The Big Bang Theory

Season 6 Episode 8

The 43 Peculiarity

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Nov 15, 2012 on CBS

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  • I couldn't agree more...

    I agree to 100% with srthakran and angeland8's posts. This was a good "old school" episode based on nerdy interactions, social incompetence and some (but only some) relationship issues. Recent episodes where too focused on relationship and girl problems that clearly took some of the edge away from the show.

    The initial setup of the how based on nerdiness, socially weird behavior and this Penny-Howard thing was brilliant. Supporting acts without need being slowly propped up to main characters (Amy, Berndette or Stuart) did not do much good.

    Don't get me wrong, Amy's character has some form of nerdiness on her own but the girlfriend problems (funny once, ok twice but terrible afterwards) just don't fit all too well with Sheldon...

    Now some people may claim that characters "have to evolve" over time but that is just not true for every show! Have you ever wondered why Bart Simpson is still in school or why Scrubs failed after too much "evolution"?
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