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  • The downward spiral of a once great show

    I know it's bound to get tired after 8 seasons. However, if you watch the older reruns which are on constantly, then compare it to the present, there is a glaring lack of "sharpness" in the scripts. It's very apparent. Let's face it, this season the writing has been very lackluster so far.

    But to be honest it started gradually in season 5, and it got more apparent for each new season that followed.

    It's clear that they ran out of ideas two years ago. That's when they switched the formula to a relationship comedy and changed it from what it was in the early years. Changing the show to Friends 2.0 gives it another couple years of life because the audience seems to like that concept. As a result, they renewed the show with three seasons last year.
  • I have only laughed once this Season

    I have rated 3 stars one for each increadible season of tbbt.

    1-3 was such a great Sit-Com original well written comedy.

    Such a shame they turned it in to a bland couples show, with no original content , since season 4.

  • Almost in Tears

    I don't know what you mean by haters, but I have stood by this show for years, having watched each episode at least three times over the course of a year. I have really loved this show, and I have (of course) really liked the character of Sheldon.

    I hate the new season. I hate it. With every atom in my body, I hate the new season. The first episode was OK, the second bearable, the third God-awful, and the fourth and most current was just ridiculous. I will NOT turn off the television, even though I hate it. I will NOT. I love the show, and it's going to take a lot more than a few bad episodes to make me stop watching it.

    However, all I can think about right now is the fact that the best episodes are probably behind us. Sheldon is no longer smart, clever, and annoying. He just spits out a bunch of bad jokes. The facts that he used to give were interesting and actually relevant to the situation. Now they're just annoying. Leonard is no longer timid, and that's what made him funny. He's no longer annoyed of Sheldon, and that takes off another basis of the show's humor. just Raj. Penny hasn't changed. Bernadette is annoying, and the only role she plays is the wife of Howard. Howard is Howard. Then we have Amy. AMY is just plain annoying! Yes, she wants at Sheldon's parts, and yes, she loves Penny very much, but she is no longer pictured as the intelligent person I first saw her as. No more neurobiology talk, and no more addiction studies.

    This review and rating is based on the average of the current season and the show as a whole.
  • One of the best shows I've ever seen. Up there with Friends, That 70's Show and Scrubs. It's smart and extremely funny. The characters are unforgettable.

    I'm not much of a reviewer, but I really encourage anyone to give the show a go. I was recommended it from some friends and fell immediately.

    The characters are expertly put together, all of them play out their role very well. I miss a bit more contuinity in the episodes. The end of one episode often end there, bits of it are picked up the next episode. A bit more like Scrubs would work great.

    Scrubs is 50/50 drama and comedy, this show is much more comedy, but it would not hurt to have more focus on the story. Ok.
  • Big Bang has lost its BANG!

    Unfortunately I agree with most of the reviews. The BBT has lost it's edge. The writers have gone away from the original idea, guys at Uni doing sciency things. Now it's just relationship stuff. I agree with some of the other comments, the actors, with their big pay checks, seem to be phoning their performances in. Get back to the Science, get the uni back, get Krypkie back. Yes, have relationships, but make that a secondary phase. Come on Guys, get back to the fun. Where's Sheldon's mum, the DR, Barrry, Leslie?
  • Is there still a reason to watch this?

    The first few seasons were great, but the past two have steadily gone downhill. The last episode didn't provide me with a single chuckle. The comedic piano apparently has only one key and it's become very stale after a couple of seasons. The writers seem to have covered all the geek topics from RPGs, video games, comics, Sci-Fi, cosplay, experiments, etc... So what else can you do but to develop the characters.

    Unfortunately the characters have all become so painfully predictable. Other shows might have exiled or killed off characters (sometimes even major characters) to make room for fresh characters and acting talent. But we are not so lucky with TBBT. The writers decided to kill off an off-screen character and introduced no new regulars. So the "dynamic" of the show remains pretty much unchanged . the shows "dynamic" would be more accurately described as a static.

    Lastly, I find the laugh track "sweetening" just plain insulting. If I'm not even close to finding something funny then playing a laugh track wont make me laugh, it just makes me wonder how anyone would want to be laughing; it just make me wonder: "if this is what your audience wants to laugh at, then I don't want to be one of your

    I would have liked to see the show evolve over the years and remain fresh but they seem quite happy to remain in a comfort zone.
  • E tu, BBT?

