The Big Bang Theory

Season 4 Episode 12

The Bus Pants Utilization

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Jan 06, 2011 on CBS



  • Quotes

    • Howard: (on the phone) Ma, ma! Calm down—listen to me! I know it says, "Click with the mouse." But, on the laptop, the track pad is the mouse. (pause) Now, put your finger on it. (pause) It doesn't matter which finger. (pause) Good choice. (pause) Now, move it down to your email icon. (pause) Th-that little envelope! (pause) What do you mean "what does it look like"? It looks like an envelope!! (pause) Fine, you don't like the computer? Don't use it! (pause) Sure, we can exchange it for a salad spinner! Goodbye! (Howard sighs)
      Raj: That's a Hanukkah present you're regretting, huh?!