The Big Bang Theory

Season 4 Episode 21

The Agreement Dissection

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Apr 28, 2011 on CBS

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  • Great episode, maybe the best to date.

    Loved it. Sheldon *IS* TBBT. Nice continuity for the character and his traits: failing to understand sex-related behaviours, preferring to pee elsewhere, citing the roommate agreement, being a sore loser, being at odds with whoever Leonard is dating, antagonising the blokes, unsuccessfully trying to be adaptable, having a nice interaction with Penny, lecturing others with food trivia, winning at the end - gr8! Nice seeing Leonard, Raj and Howard rejoycing in rebelling against their 'dictator' once again.

    I know some people have criticised the discontinuity as Sheldon denied dancing et al, but I think it can be explained without being too far-fetched: when he told Penny on an earlier episode that he's not dancing in any universe, it didn't necessarily exclude him from (relunctantly) being schooled in the craft during his childhood; Mr Eidetic Memory probably didn't forget about being kissed by Leonard's mum, but he's a man of honour and they'd decided on not mentioning it again, so he didn't, simple as that. Even he (or especially he) wouldn't think Amy and Bernadette needed to know that.

    And Penny forgetting about it also makes sense in the context of her character - she may have forgot about it, simple as that. Amy is realistic: there are people (even if not many) who are nice and interesting but never had any real friends, so when they finally do they get clingy, over-excited and 'crrrrazy'. Certainly a progression that can be.

    Bernie ... so cute and adorable. 'Kay ai es es es es ai en gee'... cheesy smoking effect, but the actors interacted nicely - it's very hard to act with an imaginary situation, and not everybody pulls it off.

    Leonard was pretty much a secondary character, which is fine by me: I don't hate him at all, but Sheldon's a waaaaay better lead. Always was, always will be. Nice to see Penny each time more comfortable with being a member of their 'geeky' society.