The Big Bang Theory

Monday 8:00 PM on CBS Premiered Sep 24, 2007 In Season





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  • Season 10 Episode 1 ... The Big BOMB Theory, or how the wreck a great show.

    Tonight was episode 1 of season 10 and it was the WORST ever. Introducing Katy Segal as a NOT BELIEVABLE Penny's Mom and her Gay acting and looking Drug Maker brother. Only her father Wyatt played by the great Keith Carradine was believable. The whole episode was everyone bickering which was tedious and nothing funny about it. Are the writers on vacation and the cast from The View writing scripts? The Big Bang Theory has been steadily going down hill in recent years and this one may be the Tombstone ... RIP. Producers if TBBT, DITCH Katy Segal and the Gay Brother and find a believable Penny's mom that ACTUALLY LOOKS LIKE HER!! Like Virginia Madsen! And then find a hick brother that looks like a Meth Lab doper, not a *** that would be on America's Got Talent singing Bette Midler melodies! At least Kaley Cuoco's (Penny) hair is growing back (long).