The Big Bang Theory

Season 4 Episode 16

The Cohabitation Formulation

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Feb 17, 2011 on CBS

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  • Nice episode, not great though.

    Howard's mum is the new Maris - they've exaggerated her traits so much that it's gonna be nearly impossible to give her a face without falling short for the 'legend' they've created.

    The way Howard thinks of Bernadette as a substitute mother figure is sad and disturbing but, what's even sadder and more disturbing is that there are loads of people like that in real life.

    Sheldon's unique take on social constructs and protocols is funny as always. Funny plot for Raj both 'forbidding it' and having problems with the language. Amy genuinely caring for her 'bestie' and Sheldon knowing more about Indian culture than actual Indian people is a nice continuity trait.

    Then again, I agree with Sheldon: 'that seems like an awfully large gamble given that the prize is Leonard.' I still can't understand why both Leonard and Alan Harper are described as pathetic and lonely, yet we see them with one hot successful woman after (or simultaneously with) another, yet they keep complaining. Priya is indeed 'highly educated, an accomplished professional and comes from the culture that literally wrote the book on neat ways to have sex', so she could do way better than Leonard.

    Accent double-standards are realistic though: if a woman speaks like that it's hot, if a man speaks like that it's cartoon-like. Sad but true.
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