The Big Bang Theory

Season 4 Episode 12

The Bus Pants Utilization

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Jan 06, 2011 on CBS

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    A bit of a lackluster (and forgettable) installment of Big Bang Theory, it's still the middle of the season, so I have hope for this show, but this episode was quite bland as far as bringing the laughs go. Not even Sheldon was particularly funny. I found myself rolling my eyes at his instrument playing.

    Just nothing really impressed me here, and the story line seemed all too familiar. Even though this episode didn't bring a lot of laughs, I'm going to have to give this episode extra points just at thinking at the effort it took to make an episode like this.

    The idea of making an app was pretty original, and it's definitely something you would see on Big Bang.
  • the first episode I ever watch of the Big Bang Theory

    Well this was the first episode I ever watch of the Big Bang Theory man I wish I discoved this show years ago. Well in this episode Leonard comes up with an idea to create an App for Smartphones like Iphone. I think that the app is use to take a picture of a math or Science equations and the app solves it for you that's a great idea for App I really need one I'm check if they make one. Them Sheldon tries to take all the credit just I would do and them Sheldon ends up making an App with Penny that the app is to take a picture of a shoe and them it tell you were to buy it LOL
  • Surprisingly Heplful Equation Link Differential Optimize Numerator.

    Ok, so in this episode the guys go and make an app for the iPhones, and Sheldon tries to take over the project.

    So Leonaard present the idea ot their friends while Howard was trying to make his mom understand a PC. Everyone is on bard with the idea, so at home they start to design the project. There, Sheldon bbegins to oppose to everything, even trying to call the operation NODLEHS. So Leonrad takes him out of the team.

    Sheldon then tries to start a rival app and bribe Raj & Wolowitz but they won't change teams. So he tries to annyo the guys playing his theremin (sp?). He is thrown oput of the apartment and Penny takes him in, telling him about a shoe app she thought about. Penny then tells Sheldon to go an "apologize" and he just couldn't so the episode ends with Leonard & the ugys still working on the app while Penny & Sheldon work on her shoe idea.

    Overall: It was good. Sheldon stole a bit of the spotlight, though. And the best was Sheldon's treatment of Howard (this group of geniuses and their friends Howard). 8.5/10.
  • OMG, Shoes

    Nice to see Penny come out on top in this episode, but overall it make for a terrible episode. We don't actually see the guys come together all that often to make something using each of their own talents. This only served to suggest it's impossible for them to do so.
  • No-bod-y........could have liked this.

    The Big Bang Theory continues to flounder and yet it continues to deliver strong ratings in both the 18-49 demographic and overall viewership. The latest half hour of drivel did not really resonate with anyone as the idea of creating an app is even farther from the show's actual audience than the fact that the main cast consists of physicists. Sheldon is only really funny when he has his nerdy transitions from one statement to another. When he tries to make jokes they rarely succeed, and unfortunately it was a plethora of attempts at humor tonight from the character. Don't even get me started on Raj and whatever he did in this episode.

    Just mediocre comedy at its finest on display here tonight.