The Big Bang Theory

Season 4 Episode 9

The Boyfriend Complexity

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Nov 18, 2010 on CBS

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  • Battle Bagel

    Another decently balanced episode. I actually found myself laughing at this one, and that hasn't happened in seasons. They're back on track for figuring out their pattern, and that's reassuring for the series.
  • Penny

    this is not a reveiw but an obervation. Penny has NO last name. WHY?
  • One scene made this episode amazing..

    Ok, so a pretty "lousy" episode of The Big Bang Theory tonight. Could not care any less about the Penny/Leonard plot. In fact, I found it pretty disturbing and annoying and just the kind of plot that you would find on basically any other sitcom out there. I didn't find myself entertained or even smiling during any of those scenes.

    Howard/Raj plot: pretty much dull too. The kiss was stupid and not funny. What is happening to this show?

    The only reason I gave this episode a high rating is because of one scene. I think everyone knows what scene I'm talking about: Sheldon throwing the Roommate Agreement papers in the air. Seriously, it was just INSANELY hilarious. I didn't really watch the scene after that because I was too busy still laughing and cracking up!!

    Once again, Sheldon saves this show. Hoping next episode's better :)
  • The BEST....Hilarious

    The Best episode so far. Just the look on Penny's face and Leonard's, it is worth it, not to say the least about Raj and Howard....Hilarious indeed. Sheldon's minor appearance on this episode wasn't shy of brilliant either, he was Sheldon at his best, with his quick remarks and his lists, oh my goodness, it just makes you wonder if anyone would go through the lenghts he goes through. Bernadette is also coming out and displaying a wonderful sense of timing and humour, as she is quite an adorable character. Please do not rid of her from this TEAM.
    Guys, you all are a FANTASTIC TEAM, thanks guys so much, and keep up the Great work
  • 11/18

    Keith Carradine guest starred as Penny's father here. He was kind of funny, but the guy is everywhere on TV these days. I'm kind of getting sick of seeing his face.

    Speaking of faces that make me want to vomit, this was another Leonard-centric episode and "shockingly" it did lead to another sub-par episode. When will the writers pick up on this pattern?

    The moment where Sheldon heard that they were not getting back together and threw the papers in the air, just an unbelievably epic moment, but other than that this was a very poor outing from the highest rated comedy on TV.
  • Perfect! (beware of SPOILERS)

    This episode was perfect in every way.

    When I realized that this episode would be about Penny and Leonard trying to deceive Penny's father, I was sceptical. Usually that kind of episode is pretty boring, with everyone just waiting for the truth to blow up in everyone's face. I also expected Leonard taking things all to seriously all the time.

    Instead, the exact opposite happened: Leonard had fun all along the way, making this a very funny episode. It got even better since the secondary story around the rest of the gang was also very funny.

    I couldn't find a single flaw - intro, main story line, secondary story line, conclusions - all nicely done! This episode is the best of season four, and one of the best in the whole series.
  • 409

    Another great episode of Big Bang Theory and let me tell you, I have been really impressed with this season, it's already looking significantly better than the third season. With the Penny & Leonard relationship up in the air as it was in the first 2 seasons, and Sheldon being at his absolute best, this was a great episode.

    I could not stop laughing at the final line of the episode which was said by Raj. "You didn't call me last night" absolutely hilarious. I was never a fan of their "bromance" episodes in season 3 but it was actually funny here.

    Another noteworthy scene: Sheldon and the roommate agreement at the end with him throwing the papers in the air. Literally, could not stop laughing. Good episode tonight.
  • Leonard: So Raj, did you get to play with Howard's big telescope?

    Another succesful bi-plot episode!

    Penny-Leonard plot: So Penny's dad came over and she told him she and Leonard were still dating, so he has to fake it. He takes advenatage of this a lot, much to Penny's dismay and she finally is fed up and tells his dad. Later he is yelling at both and PEnny goes to0 her room. Then Penny's dad tells him to hold in to her and never let her go as he is the best son-in-law he could have. Leo promises to never abandon PEnny.

    Howard-Raj plot: So Howard Raj & Bernadette spand the night on a lab waiting for aome astro thign to shwo up. Raj obviously gets drunk in order to talk to Bernadette and ends up tellign her he is a fialure and noone likes him and she says someone will and goes to kiss her. Howard tries to stop it but ends up kissing RTaj instead.

    Title Reference: Leonard having to pretend to be Penny's boyfriend.

    Overall: Both really funny plots, but Sheldon stole the show. When he threw the modifyed roommate agreement in the air I almost died laughing. 9/10
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