The Big Bang Theory

Season 4 Episode 7

The Apology Insufficiency

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Nov 04, 2010 on CBS

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  • Hello Creator of the Universe

    Very much in the same vein as the previous episode, but on an entirely different level. It wasn't as satisfying as the previous one, however, and didn't quite manage to hit either comedy or empathy. Not the best episode, but hooray for having Penny back. Scenes with her and Sheldon are always my favorite.
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    Man, Eliza Dushku has been in the business for what, 15 years, and she still has not learned how to act? Terrible. This casting was unnecessary as she was not even used in a geeky sci-fi role like they had with Summer Glau or Katee Sackhoff, and she did not even get the audience applause when she walked in.

    But the plot itself was pretty stupid, and I have to scoff at the show trying to have a Modern Family-esque happy moment at the end with Sheldon giving Howard his "spot" as an attempt to show he was sorry. Stick to the laughs all the time Chuck Lorre.
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    A great episode of Big Bang Theory, I really was not expecting to see Penny, but really, even if she was absent, this episode still would have gotten a good rating. We got a great different plot tonight with a special agent from the FBI asking if Howard is a responsible person. When Agent Page was talking to Sheldon, I really couldn't stop laughing as opposed to Leonard talking to Page which was just strange.

    Raj running for the rum cake, Sheldon drinking alcohol and and having a heart to heart with Penny, even giving up his seat for Howard. I don't know if that's Sheldon being out of character or amazing character development, it was just a feel good gesture. And Eliza Dushku wasn't bad either. Memorable episode tonight.
  • It was hilarious!!!

    This was such a great episode. I was happy to see Penny back in the series after one episode without her. Sheldon spitting the shot of alcohol back into the shot glass 4 times was nasty. I just shuttered every time he did that. Funny thing is, he didn't mind doing and Sheldon is suppose to hate germs and stuff. I think the biggest flaw that I don't like about this episode was that Sheldon, Howard, Leonard, and Raj did not know who Eliza Dushku was. In one of the previous episodes, Summer Glau was a guest star and all four of them knew who she was and wanted a picture with her (Howard). Yet, no one knew who Eliza Dushku was especially from roles like Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, or Dollhouse. I just couldn't get by this fact. Other than that, another HILARIOUS EPISODE.
  • Sheldon: I'm giving you my spot on the couch. Howard: But you love that spot! Sheldon: No, I love my mother. My feelings for my spot are much greater.

    One-plot again! So....

    Plot: Howard is going to get clearence on sth so and FBI agent will go visit Leonard, Koothrappali & Sheldon to see if he can get the job. Every guy's interview is an utter failure. Leonard hits on her without knowing she has a husband, Raj gets dunk out of rum cake and tries ot not be deported, and Shel tells her about the events of the Stephanie arc, when he crashed the Mars Rover. So naturally, he doens't get the job and is mad at Sheldon, who tries to apologize but fails, and with the help of Penny (bartending) he decides to give him his spot on the couch (quote above). But things don't last as after 96 seconds, Shel wants his spot back. Title Reference: Sheldon has to apologize to Wolowitz.

    Overall;: Okay, good episode. Good refernece to season 2. And I loved Shedon drinking and then spiting it out repeatedly. 8.5/10