The Big Bang Theory

Season 6 Episode 19

The Closet Reconfiguration

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Mar 14, 2013 on CBS

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  • Another emo character episode

    Normally, when they go for one of these emotional-development episodes, the show goes to hell, with all the humour flying out the window. However, this time they really nailed it - emo but still funny.
  • I can't help...

    this show is slowly but steadily going SOUTH! Characters that we knew and loved are changing for the worse. Penny = Slut; Sheldon = Semi-in-Relationship; Raj = Semi-Gay & Semi-Lucy; Howard = Miraculous transformation to the perfect husband.

    I won't lose any word about the rest of the female cast. Bernadette, Amy and now Lucy. There is nothing to say, really!

    It just does not work for me anymore. Why does every American sitcom seemingly have to transform into a cheesy relationship drama? How I met your mother at it's best. Why, just why? Is there a law for that?

    For me I know what will happen next. I will keep watching some more episodes, slowly starting to miss some and then I miss some more and suddenly I just stop to watch it. Sorry, but no thanks!
  • Battery operated chew toy....

    Must say brilliant episode. Its amazing that the writers are able to keep it so funny after so many years...
  • A genuine TV gem

    "The Big Bang Theory" is my favorite comedy--by far. This episode was as touching as it was funny, and will be difficult to improve upon.
  • Bang!

    Sheldon is hilarious as usual but his childish behavior is now getting boring. I'm glad Bernadette is back to her own sweet self, she was a tad bit psycho in the last two episodes. A touching episode for Howard, at least you found out why his dad left. Overall a good episode.
  • Reconfig

    Tear jerk'er episode. Sheldon actually got on my neves this episode.