The Big Bang Theory

Season 6 Episode 19

The Closet Reconfiguration

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Mar 14, 2013 on CBS
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    The Big Bang Theory "The Closet Reconfiguration" Review: The Purloined Letter

    The Big Bang Theory resumed Howard’s character development this week when Sheldon was tasked with organizing the Rostenkowski-Wolowitz closet and stumbled upon an unopened letter from Howard’s father.

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    Bernadette prepares a dinner for the gang, however Sheldon brings his own Thai take-out food after she makes Sheldon's Thai food from scratch. Sheldon rearranges Howard and Bernadette's closet and finds an unopened letter from Howard's father, sent for his 18th birthday. Penny and Leonard decide to invite the gang for a formal dinner party instead of just ordering take-out food.moreless

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    • Another emo character episode

      Normally, when they go for one of these emotional-development episodes, the show goes to hell, with all the humour flying out the window. However, this time they really nailed it - emo but still funny.
    • I can't help...

      this show is slowly but steadily going SOUTH! Characters that we knew and loved are changing for the worse. Penny = Slut; Sheldon = Semi-in-Relationship; Raj = Semi-Gay & Semi-Lucy; Howard = Miraculous transformation to the perfect husband.

      I won't lose any word about the rest of the female cast. Bernadette, Amy and now Lucy. There is nothing to say, really!

      It just does not work for me anymore. Why does every American sitcom seemingly have to transform into a cheesy relationship drama? How I met your mother at it's best. Why, just why? Is there a law for that?

      For me I know what will happen next. I will keep watching some more episodes, slowly starting to miss some and then I miss some more and suddenly I just stop to watch it. Sorry, but no thanks!moreless
    • Battery operated chew toy....

      Must say brilliant episode. Its amazing that the writers are able to keep it so funny after so many years...
    • A genuine TV gem

      "The Big Bang Theory" is my favorite comedy--by far. This episode was as touching as it was funny, and will be difficult to improve upon.
    • Bang!

      Sheldon is hilarious as usual but his childish behavior is now getting boring. I'm glad Bernadette is back to her own sweet self, she was a tad bit psycho in the last two episodes. A touching episode for Howard, at least you found out why his dad left. Overall a good episode.

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      • Howard: What are you guys doing here?
        Leonard: When you left you weren't sure whether or not you wanted to know what was in your Dad's letter so we came up with kind of a cool solution.
        Howard: Oh yeah, what's that?
        Sheldon: It's simple really. It occurred to me that knowing and not knowing can be achieved by creating a macroscopic example of quantum superposition. The principle that a physical system exists partially in all of its possible states at once.
        Penny: We were all thinking it, really. Kind of the elephant in the room.
        Sheldon: Anyway, um, I realized if we each present you with an account of what your father wrote to you, only one of which is true, and we don't tell you which one it is, you will be forever in a state of epistemic ambivalence.
        Penny: Yeah. And he said if it wasn't epistemic, we might as well not even do it.
        Bernadette: Sit down, honey.
        Leonard: Raj, you're up.
        Raj: It was a card for your eighteenth birthday. Inside it said: Happy Birthday Howard. I love you, Dad. Oh, and it was a Farsides' card, The one where the frog had his tongue stuck to the underside of an airplane. Thinks it's a fly. Silly frog. So funny.
        Leonard: Sheldon.
        Sheldon: It was a map leading to the lost treasure of famous pirate One-eyed Willy.
        Howard: That fine. That's the plot for dreams.
        Amy: Told you.
        Sheldon: Don't.
        Leonard: Amy.
        Amy: You didn't know it, but your father was in the auditorium at your high school graduation and he cried because he was so proud of you.
        Howard: Really?
        Sheldon: Oh that's complete poppycock which Amy made that up and it could still be the map.
        Leonard: Penny.
        Penny: It was a letter explaining that your Dad wasn't who he said he was. Eventually his other life caught up to him and the only way to keep you and your Mom safe was to leave.
        Sheldon: I would like to change mine. The pirate's name was Peg Leg Antoine. Now it's completely different from earlier.
        Amy: No it's not.
        Sheldon: Don't.
        Leonard: OK, my turn. Your Dad wrote about how family is the most important thing and that you should never throw it away like he did.
        Howard: Hm.
        Bernadette: Inside the envelope was a picture of your Dad holding you the day you were born. On the back he wrote: Howard, my son, my greatest gift (Howard gets up and walks away) You, okay?
        Howard: Yes. I'm terrific.
        Sheldon: So? Which one do you think it is, matey?
        Howard: Actually I don't want to know. I want all of them to be true.
        Leonard: Well, one of them is.
        Howard: That is pretty cool. Thank you guys.

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