The Big Bang Theory

Season 6 Episode 21

The Closure Alternative

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Apr 25, 2013 on CBS

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  • chinese takeout

    love this show.
  • clever title

    Love it,hllarious show, probably the best show ever made in a long time. I am so glad my little cousins can watch it with me!!!!!
  • You don't know what it's like to have a desire build up and up

    The look on Mayim Bialiks face was priceless at that statement from Sheldon.

    The physical contact line was perfect "I'm not going all the way to Texas just so my Mom can give me a hug".

    Personally, I would have preferred it if she had just belted him in the mouth and walked out but the mental torture was just too good.

    My favourite was the Jack in the Box and the wrestling match to get it.

    However, given they're all supposed to have brains the size of planets, I was disappointed that Amy didn't twig that Sheldon was "double bluffing" her and catch him later, finishing all the "tortures".

    It's all the weirder that, given his reaction to the domino topple, it seems Sheldon can actually feel (ahem!) stimulated, that Amy can't get the deed done. Let's face it, somethings gotta happen, or the poor gals gonna explode!

    Yet more growing up from Penny over what excites her in life (guess the writers forgot about shoes) and I was quite surprised she knew the difference between an epiphany and a stroke. Hell, I'm surprised she even knew the word, epiphany.

    Bernadette continues to be scary at times. God help Howard if he really ever gets on her bad side!

    Over all, a solid episode that had me chuckling all the way through.

    And just for #Itcomstella below, I've rated it 8.5
  • anything above 8 says you've been paid off imo...

    sorry guys n gals but i thought this episode was at best 'watchable' story was lame, predictable and pretty obvious how it was going to end..

    only the torture amy puts sheldon through and penny telling leonard she loves him and is interested in him and his friends was reasons to watch it

    but everything else was lame...
  • Hey, I liked those shows too!!!

    This was a great episode and relatively benign with the naughtiness. And as written in another review it mainly involved three separate story lines, Amy and Sheldon, Penny and Leonard, and Lucy and Raj. I really enjoyed the beginning when Sheldon finds out that Alphas had been cancelled with the final episode a cliff hanger. I have to admit I was also let down when I read about the cancellation but then the way Sheldon carried on and the way it devolved into his closure problem was hugely funny. The work Amy did to try and cure this quirk was hilarious as well. Leonard trying to get Penny interested in his geek likes and her insecurity about not sharing them was fun too. And finally Raj trying to be manly for Lucy was very humorous. All in all a top of the line episode.
  • Alphas!!

    Best episode this season, I really enjoyed it and it made me laugh... not more to say ;)

    except: Brewbacca^^
  • Sheldon's tee shirt, Season 6 Episode 21, " Closure "

    What does it mean ?
  • Fun episode!

    This episode was basically broken into 3 story lines:

    Sheldon & Amy - This was the highlight of the episode. Watching Sheldon go through the experiment with the end result was great television.

    Raj's Date - This one was kind of weak but good for character development. I hope they take Raj's story somewhere good as his character needs growth.

    Len & Penny - Kind of lame in all honesty. Basically a story that revolves around the fact that Penny doesn't get excited over stuff. I generally don't enjoy Leonard/Penny story lines to start with.
  • The Best Episode EVER

    OMG this was the best episode so far!!!