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  • Big Bang,Hardly!!!

    my wife watches this quite often,why,I have no clue. is not the least bit funny and I am a huge Marx bros fan for many years and have a very dry sense of humor to boot!!I just do not get it,2 minutes is 1 minute too long in my book.
  • downhill without a bang

    like many shows the start off great, butt after a long run it go's from great and funny show, too sad and drag to watch.

    i think the better ended the show after howards wedding and the blast-off into space, i think it was the end of season 5
  • sad....

    the show was often great, and good shows do evolve, but this has devolved in ways. Howard and Bernadette used to have a touching, silly admiration for each other. Now he's become a sap, and she's a domineering shrew that just makes mean comments to him, and even more demeaning comments to the others about him; she disregards anything he says and wants, even about his own belongings he's supposed to care about (his Dr Who tardis, now even his own house that he's inherited).

    Now we've just found out Penny, who's been selling pharmaceuticals for just a few months, makes "twice" as much as Leonard, a successful Dr. of Physics at a good University with years experience. I know it's fiction, but it should have at least a toe-hold in reality. In real life Leonard would be making at least 60k+ a year, so that would have Penny, neophyte barely high school grad salesperson, pulling in a good deal more than a 6 figure income. With a "diversified investment portfolio" to boot! It's degenerated into the pervasive stereotypical boy/girl tv sitcom relationships of guys always loser dorks, girls always Wonder Woman. At least Penny still apparently loves Leonard; Bernadette doesn't show any love (and certainly no respect) for Howard at all. I think Raj's character is still on track, although the evolution from Geeky nerd to ladies man was a little fast. As for Amy and Sheldon, I like the Amy character, always did, but she's been putting up with the Sheldon stuff too long. Everyone has. If you watch many episodes in a row you realize just how rude his dialogue is. In the beginning he was oblivious to other's feelings, but he's been corrected so much he should've learned something by now. Basically, some of the characters have simply become unlikable. I've loved the show, I want it to get great again.
  • best show of all time

    best tv show ever !! comedy is awsome :P

  • The Big Suck Theory

    Now that the "gang" have been guaranteed a three year job, they seem to just mail their roles to the TV and bore the viewer to death!
  • A clever title

    it would be very cool if Sheldon has got a beard , at least for one or more episodes. Bit brutal for this Astrophysics
  • Seriously good show

    I don't get people saying the show isn't funny anymore. That is the whole point. To me the show has evolved into more of a drama, like Breaking Bad. It isn't a comedy anymore and I like it much better. It is now a show about very eccentric and intelligent adults trying to relate to each other and navigate life through a hectic maze of comic books and technology. For example, Sheldon is allowed to study what he wants in exchange for becoming a junior professor and teaching a class; he is not happy. I am interested in the exploration of his psyche. This show is just begging to get good because it finally decided to get serious.
  • Is there still a reason to watch this?

    The first few seasons were great, but the past two have steadily gone downhill. The last episode didn't provide me with a single chuckle. The comedic piano apparently has only one key and it's become very stale after a couple of seasons. The writers seem to have covered all the geek topics from RPGs, video games, comics, Sci-Fi, cosplay, experiments, etc... So what else can you do but to develop the characters.

    Unfortunately the characters have all become so painfully predictable. Other shows might have exiled or killed off characters (sometimes even major characters) to make room for fresh characters and acting talent. But we are not so lucky with TBBT. The writers decided to kill off an off-screen character and introduced no new regulars. So the "dynamic" of the show remains pretty much unchanged . the shows "dynamic" would be more accurately described as a static.

    Lastly, I find the laugh track "sweetening" just plain insulting. If I'm not even close to finding something funny then playing a laugh track wont make me laugh, it just makes me wonder how anyone would want to be laughing; it just make me wonder: "if this is what your audience wants to laugh at, then I don't want to be one of your

    I would have liked to see the show evolve over the years and remain fresh but they seem quite happy to remain in a comfort zone.
  • Not the same

    I think the show should be done. I agree about aome of the actors getting such a huge pay raise. Turned me off. Definitely lacking this year... sad as it WAS a great show. Maybe they got too big for their britches ?
  • Always finish on a high

    The Big Bang Theory used to be clever, witty, informative (without them I would never have heard of Schrodinger's cat !!) and very very funny. Now it's just another stupid american tv sitcom.

    The sharpness of the characters has gone and it's just plain boring.

