The Big Bang Theory

Season 2 Episode 3

The Barbarian Sublimation

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Oct 06, 2008 on CBS

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  • Queen Penelope

    Wolowitz to the rescue for once. This was an interesting look into online gaming and how easy it is to get sucked in. I really enjoyed that Penny eventually pulled herself out rather than needing Sheldon's interaction, though from this encounter and several prior, I wouldn't be surprised if at some point, Penny and Sheldon end up together. Opposites attract and all that - and the show relies so heavily on Sheldon that it only makes sense. A long shot now, but in that same way that Robin and Barney end up together on How I Met Your Mother.
  • The Barbarian Sublimation

    Sheldon gets Penny hooked on online gaming. Its so funny. Especially when Penny keeping going to Sheldon for advice, even if she has to wake him up in the middle of the night, or call him while he is in a meeting with his boss, at work. Oh, and the reaction the her playing online gaming has on the guys is so extremely hilarious! They act as if the world has jus came crashing down. Anyways.. its a must watch! Enjoy All!

    I loved this episode! It was quite hilarious. I jus am very curious as to where Sheldong got his Flash t-shirt. If anyone knows, please tell me? =] P.S. You should ALLLL watch this show and episode! =]]
  • Penny becomes addicted to online-gaming and uses Sheldon as her dealer. Sheldon grows weary of her constant need to bug him about the game.

    Well in a way they have done this one before, the Penny and Sheldon storyline, but this one had the one twist that this time Sheldon was dealing with Penny's craziness.

    That being said, watching Penny derail her life to the game was hilarious. She got so desperate she called Sheldon at his boss' office to discuss a quest while he was arguing with his nemesis Leslie Winkle. Actually she got so desperate when she almost went for a fictional drink with Howard.

    The one thing with this episode was, that it seemed no one else was in the episode, while the story was great it would have been nice to feature the other characters a little more, we got some insight from Leslie and a inapropriate comment from Howard, but still.

    Overall, this episode was still funny.
  • Penny starts playing a video game and bothers the heck out of Sheldon.

    I'm tempted to say that this episode really didn't have all that much substance to it, mostly because it took an idea that felt somewhat dull (Penny learning to play a video game that Sheldon likes) and also feels somewhat overused (I feel as if I've seen this scenario in several different shows). However, the episode ended up taking the show's best character (Sheldon) and using him to bring out the best in Penny, a character I've felt distant from up until this point.

    I think the reason it was so good is that the relationship between Sheldon and Penny is actually funnier and more believable than the one between Leonard and Penny. Leonard and Penny seem so distant that it's not even fun to watch them try to get together. I really hope they don't in the end and instead find more interesting things for them to do.

    However, back to Penny and Sheldon; they have a great way of having a back and forth relationship, and she's the perfect understanding person to comprehend how socially inept he is. I also thought that the "Age of Conan" plot was pretty great, as it was a perfect symbol of the stuff that was going on in Penny's love life at the time.

    Definitely the best of Season 2 up until this point.
  • Sheldon gets Penny hooked on the The Age of Conan, much to his later regret.

    I kinda noticed everyone was really into Penny/Sheldon and her addictin, but for me, the very best scene was at the cafeteria with Sheldon turning to that guy and asking him out, and not even noticing the guy (who was surprisingly hot, btw) checking him out! It was the funniest thing, and it does show how the guy has zero social interaction knowledge ('cause the guy REALLY checked him out, it was not subtle).
    The whole Penny fall into addiction was funny to watch, especially when her perfect guy sees her and goes "She looks nothing like her picture" and poor Leonard "They never do" (LOL)
  • Penny gets obsessed with an online game.

    It looks like The Big Bang Theory is realizing what makes it great as this is the third straight episode where things revolved around Sheldon. Arguably the best character on television right now nearly everything he said in this installment was hilarious. Even better was that Leonard is no longer the most important character on the show. Not that he doesn't have some funny lines, but his roommate is just so far superior in pretty much every aspect.

    Leslie was kept to a minimum, although I still have to question the expertise of whomever decided that it was a good idea to add her to the regular cast. Howard and Kuthrapali need more time, but Howard was funny when he spoke of why he "stays up at night".

    The Big Bang Theory has just been incredible this season.
  • Review.

    Penny becomes addicted to an online game based on the world of Conan the Barbarian and persistantly pesters Sheldon for advice. This episode was really, really, REALLY good. It was so funny right from the begining straight through to the end. I loved the part where Leonard was on the game and Penny chopped his head off.

    There where some really good recurring jokes where Sheldon and Penny where together and Leonard thinks something is going on between the two.

    All in all this was by far one of the best episodes yet of The Big Bang Theory. I give it 9.5 out 10.
  • Penny gets addicted to a online virtual world game and Sheldon tries to fish her out of it.

