The Big Bang Theory

Season 6 Episode 8

The 43 Peculiarity

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Nov 15, 2012 on CBS

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  • Recommended

    While the progress in Leonard and Penny's relationship is a reason to watch, Sheldon's side-plot is very amusing, suspenseful and fascinating. For how silly and simple it is, I loved it. And the ending, to find out what he was actually doing in that secret room of his, was great.
  • A return to form

    Even though I'm happy that Leonard and Penny are back together, Leonard is turning into a huge control freak panicking over Penny working with someone else and telling her what to text. I found this part of the episode boring and rather uncomfortable. But the other part of the episode with Sheldon, Raj and Howard was brilliant as Sheldon seems to be getting less funny every episode and then he pranks Howard and Raj in the best moment in series 6. I hope the writers will realise that you don't need Amy and Bernadette for a good episode
  • Awesome!

    LOved Penny's L word wich was the reason for their breakup in the 3rd season hope thing turn out well. maximum comic episode !!!
  • Finally!

    The best part of it all was that Penny said it like it was something completely normal, like d'oh! Cute.
  • great!

    I Loved it! Love to hear L word from penny!
  • This was absolutely great

    Boy did this episode hit the nail on the head. It was simply a great episode very much in the vein of earlier seasons. They didn't deal that much in the male/female relationships but did use Penny's and Leonard's to great effect. But it was funny to see Leonard act so anal and then to see him get hit on by Alex while being completely obtuse to what she was doing. That seems a sure thing for future development and it will be fun to see how the Penny/Alex/Leonard thing plays out. In my opinion Alex is cuter than Penny and probably wouldn't present Leonard with so many problems. But then the other plot line in this episode, Sheldon down in his secret room, was hilarious. I really laughed hard near the end when they saw Sheldon get attacked by a creature from his wormhole! Hilarious to watch Raj and Howard freak out and see Sheldon come walking up behind them. It was also interesting to see Ryan Cartwright in his small role and he was a rather cool guy compared to Gary on Alphas.
  • I couldn't agree more...

    I agree to 100% with srthakran and angeland8's posts. This was a good "old school" episode based on nerdy interactions, social incompetence and some (but only some) relationship issues. Recent episodes where too focused on relationship and girl problems that clearly took some of the edge away from the show.

    The initial setup of the how based on nerdiness, socially weird behavior and this Penny-Howard thing was brilliant. Supporting acts without need being slowly propped up to main characters (Amy, Berndette or Stuart) did not do much good.

    Don't get me wrong, Amy's character has some form of nerdiness on her own but the girlfriend problems (funny once, ok twice but terrible afterwards) just don't fit all too well with Sheldon...

    Now some people may claim that characters "have to evolve" over time but that is just not true for every show! Have you ever wondered why Bart Simpson is still in school or why Scrubs failed after too much "evolution"?
  • Gotta stop looking at the reviews before I see the episode

    It was a decent episode, helped as ever by the absence of Amy & Bernadette that otherwise suck so much life out of the show, but seeing all the 9.x/10.0 reviews first it's such an anticlimax to have an episode that is good without being outstanding.

    Plus points: good interactions between Howard and Raj, the Sheldon mystery and Sheldon's universal explorations, some sharp lines: "I didn't even know you were here", for example. Minus: the scripts are still flagging in places - Leonard's insecurity.

    Still a pretty good episode, and a definite bounce back after last week's snore-fest.
  • Buenisimo

    Me encanto este capi!! x fin le dijo lo q tanto esperbamos, lo de Sheldon fue un mate de risa y q siga apareciendo Alex en ms episodios, me cae bien.
  • Good one.

    Loved this episode so much because it was like the old days - no Amy or Bernie. They are fine as supporting characters, but it's not fun when they are around all the time.
  • Finally an episode worthy of being in this series!!

    In a very long time big bang theory has got what it deserves, an episode without bernadette and amy farrah fowler.. this is what the show must be about.. those sick characters are so irritating that i almost lost faith in the show.