    I love this show! It's one of the few comedies that makes me laugh so hard I get hoarse sometimes. From the start the show has brought back fond memories of "3rd Rock From the Sun" with Sheldon Cooper (Jim Parsons) in the John Lithgow role as the High Commander Nerd. The writing is smart and I applaud the show creators for not rehashing nerd cliches, and for giving these guys an apartment that they could really have in real life. They've come from planet Nerdtron and now they live among us, splitting atoms for fun and learning how to talk to girls without melting into puddles of goo. Also it's great to see Sarah Gilbert and Johnny Galecki (both "Rosanne" alumni) back on TV, in roles that take advantage of their skill to deliver snarky comments with such subtly.
  • This show is about 4 guys that are "Socially Challenged" that meets a beautiful girl named penny that changes their life from socially challenged to encountered social life w/ a few problems w/ taking off on the plane to social life to it crashing down.

    This show is the best it's the only reason that makes me wanna turn off my computer and watch the show on tv and how come this show wasn't thought of earlier maybe now it would be on season 5 or 6. Everytime i see a small info on the next episode or an episode i have missed it makes me wanna wish that i wouldn't miss it or that i didn't missed the's the best and is complete on all details cause i don't really like shows that leave me hanging like when an episode is only like half of the whole part of the story i sometimes miss the next part so i have to ask my friend hey what happened in this episode or what happened to this guy wearing the bunny suit but i am not saying i hate those kind of shows. This show is my favorite and if you haven't seen it yet well......
    it's really great and you should try watching it sometime.It's like the perfect show with the perfect actors for the parts.
  • The funniest geeks I have seen on TV in ages!

    Oh my God, this is the funniest thing I have seen in years on TV. I laugh from start to finish when this show is on. The characters are just hysterical. The scary part is, I actually know real people who act this way. I am glad they got the whole Leonard/Penny dating thing done and over with early. I think if they became a 'real' couple, the show would lose something. That's part of the whole plot, Leonard pining for Penny. Howard cracks me up, he is so funny thinking he's all 'Mack daddy'. The creators of this show are just totally genius. (After all, they did come up with Two and a Half Men as well...)
  • A classic show consisting well established characters with properly defined idiosyncrasies and a wonderful tendency to evolve with time...

    The big bang theory is a wonderful comedy that revolves around two central characters.. Sheldon, an extremely talented physicist with an IQ of 187 and two PhD.s who lives in his own scientifically organized world where everything is preplanned and flawless, and Leonard a comparatively less geeky guy who tries to socialize a little but is not really very good at it...

    An important aspect while writing a show is how to relate the characters with one another. Leonard becomes roommates with Sheldon and Penny, a sensitive girl who comes to Pasadena to be an actress but winds up as a waitress at a cheesecake factory, moves in across the hall from them. Raj, an Indian astrophysicist and Howard a Jewish engineer work at the same university as Leonard and Sheldon.

    Interactions among the characters are really funny, as every character has its own idiosyncrasies and particular way of expression. The show has always been well written, nicely directed and wonderfully presented. There have been guest stars time to time, to make the show even more hilarious.

    The big bang theory is never boring due to a comparatively large number of characters and its fast moving storyline filled with unexpected punchlines.. Stars are adorable, writers are amazing and in general, The Big Bang Theory is a marvelously executed comedy in the television history...
  • Sheldon might be the unintentional focus but how can they help it? He's hilarious and really, he makes this show what it is!! Hilarious!!!

    I love Sheldon Cooper! Some people think the show is starting to focus too much on him, but I'm sorry, he is the one who makes the show funny! It just wouldn't be the same without his off the wall brand of unintentional sarcastic wit. Leonard does seem like he's just kind of there...not sure if it's the acting or the writing that makes it come across that way. I read that Jim Parsons might be up for an Emmy next year. For a show to make me laugh out loud on a weekly basis, someone sure deserves that award!!
  • Glad to see I am not alone

    I am with others here in that I had a hard time believing that this is the show I have been watching for 6 years. It just didn't feel "right". Can't put a finger on it yet, but certainly the writing has to be held as the main culprit here. It seems the writers will stoop to any implausible situation to go for a cheap laugh, rather than stay to true to the characters and indeed the character of the show itself.

    Also agree that for these characters to be funny they need to put in funny situations. When they just sit around talking with each other, they are generally coming across as petty and shallow people. It feels like we are watching a new show now, " Two and A Half Nerds"

    Bring back the old Bang! Please!

    I will give a 6 simply because the old shows were so good, but yes, it has been going downhill since around season 4 and looks like the trend is continuing. My hopes are fading it will ever return to its former glory.
  • The Big Bang Theory is the best show on TV in a long time!

    If you watch the Big Bang Theory you might need to make sure the neighbors don't think your crazy when they hear you laughing loudly. When you guys win the award, please don't change anything! I just love; you guys.
  • A Fantasticly clever and funny program. The best show on TV!