    This was an hilarious installment, probably the best one of this series. The Sheldon-Penny combo seems to be working pretty darn good. The rest of the cast has also pitched in well, especially Simon Helberg's character Wolowitz. The portions where Sheldon's friends suspect him of having an affair with Penny and the pun-intended dialogues were a laughter riot. Certain other parts such as the 'AFK' and 'Oh I see' lines were silly, nevertheless the were funny for the moment. Leonard has been downplayed this episode. And as a forum post says, he doesn't seem to care about Penny anymore. Though there wasn't a concrete story this time around, it's good to see that the writers are restricting the genre to strictly comedy. It was huge relief to see Sara Gilbert get less screen time, though she did a good job this episode. However, when she gets into the main cast, it really changes the way you look at the show. And that definitely doesn't look pretty.

    This is good experiment, and the way I see - this show will only get better.
  • One of the funniest, if not the funniest, episode so far.

    The very beginning with Penny breaking down and crying was kind of a turn off. I like Kaley Cuoco, just not when she cries on camera, it's so fake. However, the humor of Sheldon's actions in contrast to the character of Penny makes my wife and I laugh. This is one of the funniest episodes because it's focus is on the Penny/Sheldon 'friendship' instead of the Leonard/Penny love interest. Sheldon's quips with Penny's replies made it follow a classic comedy rule. This is a certain stand-alone episode that people could watch and just enjoy because if you've never watched the show before you're not confused, you're entertained. One of the best things about this comedy.
  • Sheldon introduces Penny into the world of online video gaming and creates a monster.

    By far, this episode blows the last two episodes of the season right out of the water with some good humor and great scenes.

    After having a hard day and being locked out of her appartment, Penny is introduced to online gaming by Sheldon. Soon, she becomes addictive the game and forgets everything else in the world. She constantly bugs Sheldon for information how to play the game, causing him to take action and get her a date so she can focus on something else and not bother him. After all his efforts, he does not succeed, but Penny finally comes to her senses after agreeing to go on an online date with Wolowitz.

    A great episode and it brings some great humor into the fray with Sheldon accidently getting a date with a gay guy and some funny words exchange between Sheldon and Penny that makes Leonard think those two are sleeping together. This is the best episode of the season and I hope the show can keep this pace.
  • The Best Episode Ever!

    This episode was the best episode. This is my favorite episode! In The Barbaian Sublimation Sheldon gets Penny addicted to online gaming. Then she is so addicted to it she starts to annoy Sheldon. He starts to get really annoyed and he doesn't know how to stop her addiction.

    I loved it when Sheldon said "AFK" and Penny goes what does that mean? and he goes "Away from keyboard". Penny says "Oh I see." And he goes "What does that stand for?" haha. That was hialrious.

    This was the funniest episode ever. When I first read the synopsis of the episode before it aired I knew it was going to be hilarious! lol.
  • 203

    A perfect episode of The Big Bang Theory and here's why. We all know that Sheldon is the star of this show, there is no doubt about that. We also know that the interactions are always best when they're between Sheldon & Penny, and we definitely go a lot of that here. This episode just made me realize how weak the rest of the cast is compared to Sheldon & Penny and they're not even the main focus of the show! Anyways, Penny getting addicted to an online game was absolutely hilarious considering her being addicted to an online game was just so out of the ordinary for a character like her. The interactions between Sheldon & Leslie are weaker, but they still are good. It already shows that the writers are going to have some trouble fitting in Leslie as a main cast member. What did she really do here, really? Call Sheldon names? If she doesn't need to be there, she shouldn't and she is just better as a supporting character, not a main character, and it shows here.

    Favorite scene from the episode was definitely Leonard's reaction to Penny walking out of Sheldon's bedroom. Penny realizing she had a problem was just a priceless scenes. Lots of laughs tonight, this show is getting better & better by the episode.
  • Best episode yet!

    So we finally get more to Penny's 'i wanna be an actor' aspiration, as she realizes after a failed interview that the 2 years she spent in LA have gone wasted, and after locking herself out of her apartment by stupidly using her car key in the door, she spends time in Leonard and Sheldon's apartment, when only Sheldon is home.

    Sheldon is playing 'Age of Conan' and it doesn't take him long to get Penny into it, but she gets addicted and this is where the laughs are highest, as we see Penny at a low point in her life, with Sheldon only trying to 'help' her as she constantly nags him for help.

    This is a fast-paced episode that will keep you laughing all the way though it, with only 1 weakness; It's a bit too fast paced, with the episode length of 22 minutes, it squeezes a lot in but ends abruptly, and you are left sitting there thinking 'That was over quick'. Over-all an amazing episode, and am looking forward to more like this.