The Big Bang Theory

Season 7 Episode 14

The Convention Conundrum

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Jan 30, 2014 on CBS
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Episode Summary

After failing to get tickets to Comic-Con, Sheldon decides to create his own convention and tries to get James Earl Jones to be a guest at it only to wind up spending the entire night with him. Meanwhile, the girls start to wonder if it is fun being an adult after going to a tea room that was filled little girls and their mothers.moreless

Who was the Episode MVP ?

  • James Earl Jones

    Seriously, I loved this episode, but I could have sworn JEJ was drunk. The way he talked, the ice came across as totally drunk.

    I loved Carrie Fisher.

    The girls conversation about not feeling grown up was a nice idea.
  • I wonder where this should make me laugh.

    Sorry guys but I don't get it. Where was this episode supposed to be particularly funny? Despite JEJ being in it, there was nothing particularly funny about it.

    There used to be short but funny moments with Wil Wheaton, Lamar Burton, Brent Spiner and Charly Sheen. That long appearance of Mr. James Earl Jones sure was a highlight but sadly not very funny.

    To me it seems that for 1.5 seasons already the writer produce less and less.moreless
  • Cry me a river... such a low score for a perfect episode

    While the girls didn't do a whole lot for me this ep, penny made me laugh a few times, which she usually doesn't. However it was Sheldons story that made me laugh, James Earl Jones was hilarious! and the way he actually bonded with Sheldon instead of finding him a creep, completely awesome! in the end it was sheldon who was creeped out, i really hope to see James continue through the next episode or soon for when they go to comic-con with him. great stuff keep it coming.

    BTW, i just raised the score from 7.9 to 8 with my rating :Dmoreless
  • Early hopes and... disappointment

    I had hope early, the start of the episode felt like classic TBBT. But no, an other fail. Sheldon's story was lame, and once again he was made childish. The girls' story wasn't good either, although the reflection on adulthood was a good idea and was good.

    The boys' story was good, and felt a bit more TBBT.
  • What was that?

    This episode was so exaggerated and boring at the same time that I find really hard to grasp what just happened. What was that? Parts of the story were repetitve, others were promising but were neither funny nor resolved. Where was the end to the ticket story? Are writers and actors on strike as they realized that TBBT is a dying swan? Even Cameos like James Earl Jones can't help there.moreless

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    • Raj: How are you going to get James Earl Jones?
      Sheldon: Simple. Earlier today he tweeted that he's looking forward to going to his favorite sushi restaurant for dinner. I Googled an interview from four years ago which was conducted in his favorite sushi restaurant. That's where he'll be and that's where I'm going and -
      Howard: And that's where Darth Vader's going to pour soy sauce on your head.

  • NOTES (2)

    • According to James Earl Jones, the first time he and Carrie Fisher met was while filming this episode. All his work for the Star Wars movies was done in a sound studio.

    • Original International Airdates:
      Norway: March 4, 2014 on TVNorge
      Finland: March 2, 2015 on Sub