    The big bang theory is a very clever and at the same time incredibly funny show. It continues to have me in stitches every time it is played. The extremely stubborn Sheldon Cooper (played by Jim Parsons) adds to the ''nerdiness'' of the show. Quirks are added when we discover that Raj can't talk to girls, and that Howard and Raj are often portrayed as a homosexual couple. Adding Penny (played by Kaley Cuoco) across the hallway helps show Lenerd's character as he falls in love with her. In all, a hilarious sitcom that I immensly enjoy. I have watched many sitcoms and I Have to say that the Big Bang Theory is by far my favourite! Thanks 4 Listening, Sarz!
  • My geeky side loves this!

    It's hard to find anything truly geeky on tv that doesn't take itself really seriously. As a geek, I enjoy a good lot of sci-fi shows but this is like a breath of fresh air for me! I understand a great deal of the science-y jokes and enjoy the fact that lots of people won't get them. However, I don't think that this should put people off who aren't science buffs as I am sure there are plenty of remarks that I don't understand. I love the characters; they remind me of lots of people that I know and the general geeky natures in all of them are very real. There aren't badly thought out stereotypical geeks. I think I know most of them! They regard each other's specific areas of expertise with apprehension and, as an engineer myself, I can fully sympathise with Howard's annoyance at Sheldon's disparaging comments about his work!
    I love that it mixes science and intelligence with comedy without seeming elitist. It is refreshing to see something fairly mainstream take on a subject that a lot of people probably get looked down upon for being interested in, even though science is so important to us all. It doesn't come across as preachy and inducts you into the world of physics, almost apologietically, through Penny, who is constantly baffled by the guys' conversations; you can learn a lot without feeling stupid. I love it!
  • Roommates Sheldon and Leonard Live together and try to coexist.

    Before I get started, I want to let everyone know it is not my intentions to offend anyone by using the word nerd; it is a term of endearment. If you are offended, my apologies.

    This is one top 3 funniest shows on TV. Mix two nerds and a beautiful woman across the hall and you have the setting for a hilarious show. The main characters are roommates Sheldon Cooper, Leonard Hofstadter and Penny. The other characters are Howard Wolowitz, Rajesh Koothrappali and lesser character Leslie Winkle.

    Sheldon, Leonard, Howard, Rajesh, and Leslie work at a university doing research in Physics and Engineering. There seems to always be some type of competition going between one group member and another or the group as a whole against someone else.

    When at home Sheldon and Leonard constantly have disagreements about...well...everything. But usually in the end Leonard somehow tricks Sheldon into being happy.

    Not to forget Penny, she is a beautiful young lady who lives across the hall from Leonard and Sheldon. The brings chaos in the their group (Sheldon, Leonard, Howard, and Rajesh) with hilarious results.

    My take on each character -

    - Sheldon Cooper - The most intelligent one of the group, and possibly the biggest nerd in the world. Has no common sense.
    - Leonard Hofstadter - Not quite as intelligent as Sheldon, but has common sense, making him more well rounded and best thinker of the group.
    - Penny - The beautiful woman who lives across the hall from Sheldon and Leonard. She works at a restaurant and is not that intelligent but has a tremendous amount of street smarts. She throws a monkey wrench into the group of four, sousing a multitude of comic situations. Leonard has a crush on her but cannot seem to make any headway. - Howard Wolowitz - Funny character that only has a Masters degree whereas all of the other characters have Doctorates and Sheldon does not let him forget this. Fancies himself as a ladies man but would have a hard time scoring with a mannequin. - Rajesh Koothrappali - Very funny when there are no ladies around, but when a lady is around he can't talk.
    - Leslie Winkle - A brilliant scientist that hates Sheldon but occasionally has sex with Leonard.
  • A very original and very funny sitcom.

    The show centres on a group of four very intelliagent and very stereotypically nerdy male university students and their very attractive female neighbour.

    Not only is this veryclever (sometimes literally) setting for a sitcom but it is also very wqell written. The characters manage to be stereotypical and over the top but at the same time compelling and believeable. They are both cringeworthy and loveable at the same time.

    The comedy is both visual and satirical and blends perfectly with the surprisingly intellectual backdrop of the show. It also has some of the finest casting of any show Ihave watched in a very long time.

    All of which adds up to a truly stellar comedy.
  • Genious show.

    This show is... unique. I've only watched a few episodes, and I'm already hooked. I think that the show makes great story lines, it's very well written and has a lot of good characters.

    I think that Sheldon is amazing. He's one of the most well made characters I've ever watched, I laugh at everything he says. Jim Parsons is a fantastic actor.

    I also love Howard, but the rest of the characters are kinda boring. I like Penny most of the time, too.

    To be honest, I don't like Leonard or Raj at all. Great show, though.
  • It may not hilarious, but hell, there are worse sitcoms.


