The Big Bang Theory

Season 3 Episode 8

The Adhesive Duck Deficiency

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Nov 16, 2009 on CBS

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  • In Rounds

    There's just something about the Penny-Sheldon dynamic that I can't get enough of. They're completely incompatible in that opposites attract kind of way. Their interactions are always comedy gold, even if they're getting to the point they're a tad overdone (but they had quite a break, so it's okay). The others out camping served to broaden the world and give us a sadly over-used pot storyline. A pretty good episode overall, though the ending totally nailed it.
  • One plot was great the other one was not so good

    I enjoyed the Penny and Sheldon plot a lot but not the Raj,Leonard and Howard plot
  • What the what?

    I watched this with a friend who was seeing The Big Bang Theory for the first time and needless to say the show did not garner a new viewer. Maybe it's because I just saw a pot-infused episode of One Tree Hill, or that I watch reruns of That 70's Show regularly, but I was just not impressed with Chuck Lorre and Bill Prady's attempt to capture the feeling of getting high in tonight's installment. The scenes just felt forced, contrived and were just not funny.

    The Sheldon and Penny scenes were a little better, but still retained the awkwardness that played the Leonard, Raj and Howard scenes, and not in a good way.

    Outside of Sheldon filling out the form at the hospital, very little to laugh at here.
  • Sheldon-Penny story was good

    Big Bang's usual strategy of separating the actors into two groups usually works really well. This one followed a proven formation for success. Splitting up Sheldon and Penny into one, and Howard, Leonard, and Raj into other. Unfortunately, things didn't work out as planned.

    Although, I must admit I did laugh watching the three high on pot infused cookies, experiencing the usual hallucinations, unexplained laughter, and a mad craving for food. But at the same time, this isn't the kind of laughs you expect from a show like Big Bang. If I wanna laugh watching a couple a potheads, I'll rent a Seth Rogen movie, not tune into CBS. Sheldon and Penny's track was brilliant. However, I felt a tad uncomfortable when Sheldon held Penny's boob. I mean, whatever be it, I don't ever want Sheldon to be in a relationship or be the subject or object of sex-infused jokes.

    Fair episode otherwise.
  • The best episode ever.

    this was my favorite episode not just of this season but all of them.

    The boy's in the desert where freaking hilarious, and although it may not be the most original of idea's the writing and acting where so good that I don't even care. Raj's rant about being the rabbit king where the highlight of the story.

    But stealing the show ( as usual ) where Penny and Sheldon. They work so well together and the result was awesome. Some have found it a little uncomfortable but I am a Penny/Sheldon shipper so I loved it, The 'Soft Kitty, Warm Kitty' duet at the end was fantastic. Though I don't think that they are heading in the direction of P/S, He was just being a good friend.

    This episode was fantastic and deserves a 50/10!! :D
  • Raj, Wolowitz and Leonard go camping to see a metero shower and end up eating drug-induced cookies. Meanwhile, Sheldon comes to Penny's rescue when she falls in the tub.

    This episode is brilliant. I always look at the BBT episodes in two parts because there are usually two stories in each episode. This one had the three guys going on camping and on the other hand Penny and Sheldon.
    Now, I must admit the guys' story wasn't as original or as funny as we are used to. But, there were some very good scenes (especially the one when the three of them lie on a rock and tell stories and fantasies about themselves).
    But again the highlight of the episode is of course Sheldon who once again outdid himself. From the very first scene (Sheldon's log) to the very last (when Penny and Sheldon sing soft kitty), Sheldon is hilarious. My personal favourite is at the hospital where Sheldon tries to comfort Penny.

    Regardless this is a very very good episode that made me laugh out loud. I do find however one flaw to the show (in general). It does lack the story-telling of a season meaning that the episodes are one of their own and don't add up to a bigger picture. There are no stories that could help character development. Having said that, Big Bang Theory is a very well written show which I believe will go on into a 4th and a 5th season, maybe more.
  • Penny falls in the shower and needs Sheldon's help while the other guys are away on a camping trip.

    This is one of the best episodes of the BIg Bang I can remember I couldn't stop laughing the entire episode. Sheldon the unlikely hero of the day was so funny helping and injured Penny out of the shower and getting dressed it was just a great scene I couldn't help laughing out loud and then Sheldon having to drive her to the hospital was a real treat, I think the funniest part of the episode was the hospital- violent psychotic outbursts!
    The boys camping trip was really funny too Leonard it has Nerd in it and Walowitz cousin story were really great to fill out the episode!
    All in all my favorite episode I can remember keep it up!
  • Leonard, Howard and Raj go camping

    This was probably one the funniest and best episodes of the season. Leonard, Howard, and Raj are out in the desert watching a meteor shower, when they accidentally eat pot-cookies from some hippies, and craziness breaks out. Howard is bottoms up on the jokes as his admit to sleeping with his cousins, actually his second cousin. Howard "You're a real douche"; Raj "Who cares you slept with your cousin"