    They should take a leaf out of 'Black Adder' and 'Friends' and finish on a high point, leaving the audience wanting more.
  • The last season...

    I think that lacked something in this last season, I don't know... I watched always expecting something more. But I still like a lot.
  • The Best

    I love this show! except Penny with her new look seems like a different character doing the same part .

    if I had a suggestion it would be that the Amy" loins" stuff is strange,unnecessary.

    The show has been funny & creative enough, it doesn't need to resort to too much sexual innuendo.
  • The downward spiral of a once great show

    I know it's bound to get tired after 8 seasons. However, if you watch the older reruns which are on constantly, then compare it to the present, there is a glaring lack of "sharpness" in the scripts. It's very apparent. Let's face it, this season the writing has been very lackluster so far.

    But to be honest it started gradually in season 5, and it got more apparent for each new season that followed.

    It's clear that they ran out of ideas two years ago. That's when they switched the formula to a relationship comedy and changed it from what is was in the early years. Changing the show to Friends 2.0 gives it another couple years of life because the audience seems to like that concept. As a result, they renewed the show with three seasons last year.
  • This show is done for

    I joined this forum just to voice my opinion. It pains me to see, that I am not the only one feeling about this show the way I do.

    Am I the only one who realizes that Sheldon's social awkwardness is getting stale, and that he is just a huge asshole who wants to dominate every person and situation. The way he treats everybody is really no longer funny. And nobody ever tells him to seek professional help.

    And what about that wuss Leonard? He still lives with that jerk even though he is now engaged.

    This show, which I once loved as the funniest show on TV, is now becoming unbearable to watch.

  • characters have become too normal

    They started out being socially awkward, relationship handicapped, scarred from childhood, and all very funny, to thirty-something characters, where the writers are more intersted in growing the characters, than actually being funny. I knew this would happen as they gave the characters relationships, and they slowly overcame their basic challenges with normalcy; I knew that they would be not funny anymore when they became more normal. Think about it, Penny becoming a pharmaceutical rep, Sheldon having a loving relationship, Leonard getting ready for a traditional family life, Howard living in a normal monogamous marriage, Raj overcoming his selective mutism and finding a successful and boring mate. They have castrated the cast, and threw away all the funny material in the process.
  • Big Bang Theory has really LOST IT!

    What a damn shame! This was such a funny show. The writers now STINK! It is NOT funny And Kaley, Ugh! She looks absolutely HORRIBLE!! That haircut totally SUCKS and they now dress her like a boy! Nothing redeeming about this show anymore. It needs to be cancelled, so sorry to say, unless they get Kaley to grow her hair back and get the original writers back on staff immediately!! Incidentally, I was a real Pharmaceutical Sales Rep for years, and there is NO COMPANY in the world that would ever hire anyone without a 4-year college degree and sales experience with a proven track record.. So the show is totally unrealistic regarding Penny's new job! Ugh!

  • All couples

    Every ounce of edginess is gone from all of the say break up all of the couples and start over - especially Penny and Leonard. With that said, I still love this show and will watch it until it's over!!!
  • Get some writers

    The 3 cast members who got a huge raise in pay need to give some back! To pay for them they obviously had to cut the writing staff. Good actors are nothing without good materiel, and when the show ended this evening my immediate response was " WHAT, is that IT?" Its like they just ran out of dialogue. All of the episodes this season have been severely lacking in something.
  • Given they were just granted an additional 3 seasons...

    I would have thought Steve and the gang would have pulled out all the stops in an effort to make us laugh. Maybe it's me, but since the show has focused more on the main characters relationships and not the group dynamic as a whole, I feel the laughs have suffered. It seems to me, with the exception of tonight's episode, most of this season has been shot with only two characters in the room. I realize there may only be so much the writers can do that hasn't been done, but I've got to believe there are stories in which all the characters can participate for the full 21 minutes. I find when we have the individual couples on their own, the laughs are limited. And I still find the character of Amy to be too confined. For example, they could write and episode where Penny tries to give AFF a makeover in an effort to attract Sheldon physically. Lose those cardigans and long skirts and give her a more modern wardrobe. That's got to be worth a bunch of laughs. And I realize Penny's character had to mature, but the entire relationship dynamic between her and Leonard has changed and not for the better. I was hoping their writers would put more effort into it this season. Just my .02.
  • Losing It's Grace Overtime

    I Live In India and I have been following this show since May 2008 .It was Geek+Nerdy kinda show for first 3 seasons which was it's USP .Beans started spilling since season-4 and basically since the inception of current season this show has gone from geek nerdy and boyish stuff to relationship oriented show which is kind of boring . still love the show but going down.
  • Get lost all you haters!

