The Big Bang Theory

Season 1 Episode 9

The Cooper-Hofstadter Polarization

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Mar 17, 2008 on CBS

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  • Blow Your Mind

    They left the biggest question and best chance for characterization unanswered and unexplored: WHY didn't Sheldon want to present the research? Sure, he doesn't feel the need to validate his genius to lesser minds, but when you have an ego like his, that can't be true. There has to be some desire to gloat and revel in the limelight. Beyond that, this was a decently set-up episode. The closet scene was a bit stereotypical for my taste, but at this point I have to admit that it's within Penny's character, so I guess I have to let it slide. Still bugs me, though (especially since I think a lot of the things she had him throw out were nice).
  • 109

    An amazing episode of TBBT, and it's the best by far. There was absolutely no flaws with this episode and I literally laughed all the way through. From Sheldon and trying to blow up Leonard's mind to just about everything that Penny said, this was a hilarious episode. Lets face it, Kaley Cuoco isn't the BEST thing about this show, but she was really good here. From basically throwing out all of Leonard's closet to her reactions to Sheldon and Leonard fighting, it was hilarious. Wolowitz is usually intolerable for me but he was good here too. Taking a picture of Penny sleeping on his shoulder was absolutely hysterical, just so many things about this episode made me burst out in to laughter. And unlike Kayley Cuoco, Jim Parsons is the best thing about this show, and his talents were well displayed here, and we also have a great tie in to the cold opening with the nerds in China.

    Flawless episode of TBBT this week, can't wait for next week!
  • Nerds. ♥

    When they're invited to present at a physics conference, Sheldon's reluctance to share the credit leads to a tiff between him and Leonard, and Penny's intervention only exacerbates the situation. I love The Big Bang Theory too much. I love the start as always, I love the way they get so excited over the nerdiest things. I love the scene when Penny walks in on them all jumping around and being excited. I do love the way they talk about anything and everything. I love the whole storyline between Sheldon and Leonard - makes me laugh, especially the fighting scene in the actual place and then the arguing. I adore Sheldon too much, I do think I'm in love. I love the way Sheldon tries to blow up Leonards brain. I also love the way Penny is with them all, getting confused, bored and sarcastic/ I love the way Howard takes a picture of Penny slepping on his shoulder and put it on Facebook. And then, when Penny finds out she tries to blow his brain up too. Awesome ending.
  • Omg I love it. I LOVE IT.

    i want them as friends. i seriously want them.

    The first scene with them dancing. I want that scene in my life, right now. Brilliant episode!

    Another awesome tee shirt by Sheldon again.

    I don't like seeing Sheldon and Leonard fighting D:! Makes me sad! Even though it's obviously going to work out!

    Penny's jacket is exactly the same as one I had and I had shoes to match. It makes me miss it loads.

    That suit is just... unfortunate! really really bad! The video on you tube was absolutely hilarious!

    I liked this episode a lot because it got more emotional and deeper but there isn't really that much I can say on it because it didn't really have as much going on..
  • Leonard is uspet when finding out he and Sheldon are supposed to present a presentation on their paper

    the guys are controlling their stereo, remote control cars and their lights with their computer and sheldon is discovered to have thrown away a letter about him and leonard presenting their paper. Leonard goes (much to the objection of Sheldon) and presents the paper, but Sheldon interrupts at the end of it and has a silly fight with leonard. Harold (i think thats his name) records the fight and puts it on youtube where it becomes a hit. He also put a picture of Penny on his facebook page, saying that shes his girlfriend. that was a hilarious episode! i just absolutely loved it!
  • Sheldon won't present a lecture with Leonard based on their shared research.

    After last week which I thought was one of the weakest so far it's good to see it hasn't gone downhill. Sheldon was on top form and the whole controlling things in different countries like lights and RC Cars was funny. Wolowitz being as pervy as ever.

    The fight at the lecture between Sheldon and Leonard was the funniest bit especially with over objectionable Sheldon trying to blow Leonard's head apart (like in scanners) with his mind. The fact he wanted to tell the most inane anecdote about how the idea for their research came about was just classic Sheldon. As is his reaction to Penny who accidentally implies that it was Leonard that came up with the idea.

    Really Funny
  • Leonard becomes upset when he discovers that Sheldon did not inform him that they were invited to present a paper that they jointly wrote at a physics conference.