    Fans, let's accept that the BBT has fallen prey to the insatiable greed of the network sharks. This happens with every high-quality sitcom. They start out refreshing and clever; then, when the network sees the favorable ratings, they start dumbing down the show in order to gain a broader audience. They want every ditch digger to get the jokes, so they aim for the mediocre. It's a sad phenomenon, and I had hoped it wouldn't happen to BBT. Do you remember the first time you watched the show? There were tons of clever and creative antics -- you felt part of a small but elite group of intelligent fans who was privy to a refreshing and exciting comedic movement. Compare that to the sex- and bathroom-based low-brow humor we endure now. It really is demeaning to watch at times. Like a previous writer said, the network sharks probably don't even read our reviews -- they are beyond wanting to make a quality show. They're just riding the rating wave as far as it will go.
  • its dying

    OMG. They must have changed writiers this year becuse the new episodes suck. I used to laugh out lound like 15 times a show. Tonight, zero laughs and plenty of annoyance. I swear, not one giggle or snicker. Its not funny anymore, its boring.
  • Time to let it go

    I actually joined just to write this. This season is so bad I don't know if they are even able to make the next one better. It used to be funny - science , technology, misunderstandings between Penny and the guys, geek culture etc. Right now we have all characters talking about their feelings all the time - Amy complaining, Sheldon crying, Penny and Leonard being a regular couple, Bernadette and Howard arguing. Raj used to be a half-gay character, now he sleeps with his dog, I'm really afraid of what they are going to do to him next.

    The only episode I liked this season was the one with Billy Bob Thornton. Right now I'd rather watch an old Star Trek Voyager episode (for the 10th time ... ) instead of a new episode of this show. It's more fun...
  • Show Runner Steve Molaro killed this show

    When Molaro said in an interview 2 years ago a Comicon that he wanted to take the show in a different direction boy did he! Furthermore I can't Believe Chuck Lorre let it happen. How the show died.

    1. They Stars Got 1 mil per episode Guaranteed

    2. The didn't put hair extensions on Penny That was a Show killer right there.

    3. The show got a 10 year Guarantee Run and this was after season 7

    4. They Separated the core group splitting them up into different story lines

    5. Steve Molaro was allowed turn the show into Dawsons Creek!

    The great Jerry Seinfeld said the reason his show was so good was because they had a hard and fast rule. No hugging no crying and no "Very Special" Episodes. If you died it was funny. If you broke up it was funny. If BBT did that it would still be funny!

    This show was over last season.
  • Always finish on a high

    The Big Bang Theory used to be clever, witty, informative (without them I would never have heard of Schrodinger's cat !!) and very very funny. Now it's just another stupid american tv sitcom.

    The sharpness of the characters has gone and it's just plain boring.

    They should take a leaf out of 'Black Adder' and 'Friends' and finish on a high point, leaving the audience wanting more.
  • Has gone downhill all the way

    Penny isn't Penny she got herself a fancy new job and she isn't funny anymore. I STOPPED watching. I guess that is what happens when they give you the "BIG" bucks.

    They need to bring back the Comic book store and Stewart. Penny needs her job at the cheesecake factory back and get rid of that dump/stupid drug rep crap. The show isn't funny anymore.
  • A Big Bang

    I agree with most people who wrote a review. All these people make valid points. The writing has deteriorated, so much so, that all your fervent fans no longer want to watch. Without the Emmy award-winning, Jim Parsons, the show would surely be axed!! That, however, can't continue forever. The actors can only do so much with badly written scripts. And badly written scripts they are!! The review before memade a good point about how the writers plant a seed, then instead of letting the concept grow, they screw it up by inane crap that doesn't make sense. What is happening here? You have Sheldon supposedly evolving, then, you give him new conditions he has to overcome. Basically, he is a psychological nightmare. You tease the fans with how much Amy means to him, then you have him treat her like dirt. Where is the emotional growth in that? He is on a downhill spiral. And what is Amy suppose to do? Wait another 7-8 years for scraps of affection he so stingily gives? Lets be realistic here! Amy will come to resent him. And who would blame her? No one should have to put up with that bull!! They continuously throw Penny at Sheldon, too!! What's up with that? Do the writers think that Sheldon is so overcome with her beauty that he loves her? They constantly stress this mystical bond between the two that neither Leonard or Amy can compete with. Penny treats Leonard horribly. He probably thinks that he loves her. If you ever watch Penny's expression, she looks at him with bored disdain. That's not love. Why don't the writers work on their relationship. People would love to see her actually appreciate Leonard. It's not like Leonard can't get females, because he has had prior relationships. I'm just saying maybe you need a new writing team that is good with continutity. Maybe someone of import will read these reviews and repair what needs to be done. Before it is too late!!!
  • sad....

    the show was often great, and good shows do evolve, but this has devolved in ways. Howard and Bernadette used to have a touching, silly admiration for each other. Now he's become a sap, and she's a domineering shrew that just makes mean comments to him, and even more demeaning comments to the others about him; she disregards anything he says and wants, even about his own belongings he's supposed to care about (his Dr Who tardis, now even his own house that he's inherited).

