The Big Bang Theory

Season 3 Episode 13

The Bozeman Reaction

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Jan 18, 2010 on CBS

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  • Lots of Games

    This episode felt like it belonged in the first or second season with how heavily it relied on Sheldon for its humor. It was a throw-away story with no worldly repercussions and just generally wasn't compelling. Even the slight instances of danger weren't all that effective. Not a great episode overall.
  • This show is not funny anymore.

    How I Met Your Mother completely lost its edge after the Writer's Strike and has yet to cover and probably never will. It looks like the same thing is happening to The Big Bang Theory, at the same time, Season 3, too. I laughed maybe twice this week and didn't laugh once last week.

    The sad part is that this was actually a fairly well-done episode, but for some reason the jokes just weren't there. Sheldon narrated his journal, diary or log was funny the first few times they did it, but now it's just old and boring. The show is relying on Sheldon too much and it shows as when he is off the episode is weak.
  • 313

    Superb episode of Big Bang Theory tonight and the plot actually went somewhere this week. It started out with Sheldon & Leonard getting robbed, then installing the security system, then ended with Sheldon leaving Pasadena to go to Bozeman, Montana. Sheldon definitely stole the show here, something he definitely always does.

    I'm glad this episode didn't focus so much on relationships as it has been really relationship-heavy as of late. This episode focused more on the group, which we all know are definitely the best episodes. Watching the security trap fall on to Sheldon was so hilarious, also him climbing out of the window was another memorable scene.

    Not a lot of Howard & Raj tonight, which in some cases, is a good thing. Penny was particularly funny and we find out that Sheldon considers Penny a friend, and Howard an acquaintance. Great Big Bang.
  • OMG, I LOVED this episode!! :-) :-) Starts slow, but then gets HILARIOUS :-)

    Man, this show not only proves that TBBT is still funny, but shows how very TRUE to life it can be. If you don't believe it, well, there ARE a bunch of us out there who watch TBBT, and think: "Holy Crap, this show IS my life!!!" (or, at least, sections of the show are!). Yes, there are some of us out there that either ARE that nerdy, or have friends who are ;-) I am in both camps, myself ;-) Back in 1st yr Univ., I even had a charades experience JUST like in this ep., but with "In Search of Schrodinger's Cat". My team was like: "W-H-A-T?!?" Thanks to that nite, I learned ALL about the cat :-D (Which made the TBBT episode which explained Schrodinger's Cat that much more special to me :-D )
  • All of the boys go out to have a male bonding night out and upon returning to their apartment, Sheldon and Leonard discover they've been robbed. After meeting with two oficers and going through a very large list of items taken Sheldon sort of flips out.

    Being robbed is a very traumatic experience. There is a certain feeling of violation and they did a good job of showing how someone might experience the paranoia in a very truthful way. Then again, Leonard's reation was just as valid. Some people just move on with their lives.

    The scenes I enjoyed were specifically the two cops and the interchange with Sheldon and Leonard. Especially the comment about shooting Sheldon! The time when Sheldon blocked his door and then had to go to the bathroom. Sheldon ruining Leonard and Penny's night at Penny's. Then finally the whole Bozeman, Montana idea. By the way, I've been to Bozeman. I agree with Sheldon's reasoning, but the resulting incident was much more appropriate to send him running back to Pasadena.

    Some very enjoyable scenes and a few that were a little weird. Overall entertaining and a good example of Sheldon's quirky behavior in dealing with a normal crisis within the every day world. Thanks for reading...
  • Better than previous episode.

    Better than previous episode. This one is hilarious when they report to a policeman what is missing in a house. - Leonard is great asking to the policeman to shoot sheldon : 7 stars on 10 - Raj does't appears a lot : 5 stars on 10 - Howard is fun with his security gadjets and electrify sheldon : 9 stars on 10
    - Sheldon is the star again, his dificulty to admit he is scary , choosing another place to live and a new classic line "I am The master of my Own Bladder" and more.. : 10 stars on 10 - Peny appears in bed with Leonard, cute : 7/10

    The ending is also brilliant.