    This episode was full of the funny charm and wit that we have come to expect from Chuck Lorre and the BBT production staff. Leonard becomes upset when he discovers that Sheldon did not inform him that they were invited to present a paper that they jointly wrote at a physics conference.The tension between Sheldon and Leonard was hysterical and the supporting performances from Raj and Wolowitz were perhaps their most lively performances of the season. There was also a great amount of subtle chemistry between Penny and Leonard as she helped him pick out a suit for the conference. Penny also shined in this episode with her scene with Sheldon when she tries to mend Sheldon & Leonard's friendship.

    The funniest moment of this episode is the "geek brawl" that occurs at the conference and eventually ends up on Youtube. The Unibomber reference was pure genius!
  • They're Baaaaccck! and they had me with the opening sequence.

    I loved the opening bit with music, any tech geek would appreciate that humor. What a great show, I'm glad it's back. This episode proves that this series has a lot to offer. They should definitely introduce a love interest for Sheldon or at least some fellow super genius girl or something. His character is great and I can imagine the funny anxiety a girl would cause in his life! I bet he would be totally rude at first. This episode was good but the tension between Sheldon & Leonard is already kinda played out for a while, that's why I suggest that Sheldon at least meets someone. I thought the first part when they jumped around like apes when the stereo blasted the Space Odyssey theme after their tech experiment worked and attracted international tech geeks, was fuuuuunny - LOL.
  • Sheldon and Wolowitz are Awesome!

    I love this show. I guess I can relate to it a lot. Finally a show dedicated to nerds. This episode was really funny. Especially Howard, i think. Howard is the funny, perverted, mama's boy, jewish nerd. It was so funny when he was like "Oh no she didn't~" and when he put the fight between Sheldon and Leonard on Youtube. also when he took a picture of Penny with himself and called her his "girlfriend." Also Sheldon is also very funny. the way he talks and the way he could care less about what people think and how he never has any expression. his face is funny. everything he says pretty much makes me laugh. Great episode.
  • Back with a bang.

    It's good to see this show back after months of strike hiatus. The main focus of this episode is Leonard and Sheldon's fight over a paper that they coauthored, but some of my favorite moments revolved around Penny. I like how her character is developing more. From her deadpan responses to trying to blow up Howard's head with her mind, I think Penny is really becoming more and more a part of the guys' world, participating in their jokes and being less of the stereotypical dumb blonde that she seemed to be in the first couple of episodes. She even went to a physics conference, something she wouldn't have done when she first met the guys. I think that the effect the guys are having on her - and vice versa - is improving the chemistry of the main characters and making them more complex and interesting.
  • Leonard and Sheldon go head to head over whether to present a paper they wrote together or not, Penny attempts to mediate.

    So glad to be back. I have to say the opening and the ending with the guys turning on lights and other devices remotely from across the world, and Penny picking out clothes for Leonard were the top moments of the night. Penny's reactions were great, suggesting they just get a universal remote and telling Leonard that giving these clothes to charity would just be cruel.

    I loved that this was the first episode that really put Penny in Leonard's world, Wolowitz's comments were great abotu the show, but I think the best was that he took photos and video of the conference, and the one he took of Penny on his shoulder that he then used as his Facebook pic was great.

    It was informaive to explore the relationship between Leonard and Sheldon, we learned more what Leonard's real issues with Sheldon are, not just that he is nuts and particular, but that he might be stifling Leonard and that Leonard has somethign to prove.

    Overall I really enjoyed this episode, it was nice to see the crazy/geeky antics of The Big Bang Theory.
  • While not the greatest it was good entertainment. I forgot how much this show made me laugh at myself and the geeks of the world.

    I do not know how long this series will last but the one liners are good, and the allusions to other sci fi are great. I like when they venture out of their cozy apartment into the world and see how they do or do not fit into the real world. I know that type well. While no obvious sexual innuendos this week, the multitudes of Penny's backside in those tight jeans worked for me. While this show is not rocket science, it is what we have been missing for a long while, entertainment. I missed it, and will be watching again.
  • They're back!

    After a long wait due to the writer's strike and all, The Big Bang Theory is back with a great and strong episode. The episode begins with a rather classic geeky moment with the guys hooking up online with other people across the world to be able to control random things in their appartment. It was a great opening with a great funny moment and nod towards one of the scenes from 2001: Space Odssey.

    The episode gets better as Sheldon and Leonard get into a big fight over their paper they wrote and about an upcoming presentation of it. It was truly a funny episode and great come back for this show after so long. I hope to see more episodes like this one in the future.
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