    The Big Bang Theory is a strange one for me. There are a lot of of lovers and lots of haters for it. Personally where do I side. I can see both points of views, but for now, I'm a bit neutral. This show can have some hilarious moments, it can. But the bad can really be seen. The characters are okay, the humor, while not classic, can be entertaining. It's just there is so many dumb moments, and moments that make me say 'God, No!" It's stereotypical, it's formulaic, and it's not very inventive. But does every sit-com need to be as groundbreaking and funny as 'Seinfeld' and 'Arrested Development'. For what it is if you can stomach it, it's alright. But again, there are better option now, like 'Modern Family', 'The Middle', and It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. In the end I've never seen such a mixed bag before in my life, but in the end give it a watch and see if you like it. If you don't, that's fine, if you do, that's fine.

    I'd say the Big Bang Theory might be some solid entertainment for 30 minutes.
  • About Raj and Season 6

    I liked the last 3 episodes of season 6 a lot and it was a relief after season 5 which i think it's the worse season of the show until now. Despite that, I hate the fact that Raj is being put aside in the first 7 episodes of this season. I mean he is one of the 4 central characters and he has absolutely no progression for his character and very few screening time. Even after Howard' s return to Earth he doesn't spent time with him and he is there only for gay innuendos. He must have a real storyline right away.
  • Probably best Comedy on TV!

    At the moment, it would have to be the best comedy on TV! It has a clever plot and great characters,
  • Excellent show.

    This show has been one of the best sitcoms I have seen in a long time. Its so funny!! Sheldon has got to be my favorite of them all. But they are all great.
  • Very funny show!

    My husband and I just started to watch this sitcom... we saw the past seasons first, and we love it!... I dont knoe why we didnt start seeing it before!
  • Favourite show of all time.

    The Big Bang Theory has got to be my favourite show of all time. The whole show is just halarious. Also the the director couldn't have picked a better cast to play each character. Overall a great show, also Kaley Cuoco is hot.

    This show is the best!Sheldon makes the best jokes and so do the others.I hope there will be season 6

  • the best show on tv

    By a mile, the best comedy show on tv. I can live in an island watching only this show, and i will never get bored. i can watch all the episodes over and over again. It's funny, you don't have to be a genius to appreciate the show. I don't like science stuff, but i think its their tv chemistry that makes the show great. Bazinga!

    Just a penny for our thought: how about casting/guesting Rowan "Mr. Bean" Atkinson as the true father of Sheldon? That will be hilarious!
  • This is maybe the best comedy show I have ever seen

    Okay this is a show I follow every week, and every time I am laughing so much. This show is maybe the only comedy show I don't feel have lost it humor. It is the only show I can see over and over again (I have season 1-4).

    But I think it will not be as funny if the show didn't have Sheldon Cooper - he is the glue that hold the group together, but also the show. And what makes the show so funny and kind of unique? It is as I said before Sheldon, but also every episode because theres genius quotes and one liners, but also the dynamic between the characters.

    This is the best comedy show ever, and I don't understand why someone would not like this show.
  • Consistentlyfunny series that is destined to become a comedy classic.


    After watching Season One I became totally hooked on thishilariouslight-heartedfamily show about a group of friends whoare both brilliant physicists working at Cal Tech as well as beingself-professed nerds.

    The four best friends and work colleagues spend their time working towards that (in Sheldon's case) inevitable Nobel Prize, playing computer games, going to Star Trek conventions, reading comic books and, with varying degrees of success, trying to meet and date the same pretty and elusive type of girl that they never had any luck with at school.

    The chemistry between the characters is perfect, the writing is fresh, superb andconsistentlyfunny and the actors play their parts brilliantly, in particular Jim Parsons who hasdeservedlywon 2 Emmy Awards, aTCA Award and aGolden Globe as well asreceiving8 other nominations for his outstanding portrayal of Sheldon. His timing and delivery are nothing short of perfect.

    I highly recommend you take a look at this show. Once you do you'll be hooked along with the rest of us.

  • This show is definitely one of the greatest.


    Sheldon is one the greatest funnies and smartest sitcom character of all times. All other male characters are great too. Female character are good too, but they are not competitors.

    Science joke are really great, funny and correct. Nerd jokes are funny too.

    I'm a researcher too. Me and my friend have jokes aboutSchrödinger's cat andHeisenberg uncertainty principle. But jokes in the show are definitely the greatest!

  • Sheldon... enough said

    I came to this show late, but after catching up, I am hooked. Best viewed in a marathon, this show makes geeks... geeky... and that's a compliment. I also love the way it shows a different view on a group of guy friends. A good balance between discussing girls and ... well... everything else. And the best thing about this show, Sheldon! Hilarious, smart and strange. Jim Parsons is brilliant. I just wish they had episodes online! Since having to cut my cable (due to cost) I haven't been able to watch it :( I guess I will just have to wait for the DVD.
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