The Big Bang Theory

Season 6 Episode 13

The Bakersfield Expedition

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Jan 10, 2013 on CBS

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  • Turnabout is fair play

    For once, the girl half of the show was pretty good - as patronising to nerd-life as the comic book shop scene and the initial aftermath, the follow-up as the girls got drawn into the whole mythos was well done, and fairly funny as well; even Amy and Bernadette got good lines ("How can Red Hulk be Worthy? / You don't know his life!"). On the other hand, the guy half of the show was pretty slow & short of humour.
  • Beam Me Up, Scotty!

    Spoiler Alert!

    Gotta love this episode! Made me happy to see the girls trying to understand the guys, and I found myself wanting to join in on the discussion. Wish the guys had gone through with their mission. It makes me wonder if they're going to have their love for comics and "nerd stuff" tainted, or that they might even "grow up", like evolving. I love them being the awkward superhero loving nerds they are, and for me at least that episode, whether or not it affects future episodes, will niggle at the back of my mind.
  • Nice to see Big Bang Theory coming back

    I hope there will be more episodes to come like this one, funny, sheldon-jokes, nerd-references, star-trek, comic-con,... Also hope the next one will continue where this one left off, and that the show doesn't forget that Penny & the girls now know a little something about comic books. Previous season was not memorable, and the creators have to put some more tension in the storyline, like it used to be with the Penny & Leonard episodes in the first seasons.
  • This website sucks

    It says you can watch the episodes here but u can't it lies , what a waste of my time !!
  • Nice to see Matt Battaglia

    Didn't recognize him instantly but did as soon as he spoke - nice to see Matt Battaglia back in action even if it was just a bit part (although a good one). He's been quite inconspicuous the last couple of years, and it was good to see that he's still in the business and keeping himself up.
  • The guys dress up in Star Trek: The Next Generation costumes while the girls are reading comic books

    Well, the sad reality is that I don't feel like reviewing the new episodes of TBBT just like last season since I believe I reviewed almost all of the episodes last season. This season, just not in the mood but I am keeping up with the show though and still stay tuned for the new episodes. I felt like reviewing this episode though so here it goes. I loved this episode of The Big Bang Theory. It just made me laugh so freaking hard and it's definitely my favorite of the season SO FAR. This episode was very well-written and it had a very nice pacing too. It just cracked me up non-stop from start to finish like you wouldn't believe it. BARELY found a miss joke in this episode. The boys dressing up in their Star Trek The Next Generation costumes was hilarious and their poses for the photos they were taking in a desert was drop dead hilarious and the fact that their car got stolen. The girls reading the comic books calling them stupid but arguing about Thor's abilities and more was freaking hilarious. It was also hilarious how the guys walk in the diner (still in their ST:TNG costumes) and everyone turned around to look at them. What can I say? everything about this episode was just hilarious and well done. Loved every moment of this episode and laughed at every moment of the episode as well. Definitely watch this episode especially if you're a fan. Oh yeah, all of the guys staring the girls at the comic book store was hilarious too. I could say what the funniest moment of this episode was but that would be so darn impossible in my opinion. The ending with those two guys (who stole the guys' car) who were loving Sheldon's GPS giving trivia and getting happy about it was funny as hell too. This is a definitely 10/10 and a grade scale of A+ in my opinion. 10/10
  • I found 6 state capitals not connected to Interstate highways

    Besides the obvious 2 Juneau and Honolulu; there are Carson City , Pierre, Jefferson City, and Dover. But thank you Sheldon for the geography/history lesson.

    And the show was a keeper. Wow!
  • Sheldon is wrong!

    In this episode Sheldon ask "What are the four state capitals not served by the interstate system? " according to it's five: Juneau, AK; Dover, DE; Jefferson City, MO; Carson City, NV; and Pierre, SD. Do you think Sheldon's head will exploded?
  • The Bakersfield Expedition

    amazing episode as the sow doesn't show a sign of slowing down quality and rating wise. Loved every scene as this episode returned to basics and got a new twist with the girls talking about comic books and the guys almost bailing on all these stuff. i didn't think penny could get any hotter but she did in this episode.
  • Funny but didn't end up quite as good....

    as I had hoped. This was a particularly geeky episode from the preshow news and I was really looking forward to it but was a bit let down in the end. I really enjoyed them in their costumes, which were quite good but then they had the CBS studios to do it excellently, but when they never made it to the con I was let down. That said some of the situations were quite funny and some of the things they did while in costume were hilarious. The girls at the comic book store were pretty funny and their serious analysis of comic books had it moments. But I guess when all was said and done and the gang simply gave up and went home that was the let down. I'd love to see an episode where they attended a con and they showed them at the con.
  • geekorama... !!!

    It was really nice to see the girls taking up comics !!!! and it was equally refreshing to see the guys coming out from the fantasy world (even if for a small while !!! )... all in all a very good episode... :)