The Big Bang Theory

Season 1 Episode 13

The Bat Jar Conjecture

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Apr 21, 2008 on CBS

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  • Very amusing episode with some minor yet MAJOR inconsistencies to the Big Bang "mythology"

    Often a hilariously joyful episode, with an excellent final scene and some hilarious Howard moments but this episode does provide us with some mind boggling inconsistencies to the Big Bang Theory.

    - During the Physics Bowl trial at Leonard and Sheldon's apartment, Sheldon sits on a seat rather than his regular seat.

    - I understand the idea that Raj can talk to women when they are disguised into an audience, but there is a woman (Leslie Winkle) seated right next to him during the Physics Bowl

    - At the end of the episode, I'm not sure that Sheldon would sit on that seat. I understand that Leonard won't let him sit in his seat, because "someone's" already sitting there, but I don't think he'd sit just anywhere else.

    We also get a very interesting moment when Raj accidentally speaks in front of Penny without being under the influence of alcohol!
  • Bowled Over

    And we're back to feeling very disconnected from the world of the show. I think that's actually the biggest issue I have with Big Bang - it hasn't given the viewer a world in which the characters exist. There's the apartment and the hallway and there's the university? college? someplace where everyone except Penny? works. Needs more physical grounding. Beyond that, I was glad to see Sheldon lose, even if I would have been more happy to have him admit the janitor was right. Disappointed with the reappearance of Leslie, too.
  • 113

    Although we haven't gotten much plot development in a couple weeks, this was a hilarious episode of TBBT regardless. I have never laughed as hard as I did when Howard ripped off his shirt to "We Are The Champions" We got so many funny one liners, way too many too mention.

    From Penny slowly drifting off in to sleep when the Physics Bowl was going on to Leslie continuously referring back to her one night with Leonard, that's the subtle humor that makes this show so great. Sheldon was amazing as usual, with him always asking for a formal protest, he was hilarious in this episode.

    The plot was very intriguing too, was anyone else really excited and intrigued to see who would win the Physics Bowl, the janitor saying took me as much of a surprise as everyone else. Overall great episode of TBBT with some great funny one liners, and a great tie in at the end there.
  • Sheldon is carrying the show, and his back is breaking

    Sheldon is getting to be a tiresome carrier. Utterly selfish, utterly narcissistic, he can't understand why answering all the questions by himself in the Physics Bowl prepartory is not a good idea. I like Penny, let's have more interactons between her and Leonard, and get back to the original framework of the show. This episode did have some funny moments, such as when Wolowitz ripped off his shirt at the end when the 'PMS' boys won the Physics Bowl. But in the end this episode was just a one-note Sheldon extravaganza, and this is getting tiring and wornout. Still, the nerdish referneces to "Star Trek' and Spock's last words was funny and in keeping with the show's theme. All in all, a dissapointing episode.
  • Nerds. ♥

    Sheldon finds himself booted from the gang's Physics Bowl team and replaced with Leslie, so he forms his own team, hoping to prove he's superior. As always I love the start, The Big Bang Theory is far too clever and funny - got to love it. I love the way Raj slips up with saying something infront of Penny. I love the storyline in this episode, I love the way Sheldon is so selfish, got to love him for everything he does. I lvoe the scene where Penny is asking the nerds questions. I love the way Leslie joins Leonards team because they kicked Sheldon out for ruining all the fun. I feel sorry for Sheldon when that happens though. I also love the way Sheldon is so stubborn in everything he does. I love Sheldons' facial expressions - hilarious. Epic ending. another Awesome episode.
  • When the guys decide to compete in the Physics Bowl, soon after Sheldon's attitude splits them into two teams. Sheldon's ego gets the best of him in the end.

    Well it seems we just cannot get eough of Sheldon, every post-strike episode has centered around his unfimiliarity in dealing with social situations. While it is always hilarious it is starting to get a bit tired. That being said in a way this episode addressed it, Leonard, Howard, and Raj were left to compete with Sheldon, and the Janitor, in the end though they triumphed because of Sheldon's ego.

    I think the greatest moment was after their victory, Howard ripped off his shirt in the crowd to We Are the Champions. His character is really evolving into the dork who thinks he is cooler than all the other dorks.

    I hope we can soon get back to the story of Penny and Leonard's awkward relationship.
  • Team work - not in Sheldon's world!

    Sheldon - being uber smart - gets kicked out of the team to answer his questions because he won't let anyone else answer! "takes the fun out of it" apparently but amuses everyone else in the process of watching it!

    amused me loads that penny was the person asking the questions to them to practice!

    i love Leonards gift to ease the pain and then Sheldons 'new' team! they are a bit random - but they lost!

    I kind of wanted Sheldon to win but I suppose he needed to learn team work, or well know that he isn't always the best, or well, be miserable for a little while longer!
  • This episode will probably end up being less appreciated by the TBBT community in general, but it was very well written and plotted in an understated way.

    It seems as though we are finally getting to the bottom of the Sheldon-Cooper-is-a-lone-wolf plot thread. He may not have, as yet, learned his lesson - but he was certainly taught one last night. And this show was just splattered with great jokes - you can tell by clicking the 'All Bat Jar Quotes' tab above.

    Sheldon is adamant that he will not be joining the physics quiz team unless they are named after the strongest 'animal' in the jungle - namely the army ant (that's strongest 'gram-for-gram' btw). So he is going to go it alone against Leonard and the gang by enrolling a janitor, cafeteria lady and either her son or her butcher (our Spanish isn't that good).

    When Sheldon's make-shift team loses only because he is to proud to accept an answer from the janitor (a former physicist 'Back in the USSR'), we wonder if Sheldon might finally begin to see the light. He and Leonard re-bond at the end as Penny asks them innocuous little TV trivia questions - the answers to which completely elude the boys - returning the group dynamic more towards its original form (with a few tweaks).

    Penny seems to take more command of the situation in this one and Rajesh is coming out of his shell (he spoke in front of Penny without being able to stop himself). It appears that the show is going to stress the 'ensemble' aspect of the cast more, and maybe steer clear of the Sheldon as 'uber star' scenario that had dominated the previous several eps since the show returned from hiatus.

    In the long run, I think the balance will be best for the show even though Sheldon as the put-upon, yet clueless egomaniacal genius gives us our best laughs.
  • Funny in places but nothing really happening!

    The Big Bang Theory started off looking like it had a really bright future but has started going down hill greatly.

    This episode is a fine example of how the Big Bang Theory can be funny in places, can be nothing more than average in others but really achieves nothing in the long run.

    For example I really enjoyed some of the gags like the names of the teams being AA and PMS and when Leonard and Leslie were discussing the sex they had. But these brief moments of comedy did not help me get over the fact that the show in a whole lacked anything that closely resembled a descent storyline e.g. how long has it been since Leonard went after Penny which was the main point of the show at the beginning.
  • The Physics bowl can be as exciting for Penny as cleaning a toilet bowl, but the well written episode had laughs galore.

    I think this has to be an ensemble show, by focusing on Sheldon you can get more laughs but the show will burn out shortly.
    I like they had the whole crew involved and each one of them had good one liners. Penny who last week did not look her part, was great this week, and the way they play her character into these situations is funny.
    Bringing back Leslie Winkle is great, we almost forget about her as this season has so few episodes but many reruns due to the writers strike that we lose some of the chemistry of the show.
    I liked the show, the writing was good, keep it up.