    Now we've just found out Penny, who's been selling pharmaceuticals for just a few months, makes "twice" as much as Leonard, a successful Dr. of Physics at a good University with years experience. I know it's fiction, but it should have at least a toe-hold in reality. In real life Leonard would be making at least 60k+ a year, so that would have Penny, neophyte barely high school grad salesperson, pulling in a good deal more than a 6 figure income. With a "diversified investment portfolio" to boot! It's degenerated into the pervasive stereotypical boy/girl tv sitcom relationships of guys always loser dorks, girls always Wonder Woman. At least Penny still apparently loves Leonard; Bernadette doesn't show any love (and certainly no respect) for Howard at all. I think Raj's character is still on track, although the evolution from Geeky nerd to ladies man was a little fast. As for Amy and Sheldon, I like the Amy character, always did, but she's been putting up with the Sheldon stuff too long. Everyone has. If you watch many episodes in a row you realize just how rude his dialogue is. In the beginning he was oblivious to other's feelings, but he's been corrected so much he should've learned something by now. Basically, some of the characters have simply become unlikable. I've loved the show, I want it to get great again.
  • Not the same

    I think the show should be done. I agree about aome of the actors getting such a huge pay raise. Turned me off. Definitely lacking this year... sad as it WAS a great show. Maybe they got too big for their britches ?
  • How did they screw it up so badly so quickly?

    They started out with a simple premise, and it worked. A group of nerdy physicists each with their own social issues and a beautiful girl next door who is in their world but never quite fits. You have Sheldon and his absurdities and inability to understand basic human behavior, Raj with his selective mutism, Howard who despite being nearly 30 still lived with his mother, Leonard who says things like "our babies will be smart and beautiful", and Penny, the show's, for lack of a better word, ditz, but she was a ditz that we liked as one of the shows main protagonists.

    The show's levity has largely been carried by Sheldon since the beginning. His idiosyncratic behavior was unique. Several years ago we were introduced to Amy, who was a girl who was his friend, but not his girlfriend. Now they are going on dates, kissing, and who knows what else. Sheldon's preposterous behavior was a large part of what made the show, but it's as if his fairy god mother turned him into a real boy; a real boy who is no longer entertaining. I don't even want to bother with how everything we once liked about Raj and Howard just disappeared like it never existed. At first he couldn't even speak to women, and now he's got a hot girlfriend. Everything that made these character has been written away. Howard has no more ridiculous behavior and is out from his mother's roof. Raj, who used to be incapable of speaking to women, now has steady girlfriends. They've become completely boring one dimensional character.

    The main thing we liked about Leonard was his unending quest to make Penny his. Sure they were on and off many times, but that's what makes for stories. Now that they are engaged there's no real drama between them, hence there's not much of interest to watch. That brings us to Penny. She went from the hot ditz across the hall who the guys would pine after to a completely different character, and a borig one to boot. Her long hair was a part of how we viewed her, and cutting it at the same time as she also gets a successful job and gets engaged to Leonard just changed her so much they might as well have written her out. And all of this happened within just about the span of one episode (S08E01).

    Everything else we once liked about the show is pretty much gone too. All the episodes are more focused on their relationships (so original for a TV show) instead of the humorous social ineptitudes, the science and fantasy fiction their lives once revolved around, and the rivalries amongst the characters that were once so entertaining. With seven great seasons behind them, it does make you wonder how they could do so well, and then mess it all up so much. I don't know a term that would mean intensely jumped the shark, but it's happened. Maybe the phrase "cut the hair" will catch on for a when a TV show stops all of it's good momentum to make a complete 180.

    I hate to say that this happened because they got a three season guarantee. That doesn't seem like something Lorre would let happen. He has a history of high quality shows, but everything in Season 8 so far shows that the show is now just coasting. Let's hope the writers find some clever ways to bring it back to the way it worked, or they may not be able to afford keeping it on their air for three more years. I used to look forward to the shows airing, and now I can take them or leave them. Well, I guess we need to find something else for Thursday nights.
  • Big Bang.... more like Big Bore

