The Big Bang Theory

Season 4 Episode 10

The Alien Parasite Hypothesis

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Dec 09, 2010 on CBS

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  • An Experiment

    I love that they're continuing with the balance of screen time between characters, but they really need to come up with some better source material. That we're moving closer to what will obviously be a relationship between Sheldon and Amy is wonderful, but it is quite painful to see it stumble along as it gets there. And I'm getting the feeling Penny and Leonard will be on the mend by the end of the season. Good times all around. Just not a great episode.
  • 410

    Another really mediocre episode of The Big Bang Theory, a show that I just cannot seem to really enjoy anymore these days. The show has done such a strong job of creating these unique characters through writing, but they do not even know what to do with them anymore. I do not want to see an episode revolving around Amy Farafowler ever, and I do not want to see Raj and Howard fighting while not fighting at the same time.

    Please get your act together Bang, because this is not the kind of episode that made you TV's new darling.
  • Nice to see Leonard pushed into the background for this episode. Raj and Howard were really given a chance to shine, there story was pretty strong and definitely funny.

    Nice to see Leonard pushed into the background for this episode.

    Raj and Howard were really given a chance to shine, there story was pretty strong and definitely funny.

    It's always nice to see the guys discussing superheroes which is why I especially enjoyed that their story was based around who would be the sidekick.

    However Sheldon's story was quite weak.

    I don't really like Amy Farah Fowler, it seems she gets more and more screen time every episode. Why do we need a female Sheldon?

    Sheldon's interactions with Amy are really poor.

    It was interesting to see Zack back though, someone who might I add is a much better character than Amy.
  • 410

    It was an okay episode of Big Bang Theory. I really didn't like how this episode was solely focused on Amy Farafowler, she's better as a side character, but really nothing more. The upside is that this episode wasn't so Leonard-based like almost all the episodes in season 4 have been.

    Amy & Sheldon doing research to see what Amy had was pretty funny, and I liked the tie in with the brain slices. My favorite scene was Penny & Sheldon in the laundry room, I really thought Sheldon was actually going to take part in "coitus" as they say on Big Bang.

    Overall, kind of a throw away episode though, I mean, no substantial development, and idiotic and annoying subplot, and an episode focused on Amy Farafowler? Eh.
  • Amy experiments sexual arousal.

    An average episode with 2 plots:

    Shamy Plot: So at a girls night out Zack (from last season's finale) drops by and A my goes all Oooo and doesn't know why. After he leaves, the other girls tell her she wants to have sex with him. Later at work she tried to determine with Shel the cause of her Ooooing and end up dealing with the truth: she was aroused by Zack. So Sheldon tell her the only way to get over it was to have sex with him, but in the end, she chose not to and tried holding hands with Shel, but the experiment fails.

    Wolowitz-Koothrappali Plot: So Howard % Raj argue about who is the hero and who is the sidekick. Raj is challenge by Wolowitz to put his hand on a bucket woth a tarantula. The one who takes his hand 1st is the sidekick. Howard loses cause the tarantula climbs up his arm. Later they engsge in a wrestling mathc ,and whoever wins is the hero. But hours later, they are still insulting each other and the fight didn't start yet.

    Title Reference: One of the probabilities Sheldon proposed of Amy going Ooo was sheh having an alien parasite in her stomach.

    Overall: Eh. Both plots were funny, but not hilarious. 8/10. Plus Amy was in it, and she isn't funny at all.
  • First sign Sheldon is human, Zack needs to be sacked.

    While other reviewers argue that "we don't need another Sheldon", as an argument against the character Amy, I actually find that her presence adds depth to the character of Sheldon.

    At the point where Sheldon is faced with the possibility of him being jealous of Zack, he flinches and runs. Somewhere deep beneath layers of rational thought, he has basic human instincts.

    Later of course while seeming to imply to plan to have sex with Amy, stating "might as well get it over with" to Penny, it turns out that did not even occur to him.

    The second storyline features Rajesh and Howard in a childish powerstruggle over who would be who's sidekick if superheroes. Of course acting like morons is what these two are best at, so despite being the less interesting storyline, the ease with which in particular Simon Helberg portrays his character makes it entertaining nonetheless.

    Highpoints: - Penny's "..but in this case yes" following the denial that "going out" means "having intercourse". Perfectly timed and executed. - Sheldon: "did you see the Star Trek the motion picture?" Amy: "No". Sheldon: "Don't, it's terrible". Amen to that.

    Lowpoints: - "Zack"'s acting. Especially at the end the "gluteus what?" was exceptionally poor acting, stomach turning. I hope this guy does not return. - "Amy"'s "where could I have picked up an alien parasite?", is followed by a very forced facial expression. Clearly she was having trouble keeping a straight face with this line.