    Meanwhile Penny has an accident in the bathtub as she slipped over dislocated her shoulder, Sheldon to the rescue. Penny needed to be taken to the hospital, but first she needed help to put on her clothes. Sheldon saw Penny naked and touched her bit, funny moment right there. Next he drove her to the hospital the guy doesn't have a licence to drive the car the only experience he has is with a simulator. At the hospital there were more funny scenes as Penny asks him to be little more supportive, "There, there ever things going to be fine, Sheldon's here" they end singing "Soft kitty, warm kitty, little bowl of fur.
  • 308

    Very hilarious installment of Big Bang tonight, specifically Sheldon & Penny's plot, the rest was a little lackluster and quite idiotic but Sheldon & Penny totally salvaged the entire episode. Sheldon & Penny have the best interactions and that was well displayed here. The whole scene with Sheldon filling out Penny's form was definitely the most hilarious scene.

    The "Soft Kitty" song was just for old time's sake but It was still enjoyable to watch regardless. I'm so happy we didn't get a Penny/Leonard overload tonight, this episode was exactly what I've been wishing for as of late. As for the pot cookies, eh. Cliche, and not mastered well. That 70s Show obviously does a better job with this. This... this was just absolutely ridiculous, and annoying to put it gently. So -10 for that plot, but still a superb episode either way.
  • Leonard, Raj, and Howard are out to watch the Leonids which are actually tonight and catch some free HBO as well. They didn't bet on the special cookies though! Sheldon is the only one home when Penny falls in the shower and he must help her.

    Why do you have a tattoo of soup on your buttocks?

    Both parts of this episode were grand! Sheldon forced to assist Penny "and drive" her to the emergency room. The other the boys out for a night of meteor showers and "special cookies".

    Sheldon was perfect coming to Penny's rescue. He actually was very chivalrous and it was nice of him to assist her like he did. I especially liked the scene of him assisting her with her shirt! :) Then the acting comforting in a very psychotic way. The looks and the hand movements were fantastic.

    The boys were the boys and they were very funny. Poor Howard. He always reveals the most damning evidence about himself. Let's face it, the idea was very cliche, get some really straight, nerdy dudes fried and then have them act out. It was hilarious though! Good episode overall. Very enjoyable and well worth the time to watch it. Thanks for reading...
  • So funny you can watch it twice.

    The laughs are endless, best episode of the season so far.

    Penny and Sheldon are pitch perfect and have great chemistry as he helps her and himself to a first boob grab lmao. Sheldon informs penny she has a soup tattoo on her butt and making him sing soft kitty at the end was funny too, almost like revenge. But what's great about this episode is as great as penny/sheldon were, the other boys were probably better. It's not original that they got high, but it was funny!

    Raj doing an american accent of leonard, leonard complaining about his name having "nerd" in it and wanting it to be angelo hahhaha and poor howard sharing something he was brilliantly mocked for. This was overall great for fans of the show, not one for a first timer to watch because you have to know the characters a bit (especially sheldon) to appreciate the humor.
  • Really good episode.

    Leonard, Howard and Raj have went on a camping trip to observe a meteor shower. Quarry: How does one get electricy in the wilderness for all of ones electronic devices?
    Sheldon joyfully stayed behind to finish a research paper. While ordering takeout on the phone he hears Penny calling out for help. After knocking on her front door, bedroom door and being told not to knock on the bathroom door. Sheldon finally enters Penny's bathroom, we find out Penny slipped in the tub due to a lack of adheasive ducks and dislocated her sholder. Sheldon is going to have to drive Penny to the hospital. Howard comes across some menopausal hippies who give the boys cookies. Sheldon has to help Penny get dressed. We find out Penny is going to the hospital without wearing a bra or underware. Sheldon accidently touches Penny's boob while he's helping her put her arm in the sleeve. Leonard, Howard and Raj are having a comical time enjoying the stars. Raj's mimickery of Leonard speaking is so Funny. Yes I know funny shouldn't be spelled with a capital f but that joke deserved it. Big Kudo's for that one! Meanwhile, we find out that Penny's passenger side mirror is in a parkinglot some where in Hollywood.
    Sheldon has a panic attack because Penny's check engine light is on. Then we find out that Sheldon peeked when he was helping Penny back in her apartment. Also, that she has a chinese symbol for soup or courage (controversal) tattooed on her right buttock. Funny, they forgot to mention the butterfly tattooed on her lower back. Sheldon fills out the paperwork for Penny at the hospital as he asks her's the questions. The boys now has the munchies and are acting like savages while the meteor shower is going on behind them. Sheldon has to help Penny (now drugged up with pain killers) get into bed. Penny compairs Sheldon to Wall-E and then makes him sing Soft Kitty to her because "hurt and injured is a kind of sick". It was so cute and funny. Purr, purr, purr.
    Raj tells a scary, funny, true story with a flashlight held under his chin. We learn that Howard slept with his cousin, EW.