    All you haters can go ahead and hate, your little opinion matters none to writers nor the director or producer of this fantastic show, admittedly yes, some shows are a little on the dull and boring side, but, what show isn't like that, the majority of the shows aired in season 8 have made me laugh in hysterics without fail! I love the humor!.

    just keep doing what you're doing guys, this show is DA BOMB!!!

    do you all see the overall average rating of this show? from only 16+ thousand viewers of which I am positive there is hundreds of thousand if not millions more...

    It is sitting right up there at 8.9 out of 10.

    the population has basically spoken, we love big bang theory and love how it has progressed throughout the seasons... and fyi haters of pennys new look, SEXY SEXY SEXY! does not look 'blokey' at all, some girls suit the short hair style and I think she rocks it! super hot!
  • Suggstion for future story lines

    I love this show, and watch it every time it's on, even the reruns. I think, now that Howards mother has passed, his father should make an appearance. Coming back into Howards life again, would open a whole new area of story lines.
  • writers, what is going on?

    there is a dramatic fall in quality of the show mid season 7, season 8. This show being the biggest sitcom, the writers should be doing great, not the case. actors are fine as always although not as enthusiastic. Make some changes, up the game, explore new territories, and get the slapstick level back up!!
  • It's over already!!

    I loved this show. Not anymore. I tune in with high hopes and am let down each week. What I notice the most is Penny. Her character used to light up a room. Now all she does is roll her eyes and curl up her lip. And all of them seem to be tired of it. It's like they are no longer having fun with it. Stop the CPR and call time of death
  • Season 8 has killed the spirit of The Big Bang Theory

    BBT has been one of my favorite shows throughout. Unfortunately, season 8 has become too painful to watch! The jokes have become too pretentious. The script sucks. The interactions between the characters have become so stale. BBT is all about nerds getting nerdy and doing nerdy stuff in a funny way. Once you take that away it becomes a pile of rubbish! The people have changed so much. Penny's stupidity, Sheldon's Wittiness, Howard's Comedy! All of that's gone. So sad...... I think they have to pull the plug and cut their losses.
  • all Ideal

    love your shows. you should have a moment of silence in memory of Leonard Nimoy .

    Your friend ?

    Shawn Messer


    Can't stop watching, and sheldon is awesome (favorite character)!
  • Tiresome

    Have watched this show since the beginning. Sheldon is getting very tiring, the antics border on nastiness, he is no longer very funny for this reason. The most recent epside is really not funny. The latest episodes are similiar. I used to laugh every episode. Now they disgusts me. Did you change writers? I won't be watching anymore.
  • Awwww COME ON!

    When for the love of God is Sheldon ever gonna get some? You've been dancing around this topic for waaay too many years and this type of relationship just isn't realistic. Amy's so sexualy asgressive and I just don't see a woman sticking around that long without sex.

    It's getting very TIRESOME. He's a grown man. He's got to have some kind of sex drive even with himself . Hopefully this will happen more sooner than later and being asexual for so long, you almost don't care if they do or don't

    Kissing on a train and some lame other kissing episode. Two. Is this riveting TV? come on!

    I picture Sheldon finally doing the deed and turning into a "coitus" maniac. Now THAT would be funny

    Now Raj is getting pretty tiresome as well. Will you give the guy a break? This invisible yet talked about girlfriend of his, Why isn't she joining the cast like the other girlfriends? The way he is treated on this show even from the beginning, is downright racist. Yes, I used the "R" word though it shames me to do so, but if the shoe fits.....

    IDK. Is the thrill gone? or are the writers getting as sick of these characters as I am?

    I see no character development at all. Just the same old story lines just being reworked to look like new storylines

    Sorry guys. No belly laugh for me either this season...

    Please get SHELDON character a new G/F Write [ Amy Farrah Fowler ] character out of the show never was funny & still is not funny... Extra 6 Seasons If You Do....

    You writers need to write out a couple character why do you keep on adding What is up with the cute Penny going 40ish looking!!! The has to be the silliest hair cut I have ever seen on cute loose bimbo blonde char. 2 More seasons tops if they keep it up