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  • Disappointed

    Since season 10 started I have been watching every episode with a hope that this one will be better than the last one, only to be disappointed every time. The show used to be very good, until season 9 started (maybe a little before that, don't remember it so well). Now every episode lasts about 15 minutes, and there is really no plot. Everyone is for themselves and it is just weird.. I understand that the characters have grown and has to be for themselves and stuff, that is why I think they should have just ended it after season 9. Raj should really get someone, it is not funny, it is sad that he doesn't have someone. I also think they should pair Stuart up with someone, because he is depressing (and for the record I feel like his depression is being made fun of by both the show and the other characters, which just isn't cool).

    The thing now is that one episode might have a plot, but then they just don't finish it.. For instance, the last episode that aired focused on Raj forming a study-ish-group of his former girlfriends to find out what is wrong with him, but then the episode ended without a conclusion. Yeah, his girlfriends told him what was wrong with him, and it didn't help him in any way, they only played further on the thing about Howard and Raj being in a couple. The way I see it, the scenario wasn't even necessary to have in the whole episode. Actually, they should just pair Raj and Howard together, and then forget about Bernadette and the baby.

    And why did they make Howard and Bernadette have a baby in the first place? It didn't really lead to anything, except a pillow crying with the voice of a man (it sounds more like Howard's mother, though, which I guess is the joke). If they were going to have the characters have a baby, at least use a real baby or something and have more important plots involving the actual baby, than Bernadette doubting herself as a mother (not a bad plot, but it was played out in a bad way) or a squeaky floor (look at How I Met Your Mother, when Lily and Marshall got a baby, they made it work, but TBBT did not).

    Every episode has now come to having no meaning what-so-ever, with stories that doesn't really lead anywhere, it seems as if the creators of the show are just scrambling together random storylines to make up for an episode. If they are committed to continuing with an 11th season (I hope not), then they should do these things:

    1. Make Sheldon a little less human again and REMEMBER his spot (he just moved over to Penny's place without even caring about his spot on the couch, and didn't even create a new spot in his 'new' apartment).

    2. Cast a real baby for Howard and Bernadette, and make them NOT hate it (it seems as if they don't even care about their own flesh and blood).

    3. Make Penny pursue her acting career again, I know she is successful and stuff now and make a lot of money, but was that really what she was pursuing in life? Give her some kind of big break, please.

    4. Make Leonard cute again, he has become annoying and unlikeable.

    5. Pair up Raj with someone already! Obviously he doesn't go along with girls, so make him gay, there is few comedy shows with a gay character, let alone a non-white gay character. In my opinion that would actually be cool, as if he has just been lying to himself all along, but really he likes dudes.

    (The numbers do not mean requests in order).

    My conclusion is that the show used to be funny with likeabale characters and good plots. It is still funny in the way that I might smile or chuckle a little bit, but not near as funny it was in the first seasons. And the characters have become more and more unlikeable, and are victims to sloppy plots.

    The suggestions above will most certainly not become a reality, so just end it after this season and accept the defeat. (I am finally ending my ridiculously long rant, thank you for those who bothered reading it till the end).

    *Pardon my English as I am not a native speaker.
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