The Big Bang Theory

Season 4 Episode 16

The Cohabitation Formulation

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Feb 17, 2011 on CBS

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  • Not Optional

    Sheldon and Amy are really doing a number on Penny (and I still absolutely adore that dynamic), but the thing between Leonard and Pria is already crashing and burning, and I can't believe that Burnadette didn't already know how much of a man child Howard is. A decent episode overall, but more endearing than funny.
  • Nice episode, not great though.

    Howard's mum is the new Maris - they've exaggerated her traits so much that it's gonna be nearly impossible to give her a face without falling short for the 'legend' they've created.

    The way Howard thinks of Bernadette as a substitute mother figure is sad and disturbing but, what's even sadder and more disturbing is that there are loads of people like that in real life.

    Sheldon's unique take on social constructs and protocols is funny as always. Funny plot for Raj both 'forbidding it' and having problems with the language. Amy genuinely caring for her 'bestie' and Sheldon knowing more about Indian culture than actual Indian people is a nice continuity trait.

    Then again, I agree with Sheldon: 'that seems like an awfully large gamble given that the prize is Leonard.' I still can't understand why both Leonard and Alan Harper are described as pathetic and lonely, yet we see them with one hot successful woman after (or simultaneously with) another, yet they keep complaining. Priya is indeed 'highly educated, an accomplished professional and comes from the culture that literally wrote the book on neat ways to have sex', so she could do way better than Leonard.

    Accent double-standards are realistic though: if a woman speaks like that it's hot, if a man speaks like that it's cartoon-like. Sad but true.
  • 416

    The Amy character has been mostly hit or miss since her premiere in the third season finale, but the Bernadette character has just been terrible since its creation in my eyes. Not funny, and not only not funny, but really annoying as well. She was at the forefront of this episode along with Howard, and together the duo managed to make me forget that this show was actually a comedy at points with how long the gaps between laughs were.

    But as a whole, the storylines in this episode were not that bad. The writing was strong, even if the acting and the execution of the jokes was not. For that, I'd say this was a better than average episode.
  • The Cohabitation Formulation

    First off, this episode was a significant improvement upon last weeks. Not straying too far from the comfort zone of any of it's repeating gags, but executing them well and delivering a few genuine laughs that have been lacking recently. The episode focuses around two main stories: Howard trying to move out and proving that he really has developed to the mental age of a 5 year old, and Leonard getting re-involved with Raj's sister much to Penny's dislike. The Howard story line was the least funny of the two, but provided a few moments at which i really felt like i couldn't watch him be such a mommy's boy because it was just too cringey, and so it served it's purpose. Leonard's story line was the much more interesting of the two with some genuine plot advancement, unlike many of the other stand alone episodes of late, which really was nice to see. I assume that Raj' sister will return for more episodes, which is nice as it should give the writers a chance to do a bit more with Raj other than to have him not speak to women and provide one liners in the cafeteria at the university. I really hope the writers take advantage of the story that they have set up here, with Penny clearly still having feelings for Leonard. With at least 3 seasons to go I doubt that there will be any kind of hasty reforming of their relationship, but if Priya sticks around just long enough to mix things up, a new life should be thrown back into this show that has been stagnant of late. Overall this was a much better episode of The Big Bang Theory than I have come to expect on a week to week basis and I hope that it continues to deliver at this level.
  • 416

    A step in the right direction especially after the last episode that didn't bring much to the table. We got some foreshadowing on Penny & Leonard's relationship. Even though, I'm so over this couple, it's still nice to see moments where either Penny or Leonard show vulnerability to their feelings toward each other.

    Man, I'm really glad Mayim Bialik left Secret Life for this show, clearly this role is much better suited for her talents, and it's really been showing lately, I've grown to really like Amy, and her interactions with Penny weren't bad at all. Leonard & Priya? I didn't like when she first came around, it's a wonder why they brought her back.

    My complaint about this episode is that Sheldon was acting way out of character, I don't know if anyone noticed, but nothing he did in this episode seemed like something he would do. Also can you say Howard/Bernadette overload? Because we definitely got that here.
  • Much better

    This episode was a vast improvement over the prior. The star of the show was Amy Farrah Fowler and her awkward attempts at comforting her "besty" Penny. Her lines were hilarious and it was nice that they at least got Penny involved a little more here. Interesting note that there were no scenes at work or even discussion of it. Howard has slipped into last place on people I want to see on-screen during the show. His mother is starting to come off as a blatant rip-off of George's mom from Seinfeld. I thought the final segment was outstanding. Sheldon did have 5 containers of Thai food on the table as if he was expecting Penny to show up. His summation of where everyone else was at was hilarious as well as his remark to Penny that making her tea was not optional.
  • Howard's mom: ARE YOU A SEX CRIMINAL?!!?!?

    So we got 2 plots (3, sorta)and I'll review them individually as usual.

    Howard plot: So Howard is asked by Bernadette to move in with her, and he doubts it. Later he has a fight with his mother and he decides to crash in at Leonards. But then, he makes up his mind and chooses Bernie. She's happy at first, but then he begins to treat her like a substitute of his mom, so Bernie asks him to move back.

    Pryia plot: So Leonard learns frtom Howard that PRyia is in town, so he goes and he and Pryia decided to have a proper relatiosnhip, while Raj forbids it. They become a couple (Raj still forbbiding), and end up going away for the weekend together (with Raj forbbiding at his house).

    Penny plot: So Amy comes in to confet Penny about Pryonard. Penny says she is fien with hthem, but eventually lets everthign go. AMy's real motives were to monitor how humans cry to make monkeys crty (she eventually does).

    Overall: It was a good peisode, withgreat jokes. Howard's mom thinking Howard was a sex criminal (thrice), Raj forbbiding and noone caring, Sheldon offering hot beverage to upset guests, etc. 9/10.