The Big Bang Theory

Season 2 Episode 1

The Bad Fish Paradigm

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Sep 22, 2008 on CBS

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  • Season 2 Premiere

    Great premiere from The Big Bang Theory here. We've got Penny & Leonard dating and the show picking up right where it left off, the episode starts with Penny & Leonard coming back from their date. Sheldon was the one that stole the show here though, the whole episode is focused on Sheldon trying to keep Penny's secret.

    Penny & Sheldon interactions are always enjoyable and they were enjoyable here. From the way Sheldon folded his clothes to his interactions with the whole cast, not just Penny. We got great one on one scenes between Sheldon & Howard, Raj, Penny, and Leonard. I was worried at first that this show would lose it's touch after Penny & Leonard got together, but I stand corrected, this continues to be one of the funniest comedies on television right now, and I can finally say it's one of my favorite shows. Very strong premiere, and I love how Penny & Leonard's relationship is still in the air.