The Big Bang Theory

Season 4 Episode 21

The Agreement Dissection

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Apr 28, 2011 on CBS

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  • Like a Sexy Toddler

    I'm really disappointed that they had Amy finally make her move with Sheldon when she was too drunk to remember it, and that they're having Sheldon break Leonard and Pria up, but beyond those two things, I enjoyed it quite a bit. It had a different dynamic and a lot of humor.
  • "They gave us science, democracy...and little cubes of charred meat that taste like sweat"

    ^ I love that quote and this episode. Sheldon owning Priya like that in the end was WAY too funny. I can't stand her character. Ricky, the smoking monkey was pretty entertaining as well. "You really are an a**!" Sheldon's girls night out with Penny, Amy & Bernadette was really funny, you'd expect Sheldon to be more uptight but I guess he was just ready to trash talk Priya. Bernadette - "Okay, what is with those pant suits?!" "Muy caliente Sheldon!" hahaha. I love this episode and everything about it, especially when Sheldon owned Priya. "You may have gone to Cambridge, but I am an honorary graduate of Starfleet Academy!" :)
  • I absolutely adored this episode!

    I loved everything about this episode and maybe I fit in the minority, but I don't care! I did not like how Priya mettled in where she did not belong. She doesn't live there so what right does she have to attack or try to change the Roommate Agreement? It was her that brought it up to Leonard, did Leonard have a problem with it? Maybe but he didn't make a big stink about it like Priya did. It worked and she had to mess with that. I loved how Sheldon won out in the end. You just never mess with a Sheldon that is 'one lab accident from being a super villian' you don't mess with Spock! She did and he won out in the end. "You may have gone to Cambridge but I am an honorary graduate from Starfleet Academy!" Sheldon Cooper FTW! In YOUR face, Priya and maybe even Leonard! Priya is messing with fire and she needs to go. She bridged a gap between the core five by building a wall between Penny and Leonard. They never can hang out together so she needs to step!

    I loved how Amy and Sheldon's relationship is changing and progressing. I loved the whole 'girls night out' and Sheldon tagging along. And then when Shelly and Amy returned to Amy's, the kiss, the anticipated kiss! I loved how Amy warned Sheldon "I hope you don't take what I am about to do as a comment at what we just did." They truly do care for each other. I loved how Sheldon stayed at her side and even put down a towel for her head when she passed out. There is a sweetness in him if you look hard enough and don't purposely interrogate him.

    I think this episode was a strong one for both Jim and Mayim. Maybe use this one for Emmy submissions?

    Oh, and I loved that I was able to see this film in person. :)
  • 421

    I just do not like the Priya character. And pairing her with Leonard, the least funny main cast member is just a recipe for disaster. The two of them ganging up on Sheldon just was not as funny as it could have been had some people more adept at comedy partaken in the scene.

    It was interesting to see Sheldon on "girls night out" though. And Sheldon get one step closer to "doing it" was a nice little tease. I think the show needs to make that happen at some point as Jim Parsons should be able to hit a home run no matter what the material ends up being like.

    Not a bad episode at all, an interesting story, but it just was not that funny.
  • Great episode, maybe the best to date.

    Loved it. Sheldon *IS* TBBT. Nice continuity for the character and his traits: failing to understand sex-related behaviours, preferring to pee elsewhere, citing the roommate agreement, being a sore loser, being at odds with whoever Leonard is dating, antagonising the blokes, unsuccessfully trying to be adaptable, having a nice interaction with Penny, lecturing others with food trivia, winning at the end - gr8! Nice seeing Leonard, Raj and Howard rejoycing in rebelling against their 'dictator' once again.

    I know some people have criticised the discontinuity as Sheldon denied dancing et al, but I think it can be explained without being too far-fetched: when he told Penny on an earlier episode that he's not dancing in any universe, it didn't necessarily exclude him from (relunctantly) being schooled in the craft during his childhood; Mr Eidetic Memory probably didn't forget about being kissed by Leonard's mum, but he's a man of honour and they'd decided on not mentioning it again, so he didn't, simple as that. Even he (or especially he) wouldn't think Amy and Bernadette needed to know that.

    And Penny forgetting about it also makes sense in the context of her character - she may have forgot about it, simple as that. Amy is realistic: there are people (even if not many) who are nice and interesting but never had any real friends, so when they finally do they get clingy, over-excited and 'crrrrazy'. Certainly a progression that can be.

    Bernie ... so cute and adorable. 'Kay ai es es es es ai en gee'... cheesy smoking effect, but the actors interacted nicely - it's very hard to act with an imaginary situation, and not everybody pulls it off.

