The Big Bang Theory

Season 3 Episode 8

The Adhesive Duck Deficiency

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Nov 16, 2009 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • Howard tell the guys the story of when he lost his virginity to his cousin Jeannie, at his uncle Murray's funeral at his aunt Barbara's house. Yet in "The Creepy Candy Coating Corollary", he told Bernadette he lost his virginity in a car.

    • In this episode Penny asks Sheldon: "You have your learner's permit, right?" This should be no surprise to Penny as she was with him when he got it back in "The Euclid Alternative".

    • Trying to get Sheldon to drive faster, Penny says, "Warp speed ahead, Mr. Spock", to which Sheldon replies that that order would never be given to the Science Officer, but to the Navigator/Helmsman instead. However in a few of the very early Star Trek episodes Kirk DID give Spock the orders for warp speed and course changes before the writers established that he should give them to the Navigator/Helmsman.

  • Quotes

    • Sheldon: (filling out Penny's medical history in the ER) Moving to psychiatric disorders, list all major behavioral diagnoses, e.g. depression, anxiety, etc.
      Penny: Oh, my God, what the hell does this have to do with my stupid shoulder?!
      Sheldon: (writes) Episodes of sub-psychotic rage.
      Penny: (sotto voce) Ass.
      Sheldon: (writes) Possible Tourette's.

    • Sheldon: (over phone when Siam Palace wouldn't divide his take-out order) You keep in mind that my sharply-worded comments on recently took down a local muffin store.

    • Sheldon: The 'Check Engine' light is on; we need to find a service station.
      Penny: No, the light's been on since I bought the car.
      Sheldon: All the more reason to consult with a mechanic before it explodes!
      Penny: It's not gonna explode, just keep driving. Warp speed ahead, Mr. Spock.
      Sheldon: Mr. Spock did not pilot the Enterprise, he was a science officer, and I guarantee you that if he ever saw the Enterprise's 'Check Engine' light blinking, he would pull the ship over immediately!

    • (Sheldon is helping Penny get dressed, keeping his eyes closed)

      Penny: Is that my arm?

      Sheldon: It doesn't feel like an arm....

      Penny: Then maybe you should let it go.

      Sheldon: (quickly removing his hands) Alrighty.

    • Raj: (in a drug-induced state) If I could speak the language of rabbits, they would be amazed, and I would be their king. I would be kind to my rabbit subjects. (pause) At first. One day I'll hold a great ball for the president of France, but the rabbits, they hate me and don't come. I'm embarrassed, so I eat all the lettuce in the world and make them watch.

    • Leonard: I hate my name! It's got "nerd" in it: Len-nerd. You know what's a cool name? Angelo. That has Angel and Jell-O in it.

  • Notes

    • This episode's end titles has Chuck Lorre's Vanity Card #267.

    • The Italian episode title is "La carenza delle paperelle adesive", the Spanish title is "La deficiencia del pato adhesivo", and the Mexican title is "La deficiencia adhesiva del pato", all exact translations. The German title is "Das Suppentattoo", meaning "The Soup Tattoo". The French title is "Bras cassé et Voie lactée", meaning "Broken Arm and Milky Way".

    • International Airdates:
      Latin America: December 16, 2009 on Warner Channel;
      Australia: February 22, 2010 on Channel 9
      Finland: November 15, 2010 on Sub
      Turkey: November 22, 2010 on CNBC-e
      Czech Republic: December 14, 2010 on Prima COOL
      Slovakia: October 26, 2011 on Markiza

  • Allusions

    • Sheldon mentions that "a prohibition against looking is well established in heroic mythology; Lot and his wife, Perseus and Medusa, and Orpheus and Eurydice..."

      *Lot's wife turned to a pillar of salt after turning around to look at the city of Sodom as it burned (she and her family were told to leave and not look back).

      *Perseus was the only one to not turn to stone after looking at Medusa.

      *Orpheus was a hero in Greek mythology who made beautiful music and tried to save his wife, Eurydice from the Underworld. She was allowedto return with him to earth on one condition: he should walk in front of her and not look back until they both had reached the upper world. He set off with Eurydice following, and, in his anxiety, as soon as he reached the upper world, he turned to look at her, forgetting that both needed to be in the upper world, and she vanished for the second time, but now forever.

    • In the final "Soft Kitty" scene, Penny references the film WALL·E with her quote, "You're so full of love, and you can save a plant and get fat people out of the floaty chairs."

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