The Big Bang Theory

Season 6 Episode 18

The Contractual Obligation Implementation

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Mar 07, 2013 on CBS

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  • 1st ever boring episode in 6 seasons!

    I am a huge fan of this show,but its sad to say that the show is slipping lately, after a wonderful start to the 6th slut jokes are stale!!! The character was funny and adorable through s1 to s4,but now its well established that she is a big old slut!! the character is no more funny and to make it worse her cockiness has made penny so boring!!! I say ,let leonard break up with penny,bring alex int the fray a little would a guy want to date a gigantic slut who obviously has glaring commitment issues?!!! its all upto the writers and directors of the frankly penny is taking the fun out off it.

    Also i miss "the bazzinga" and all the geeky ,funny stuffs that the guys would do from time to time,like the lunar ranging kite fights etc

    And lucy?? really??? guys you can do
  • An OK episode

    This one was meerly OK in my book. The humor was cleaner than usual but just rather low key and didn't have me roaring in fits of laughter as some episodes have. It was fun to see Sheldon's typical ego manifesting itself with Leonard and Howard at the beginning and then see Raj with the ladies discussing his date which devolved into the lady's Disney trip. And while the classroom part was good it just wasn't as funny as it might have been. There was also Raj on his first date with Lucy. Without some alcohol in his system and being at the library, it was rather fun to see them texting each other to converse. It was also rather sweet to see how they reacted to some of the texts to keep their self out of trouble. Lucy really plays a geeky part and is good at it so this relationship ought to be fun in the future. The ending was humorous with the girl's in their Disney costumes with their guys. And of course Amy struck out once again with totally obtuse Sheldon.