    Leonard was pretty much a secondary character, which is fine by me: I don't hate him at all, but Sheldon's a waaaaay better lead. Always was, always will be. Nice to see Penny each time more comfortable with being a member of their 'geeky' society.
  • Raj: This is the most delightfully cruel thing we've done to SHeldon since we left that fake message from Stephen Hawking on his voicemail!

    Soooooo, Sheldon accuses Leonard of violatin 2 terms of the roommate agreement, but PRyian with her super lwayer powers, counterattacks him. The next night, the boys bring greek food for pizza night, using Pryia as defnese, so Sheldon has no option but goign to girls night with Penny.

    They then go dancing cause Sheldon says he can, and after that, Amy brings Shel back to her apartment, where we meet her smoking monkey (who is an a*s). Amy then tells Shel to play dirty to get his apartment back (and kisses him. The next morning, Sheldon starts a selfdestrcut counter (kinda). When it gets to 0, it will send an email to Rja's parents telling them PRia is datign a white boy. Pria gives up, and Leonard thinks she's embarrased about it. Amy & shel decide to reboot their friendship.

    OVerall: Great episode. I loved the roommate agreement plot (especially with the selfdestruct countdown), drunk Bernadette, the smoking monkey, the Stephen Hawking voicemail, and the old dude who grabbed Penny's a*s. Also, Sheldon forgto Leonard's mom kssed him last season, huh? 9.5/10.
  • Laugh-Out-Loud episode

    I enjoyed this episode a lot. it was very focused on Sheldon but I didn't mind because it had some of my favorite things in it. I like it when someone is able to out-wit Sheldon. and while I don't like Pryia as an addition to the cast much, especially as Leonard's girlfriend her interactions with Sheldon are mostly hilarious. another favorite of mine are the girls "going wild". I really like what they are doing with Amy. her interactions with Penny and Bernadette are always enjoyable and she balances Sheldon out in a way none of the other characters does because she is actually on his side of the quirky. loved the taxi scene and the scene Amy/Shelson interactions both in her apartment and on web cam. the only thing I wasn't so fond of was the blaickmail but I guess that need to split up Pryia and Leonard somehow - and I'm all for that, plus it was a rather classical Sheldon move. all things considered it was an incredibly amusing episode from start to finish. and I can't forget a shout out to Johnny's incredible smug expressions
  • The Agreement Dissection...

    The Big Bang Theory finally seems to be regaining the ground that it lost in the middle of this, the fourth season, by delivering a string of episodes that have been genuinely humorous. Whilst its laugh track/live audience may have been slightly forced upon the viewers to remind them that it is a comedy, "The Agreement Dissection" did a great job of delivering some of the former glory of the show.

    With Priya now becoming even more involved in Leonard's day-to-day life, Sheldon invokes the roommate agreement when he is unable to use the bathroom as he pleases. Whilst it usually allows him to keep some control over his environment, Sheldon finds himself in unfamiliar territory when Priya, a lawyer by trade, picks holes in the document freeing Leonard from compliance.

    As Raj, Howard and Leonard begin to take advantage of their new found freedom, Sheldon decides to go along with Penny on a girl's night out with the promise of being able to speak ill of his new legal nemesis. Seeing Sheldon interact outside of his comfort zone added a new dynamic to the episode and when the girls decide to take him dancing, the episode really hits its stride. Jim Parsons dancing so proficiently is really something that should be seen by everyone. As the night moves on Sheldon meets Amy's smoking monkey Ricky and delivers some of the strongest humor of the episode, whilst simultaneously hatching a plan to re-establish order in his home life. By threatening to tell Priya's parents about her relationship with Leonard, Sheldon blackmails his way into a new roommate agreement and the balance is once again restored.

    Although doing nothing to serve the long-term plot of the show, "The Agreement Dissection" was a solid twenty minutes of television. A combination of humor and wit whilst all the time reminding me why I watch the show at all, made the episode one of the best of recent times and a good addition to a sometimes lackluster fourth season.
  • 421

    I think we've all accepted that Big Bang Theory will never be back to the same standards it had in the first 2 seasons. Too much things have changed, and now every single time I watch it, I can't help but be reminded of Two and a Half Men.

    The whole shower scene, did that remind anyone of Alan & Charlie's witty banter. Anyways, small annoyances aside, this was a well-done episode, believe it or not. Amy kissing Sheldon was definitely a highlight.

    I'm glad this episode wasn't very focused on Leonard & Priya, and focused on the strong links of the show: Sheldon & Penny. I could have done without Bernadette in general but this we still got some good scenes tonight.