The Big Bang Theory

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  • Raj Has Stagnated

    Raj is a gorgeous, intelligent man, yet after overcoming his inability to speak to women, Raj has not kept pace emotionally withe the rest of the core ensemble. He is weak-minded, easily manipulated, highly feminized, and desperate. Raj often mentions being the minority in the group, bur he never tries to date minority women. He only pairs with emotionally damaged or deviant women. I'd like to see him with a woman, preferably minority, who can encourage him to get his huevos to drop and grow a backbone. I understand that he spent a lot of time around his mom, and he will never be Mr. Macho Man, but Raj goes too far on the weak end of the spectrum. He needs a life, and it's high time that be took steps towards getting one. I don't watch or record anymore because Raj has become a drag. I don't feel the same way about Stuart, because he isn't as good-looking, smart, wealthy, or accomplished; Stuart is depressed, is not a full member of the ensemble, and is able to take a stand when necessary.