    just watched the final episode of season 8 & all of us in the house agree that the show is getting worse & worse! Penny has gone from asking "is it a trick clock or a trick potato!?" to winning prizes for the best Pharmaceutical Rep! she didn't even finish college for goodness sake!, she didn't need to stay a waitress in the show if Kaley was bored with that role, but really? she purses her lips, shakes her head & looks like she's bored to death most of the time, she constantly puts Leonard down, she's richer than he is, she's better looking than he is, has more friends than he does, poor guy will be on anti-depressants if he stays with her much longer!, Sheldon's character has gone from being naive about social niceties to very very spiteful, some of the things that are said make us cringe, wanting to make Amy's Christmas as miserable as possible, that was uncomfortable to watch, so much for the world becoming anti-bullying, this show is starting to show it as the norm. why don't the guys go & play paintball, play the Wii, the rock band, the bowling, no cinema trips, no comic-con there's nothing except nagging & bitching from the 2 dominant women,where are the Mums & Penny's Dad, Missy? why did they have to divorce the Koothrappali's, they worked fantastically together. we used to pounce on the for the new episodes & laugh throughout, but not now, now they sit in the planner until we remember its there. If Penny were to leave the show, i really don't think it would make much of a dent to the plots, please writers go back & watch the first few series of the show & remember this is what fans fell in love with. i want to love this show again, please either end it or mend it

  • This show is done for

    I joined this forum just to voice my opinion. It pains me to see, that I am not the only one feeling about this show the way I do.

    Am I the only one who realizes that Sheldon's social awkwardness is getting stale, and that he is just a huge asshole who wants to dominate every person and situation. The way he treats everybody is really no longer funny. And nobody ever tells him to seek professional help.

    And what about that wuss Leonard? He still lives with that jerk even though he is now engaged.

    This show, which I once loved as the funniest show on TV, is now becoming unbearable to watch.

  • out of time, bad research.

    holy shitshow, some shows can actually go for 10+ season, really, it's true. but this pile of cold turd is not one that should have had more than 3 seasons. and one of the biggest downs on top of the bad jokes stuff, is the disconect to majority of nerds, these characters are not relatable what so ever. raj and howard are the best thing on the show, but the bad jokes and laugh track kills them as well
  • The Big Suck Theory

    Now that the "gang" have been guaranteed a three year job, they seem to just mail their roles to the TV and bore the viewer to death!
  • Auch!

    Obviously they have no jokes or energy to keep the 8th season going. Each episode ends in the middle of a lukewarm setup for some kind of plot that doesn't happen. At the end of each episode everyone in the room asks, "that's it?"

    Any other show of such "quality" would be killed in the middle of season.
  • what happened to our beloved tbbt??

    I love all the characters on this show. Jim Parsons does an outstanding job, as his awards prove. Nearly all the reviews I have read, here and numerous other places, can't understand what happened to this show. It is slowly going down the toliet. Even Jim Parsons can only do so much. I agree, as others do, that the writing has deteriorated signficantly. All characters eventually evolve and grow, but, the writers don't seem to want that to happen. They tease the audience with bits and pieces to tantalize the public and keep them "hooked", then drop the ball, leaving the audience frustrated and angry. Let's start with Sheldon. It started out good when they brought Amy in as a love interest. Everyone was anxious to see how Sheldon AND Amy would grow. We struggled along with the characters, rooting for them. Then someone got the bright idea to have Sheldon take out an engagement ring. Clearly, that was a rating ploy or whatever you call it. Sheldon was and probably will never be ready for that type of commitment. Amy has progressed, but the writers, while letting her drink or pierce her ears, won't change her clothing, something most women would do. Amy has spent years walking on eggshells trying to accept Sheldon and possibly change him. Again, the writers brought them together after passionate kissing and making love, only to have Sheldon backslide. There is no touching, no affection and sometimes, he is down right insulting to Amy. How unrealistic and terrible to insult us with these stupid "milestone" events. Then you have Leonard who is so in love with Penny that he takes all her abuse. He has so little self-esteem that he accepts any kind of treatment just to placate her every whim. Penny is an unhappy shrewish woman, who, like his mother, is even more rude and insulting than Sheldon. Howard had a huge mother complex and that's how he sees Bernie. I understand why she was hesitant to have a baby with him, since she plays mother to Howard! Last, but not least, we have poor Raj. He finally gets his act together and can finally talk to females. The writers had a perfect opportunity to match him up with his dog's vet who was genuinely interested enough in him to spend Valentine's day with him. The writers give him damaged females with baggage even greater than his own. No one, and I mean NO ONE, I know likes Emily who is one weird woman. He finally has the balls to break up with her and what do the writers do?!? Stick him back into a relationship he was unhappy with after introducing him to a woman "who I was planning our wedding... " There are no consistencies, here. It's like you have several writers who don't realize what is going on. There is a lot of bullying going on and instead of addressing it, you perpetuate it. I know that Kaley started with the boys from the beginning, but the dynamics have changed and you use her to keep the male viewers attention. They are always throwing her at Sheldon. Let's get real here, a woman like that would despise a person like him, yet you continuously have her acting as everyone's mentor. Why get advise from her? As someone says, she is clearly a very unhappy bully with a drinking problem. I don't know if anyone understands that you can't have a show last nearly 10 seasons and no growth or resolutions. You can't have 30-40 year olds running around doing 20 year old antics. Change has to happen!! I'm not saying it has to be a drastic change, but one that allows character growth. Let Sheldon hold Amy's hand, give her a flower, or a present and make love to her more than once a year as a birthday treat. Let Leonard grow some stones, go into therapy, tell Penny NO!! Let Penny quit a job she hates and actually get an acting or soap opera job, something that fulfills her. Let Howard resolve his feels about his mom/dad and be the best father ever. Please let Raj have someone who respects him and is crazy about him. I think we would all like to see how these scenarios can be played out. Someone please listen to the outcries of people who only want their favorite characters to thrive.
  • characters have become too normal

