The Big Bang Theory

Season 1 Episode 2

The Big Bran Hypothesis

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Oct 01, 2007 on CBS

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  • Lower Voices

    Okay, picking up the pace a little here. I really wasn't fond of Sheldon after the pilot, but he definitely grew on me here - the whole scene in Penny's apartment was gold. I hope that such is what they build off of as the show continues. I really enjoyed that the fleshed Raj out a little (even if it was very stereotypically). I don't necessarily think that how the issue was resolved was realistic, but I'll give the comedy some leeway. Decent episode overall.
  • Nerdvana

    Great nerd humour/neurosis in this episode, representing real life situations of a certain few of us.
  • 102

    A really strong second episode of the series. According to, it is rated one of the best, I guess I can see why, but I hope things just get better from here on out. The pilot was okay, you saw potential, it got you interested in the characters, but this episode was really something.

    We've got character development, and I actually found myself laughing almost all the way through. To Sheldon going to Penny's house in the middle of the night to clean to the gang trying to assemble the entertainment system in the end, this was a very hysterical episode. Even though Chuck Lorre gives us acquired humor, which means not for everyone, this is a good funny show.

    I found myself warming up to all the characters quite quickly, which takes a while for me usually. I already feel like I've grown up with these characters though, and I can't wait to see the gang's next adventure!
  • Nerds.

    When Sheldon and Leonard go over to Penny's apartment to drop off a package that came for her, Sheldon is deeply disturbed when he sees how messy and disorganized her apartment appears. Later that night, when Leonard is sleeping, Sheldon sneaks into Penny's apartment to clean and organize it. Leonard catches him and tries to stop him, but gives up and helps him to clean up in the end. The next morning, Penny yells at them, prompting Leonard to ask Sheldon how she knew (Sheldon had left an organizational diagram for her closet). Sheldon apologizes to Penny but fails after remarking that Leonard is a "thorough and gentle lover." Later, Penny encounters Raj in the hallway and chats with him, finally realizing that the guys were just trying to help her. Leonard then apologizes, prompting Penny to hug him and say 'We're okay'. I'm glad I brought The Big Bang Theory now, I'm really enjoying it. I have to say I love the way each character is dressed the clothing is amazing - I think. I also love the each of the boys act difeerent infront of Penny. I love the wat Sheldon corrests everything in his nerdy way. I love the scene where Sheldon and Lenny carry Penny's package. I also love teh scenes inside Penny's apartment too, I foudn it hilarious when Penny finds out what the boys did. I also love the sarcasm on the show, I also lvoe teh Raj and Lenny scene and the scene with Raj and Howard - funny.
  • Geek Humour! LOL! I love it!

    The Superman conversation at the start had me in stitches and I'm definitely using the reference next time I watch Superman!

    Them attempting to get the furniture up the stairs where absolutely hilarious!!

    I LOVE SHELDON! His lines are absolutely genius - not one line he says isn't hilarious! Especially about Sex!

    Sheldon is absolutely adorable - his lack of understanding of sarcasm is so cute - Penny's reaction is funny then Sheldons apology is absolutely HILARIOUS. I mean, I squealed with laughter, like everything to do with Sheldon!

    I think we need more Howard and Rajesh too, they are just hilarious! Specially when Rajesh hugged Howard - oh too funny!!
  • Where's my lightsaber?

    This was one great episode, I was laughing constantly. It's nice to finally see a comedy show that is actually funny. Two and a half men lost it's touch, but this show is starting out great. I love the obsessive compulsive cleaning on a neighbor's apartment. It's one of those things that I would never do, but would seriously consider. The humor is fitting for a show about a bunch of geeks actually conversing with a hot chick. For a bunch of awkward nerds, the plot wasn't so predictable that it was painful to watch. The show has a lot of great energy and there seems to be a lot of hilarious possibilities.
  • Sheldon cleans the apartment, and he makes a mistake or two along the way.

    I jumped on the bandwagon a little late, aka the summer after the second season ended. Since I watched this during the summer after the fall shows had ended and Psych had yet to premiere, I can honestly say I laughed harder watching this episode than I did in a really long time. Jim Parsons is perfect for Sheldon. The character he portrays makes the simplest acts, like cleaning a room, very funny. The lightsaber was another funny surprise, along with the low-pitched sound of voice. This episode couldn't have been better.

    My mother is kind of stubborn when it comes to TV, meaning that she watches Supernatural and nothing else. But I sat her down and made her watch the first season, and she loved this episode, calling it her favorite of the season. Believe me, this is impressive because she hates to admit that she likes anything other than Supernatural. Way to go BBT, this episode just gained you two more fans :)
  • Another funny episode.

    In this episode, Sheldon and Leonard take a package up to Penny's apartment while she is away. When they bring it in, Sheldon becomes horrified with the way the apartment is organized. So later at night, he sneaks in and cleans the apartment along with Leonard who is roped in, much to the horror of Penny. This puts an end to their friendship until they can find away for Penny to forgive them.

    This episode was very funny and nicely written. Not one scene went without a funny moment even if it is just a chuckle. This show is for sure heading off in the right direction if they keep this up.
  • I was very surprised.

    I wouldn't have expected that I would actually enjoy this episode more than the season premiere last week. Fairly good episode there is still a lot of character development going on and perhaps a subplot, but seems kind of unlucky. Chuck Lorre (creator of Two and a Half Men, and The Big Bang Theory) seems to enjoy writing three main character parts in the show. I find it funny how "the nerds" always tend to overthink things and I can strongly relate to this and the main characters. Besides the fact that I don't use a lightsaber as a flashlight...I use an ipod...
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