The Big Bang Theory

Season 4 Episode 21

The Agreement Dissection

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Apr 28, 2011 on CBS

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  • I absolutely adored this episode!

    I loved everything about this episode and maybe I fit in the minority, but I don't care! I did not like how Priya mettled in where she did not belong. She doesn't live there so what right does she have to attack or try to change the Roommate Agreement? It was her that brought it up to Leonard, did Leonard have a problem with it? Maybe but he didn't make a big stink about it like Priya did. It worked and she had to mess with that. I loved how Sheldon won out in the end. You just never mess with a Sheldon that is 'one lab accident from being a super villian' you don't mess with Spock! She did and he won out in the end. "You may have gone to Cambridge but I am an honorary graduate from Starfleet Academy!" Sheldon Cooper FTW! In YOUR face, Priya and maybe even Leonard! Priya is messing with fire and she needs to go. She bridged a gap between the core five by building a wall between Penny and Leonard. They never can hang out together so she needs to step!

    I loved how Amy and Sheldon's relationship is changing and progressing. I loved the whole 'girls night out' and Sheldon tagging along. And then when Shelly and Amy returned to Amy's, the kiss, the anticipated kiss! I loved how Amy warned Sheldon "I hope you don't take what I am about to do as a comment at what we just did." They truly do care for each other. I loved how Sheldon stayed at her side and even put down a towel for her head when she passed out. There is a sweetness in him if you look hard enough and don't purposely interrogate him.

    I think this episode was a strong one for both Jim and Mayim. Maybe use this one for Emmy submissions?

    Oh, and I loved that I was able to see this film in person. :)
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