The Big Bang Theory

Season 4 Episode 15

The Benefactor Factor

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Feb 10, 2011 on CBS

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  • Shag the Old Lady

    Flipping the typical trope of the woman being made uncomfortable by the man's advances was pretty good, even if the overall outcome wasn't as favorable as it could have been. It was nice to see something realistic, though, as everyone comes to that point when they have to make that questionable decision. BBT doesn't often provide commonplace experiences, so this stands out.
  • Is this Two and a Half Men or Big Bang Theory?

    What happened to our love-starved friendly nerds? This episode turns Leonard into a complete jerk who's sleeping with an older woman just for the helluva it (and a nice research grant) and the guys egging him on to prostitute himself. Sometimes Hollywood writers just can't themselves out of their sordid world.

    Fortunately the series does improve over time. This ep, sadly, is from the dark times.
  • 415

    Jessica Walter plays a cougar tonight, a role she's already done on Rules of Engagement a couple years back but I digress. Like someone else said on here, she seemed very stiff with her role tonight. I usually find her hilarious, she was hilarious on Arrested Development and was even funny in her 90210 stint, but here, she seemed quite bland.

    This episode pretty much spelled out filler though. Come to think of it, I really don't remember much as I'm writing this review (and I watched it only a couple hours ago). So Leonard sleeps with someone who is older than him, like we haven't seen that before, Sheldon got some good one liners, but other than that, there really wasn't much going on.

    Fair episode overall.
  • This show is slipping...

    When you look at the talent involved in this series, in particular in this episode, with the guest spots of Joshua Malina and Jessica Walter, you really have to be disappointed at where it's going. Somehow this show has fallen over the last season to nearly a new low, with the really seldom funny "The Benefactor Factor". It's really not the actor's faults, they do the best with the material that they are provided, but just as Two and A Half Men did a very long time ago, this show feels like it's wearing out it's welcome. With 3 seasons still to come (at least) I only hope that it will return to it's former glory as one of the better things on TV, but i'll continue to watch it even if it remains at this level. Anything with Jim Parsons is still better than 90% of television these days!
  • The first thing Leonard turns on in the lab each moring is the coffee machine.

    So the presindent of the unveristiy invited Leonard, Raj, Wolowitz & Sheldon to a benefactory party, to show the donors what are they reaserching and inspiring them to donate. So one donor (We'll call her Rich Old LAdy, or ROL) takes interest in Leonard, and kisses him on the way home. Then next day, Sheldon tries to convince him top sleep with her, if that's what ROL wants in exchange ofr the money. So yeah, then ROL ask Leonard out again, and he explaiins his morals, and ROL understands, but then Leoanrd has a moment of weakness and sleeps with ROL. The episode ends with Sheldon really happy about Leonard sleeping with ROL.

    Title Refrrecne: The ROL.

    Overall: An average episode. But even an average BBT is still funny and quotable. So yeah, 8.5/10.
  • Not one of the best episodes, yet a decent one...!

    Earlier episodes of this season being amazingly hilarious, this episode was a little disappointment... Though the performances by stars were as usually wonderful, the script did not seem to be very strong this time...

    The episode revolved around the central idea of common scientists who exaggerate their work in front of donors to extract money from them. Sheldon and Penny did not have much role in the whole episode, Amy showed up online just like she did on the previous episode and guest appearances were particularly disappointing...

    The big bang theory is loved for its high pace, the way the characters deal with critical situations, their poor social skills and Penny's common sense overpowering the intellect of genius guys... These things along with all idiosyncrasies like, Raj being unable to talk to women unless drunk, make the show what it is...

    Writing part should be more focused on and the script should be really powerful. Otherwise, no matter how much the actors put in their efforts it won't be successful...
  • Only vaguely entertaining.

    Sadly, I think Jessica Walter popped out of retirement just to get a paycheck for this episode. Boring.

    As usual Sheldon had some good moments but the show can't rely on that one character alone. Having said that Penny was in top form as well. Probably the most spot on comment was made by Penny when she said to Howard, "you're really a broken toy, aren't you". She said it with such distain like she really meant it. I have to admit, I'm beginning to tire of the Wolowitz persona at times. It's just getting a little old and one dimensional.
  • 2/10

    If you did not see where Leonard's storyline was heading then this is probably the first situational comedy you have ever watched (congratulations though on graduating from Blue's Clues and Yo Gabba Gabba though!)

    There were a few good Sheldon lines here, but not enough to really save this show. I liked Joshua Malina as the President of the University, but the usually funny Jessica Walter looked stiff and uninterested out there in her guest spot. Maybe those awful Retired at 35 scripts have permanently ruined her.

    I also don't like how they cut to the opening video after a Fez, my mistake, Raj, joke all the time now. That's supposed to be the time for one of the best jokes of the episode, and we know that is not going to be something Koothrapali says.

    Middle of the road TBBT here tonight.