    They started out being socially awkward, relationship handicapped, scarred from childhood, and all very funny, to thirty-something characters, where the writers are more intersted in growing the characters, than actually being funny. I knew this would happen as they gave the characters relationships, and they slowly overcame their basic challenges with normalcy; I knew that they would be not funny anymore when they became more normal. Think about it, Penny becoming a pharmaceutical rep, Sheldon having a loving relationship, Leonard getting ready for a traditional family life, Howard living in a normal monogamous marriage, Raj overcoming his selective mutism and finding a successful and boring mate. They have castrated the cast, and threw away all the funny material in the process.
  • season 8 is so bad

    I'm glad I finally found a place where people seem to share my opinion about season 8. So far I only saw positive comments about this season and that was driving me crazy. I don't feel alone anymore :-)

    Yes this season sucks, it does not come even close in term of quality to the previous seasons. I'm a big fan of the show so my disappointment is important. The characters personality seem to fade show after show. Sheldon is becoming the shadow of sheldon instead of the shiny obsequious, awkward c3po that I loved.

    Basically, the characters become normal, responsible, serious peoples and I hate it. I don't know who or what is responsible for that trend. Is that the writers (have they changed) or the actors who get overpaid and request roles more suitable to their new status ? What I know is that, if they don't improve rapidly they gonna loose most of their fans. I still watch the show, hoping for a miraculous resurrection, but at some point, I'm gonna become bored and drop it.
  • Gone downhill

    This used to be so good, but for some reason everything has gone downhill. Especially the writing, they've become lazy - it's like they've run out of ideas.

    You can tell that this show was meant to end ages ago, but they've pushed it out for more money. It's just not funny anymore, it's actually just plain annoying.
  • Get some writers

    The 3 cast members who got a huge raise in pay need to give some back! To pay for them they obviously had to cut the writing staff. Good actors are nothing without good materiel, and when the show ended this evening my immediate response was " WHAT, is that IT?" Its like they just ran out of dialogue. All of the episodes this season have been severely lacking in something.
  • To the writers of Season 8!

    To the writers of season 8! It is not even comparable to previous seasons! It's terrible! Penny is not stupid enough, Leonard is not whinny enough, Sheldon is not though and mean enough, Raj is just not good enough like he is forced to play!! Howard and Amy are amazing as before, Bernadette is also fine.

    The stories are not as good as before, when an episode is finished, you just get shocked! It's like that something is missing!

    Whatever has changed in this season, has made it a terrible tv show unfortunately! I do hope you can fix it!
  • Where the humor go?

    Three episodes in. Maudlin, boring, unimaginative, immature: when is the humor going to kick in? I'm tired of remaining in a limbo state of mourning. If the writers can't think of anything funny to write about Sheldon and Leonard, then let's go back to the wacky world of Raj. Anything! Before the short is so dead it has to be buried because of the stink!
  • Can't believe they're going in that direction

    For years we have been waiting for Leonard & Penny to get married and for Sheldon & Amy to consummate their relationship. Now they have screwed that up in the very first episode. Maybe eight years is too long to watch a show. I guess I shouldn't be surprised, look what they did to Three and 1/2 Men.
  • Tiresome

    Have watched this show since the beginning. Sheldon is getting very tiring, the antics border on nastiness, he is no longer very funny for this reason. The most recent epside is really not funny. The latest episodes are similiar. I used to laugh every episode. Now they disgusts me. Did you change writers? I won't be watching anymore.
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